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Nick@Nite is bringing six families together... for the wildest competition Hollywood has ever seen! They'll turn Hollywood on its head in order to win the ultimate family vacation. Who has the teamwork to pull it off?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

John Salley, Amy Davidson
Creators: Gary J. Engel, David Rieth
EP: David G. Stanley, Michael Canter, Sal Maniaci
Packager: Empty Nest Productions, Telepictures Productions, Nick@Nite Originals
Mondays at 9pm ET on Nick@Nite

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"Stoddard vs. Martinez vs. Beauregard" - November 29

It's a whole new game, and three whole new families.

Stoddards: mother Jill McPhail (42; instructional aide), cousin Sabrina (38; stay-at-home mom), cousin Ashley Arellano (16; high school junior), and daughter Casey McPhail (15; high school sophomore).

Martinezes: father Mike (31; general contractor), mother Isa (31, office manager), nephew David Graciano (15; high school junior), and son Alex (12; 6th grader).

And finally, the Beauregards: father Johnny (31; training coordinator), mother Tiffany (26; school secretary), nephew Josh (12; 7th grader), and daughter Janaya (12; 7th grader)

Starting with the Boardwalk Scavenger Hunt: Each team will get a list of ten things to do in Hollywood. Each task will take anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes off of their final race time. The tasks:

Weigh yourself
Find silver scale, weigh yourselves. Heaviest one must take souvenir pig.
1 minute
Retrieve 4 hats
Go to Hats & Tings and retrieve four identical hats.
2 minutes
Spin pizza dough
3 minutes
Find a great white shark
Find the Great White Shark and write his name on one souvenir
4 minutes
Serve a hot dog
Go to "Craig's Hot Dog on a Stick." Put on aprons and sell a hot dog.
5 minutes
Inflate a raft
6 minutes
Chug cola
Find the Virgin cola display. Every member must drink a different flavor.
7 minutes
Do a yo-yo trick 8 minutes
Use foot power 9 minutes
Feed a seagull
Go to Kincaid's Bay House. Everyone must feed fish to a seagull.
10 minutes

Teams will have 45 minutes to complete the tasks. Pay special attention to Robosapiens, for they hold the key to special information and important decisions.

Stoddards: They try the 5-minute task first, as both Jill & Sabrina like to be in control. In a panic, they serve the first hot dog they can find (5 minutes).. But it isn't Craig's Hot Dog on a Stick, so give me back my five minutes (0 minutes). They find the right shop... or is it just the editing talking. We'll see. For now, they head to the Great White Shark... and give up. Then after getting some hats (2 minutes), they head to Kincaid's.

Beauregards: Johnny wants people to underestimate him. He's definitely the heaviest, so give him the pig (1 minute). Then it's off to Hats & Things (3 minutes). Then they head to the Shark... and Johnny needs to calm down. Did they get the name they were looking for? For now, it's off to Craig's, for a dippity-do... and a long wait for one. And got it! (8 minutes). Now to Kincaid's. Tiffany can't make it, but Josh says to go for it. They do... and get a bucket (18 minutes).

Martinezes: Isa is the only one who doesn't like action. She'll see her fair share with the 1-minute task (1 minute). They head to the Shark as well, thanks to a kiosk map. They pass over the Beauregards TWICE, and twice they're told the wrong direction. They don't listen, though. They come out with matching hats (3 minutes) and head to Craig's, where a Robosapien awaits. They get his envelope, which is good for four Lakers tickets. What he doesn't know is that the price is the 5 minutes for the task. Then they go to the 7 minute task... tired. After quitting before they begin, they go to Kincaid's to feed fish... to seagulls. But then Mike figures that by the time they're fed, it'll be too late, so it's back to base.

Final results... will be tallied at the end of the race. Now to the race, which consists of three challenges.

Challenge 1: Ride'em Surfer: One team member will surf on a mechanical surfboard until they fall off. Then another family member will try it. Lather, rinse, repeat until you've surfed a combined 3 minutes. Then John will give you your next clue.

Josh is the smallest of all the players... and falls off the quickest at 7 seconds. Alex makes the switch at 37 seconds, handing it off to Mike. Same with Sabrina. Mike is loving the board, while Johnny does some board loving of his own... and off at 1:07. Here comes Tiffany. Mike is owning the board at 2 minutes and counting. Tiffany then makes the switch, while Mike takes a dive at 2:53. Alex needs the final seven... They get it! Martinez is first to the next challenge, which they'll get to via Rad2Go scooter.

Casey needs to hang on for second. She can't, so it's on Ashley. Got it! And the Beauregards are in third.

Challenge 2: In the Can, In the Sand: Underneath the sand are film canisters with TV trivia. Dig them up, answer four questions correctly, and Amy will send you to the final challenge. Watch out for Wild Cards: Oscars.

Between actual questions and junk, this is pretty entertaining to watch. The Martinezes and the Beauregards are out in front with 1 each to the Stoddards' zero. Make that three for the Martinezes while the Beauregards find... a frying pan. Good for Iron Chef. Bad for this. But they make up for it by finding an Oscar. The Stoddards find their first clue. The Martinezes find another Oscar for the win. Now it's onto the final challenge at San Pedro. The Beauregards are right behind after answering a question on the Sopranos.

And Amy can't believe it. Time runs out on them, as they try to find an answer on "The Bernie Mac Show"... with Cedric the Entertainer.

Challenge 3: Hang Around: The bravest adult and kid will have to hang glide to the finish line. Mike and David are chosen for the Martinezes. Good for David... Bad for Mike, who's afear'd of heights. What are they going to be hanging on? A zip line hoisted by a cherry picker. And David likes it. Will Mike like? He doesn't chicken out.

Hug later.. Finish line, first!

"Beauregards!" "Never scared!" "Beauregards!" "Never scared!" "Beauregards!" "Never scared!" So say Johnny and Josh, who take the zip for the family. They arrive in second.

Finally, the Stoddards pick Casey and Sabrina to take the plunge.

Now it's a bad dash to the finish, as the Martinezes come in first... and Isa makes a misstep and a hard fall. We're going to need a medic here. "Suddenly the game became.. not too important," Mike says. The good news, "it's not broken, it just hurts like hell." And she walks it off.

Final results:

The Martinezes arrive in first. The Beauregards are in second, while the Stoddards are falling behind at third, but it's still anyone's game to lose because of the all-important scavenger hunt. Who will be the second family to head home?

The Stoddards had trouble working together as a team AND read the clues too fast. The Martinez family lost their map AND their breath. The Beauregards tried to throw off the families, but got thrown off themselves looking for a shark. But the 10-minute clue might have saved them.

The winning team tonight takes home their OWN Rad2Go scooter. That goes to... the Beauregards, at 7 hours, 50 minutes. Who else will return to play another day? It's... dramatic pause moment... the Martinez family! 7:55 the final time. With a depressing 8:15, the Stoddards are on their way *raspberries* out the door and onto the land of parting gifts with a Nintendo Gamecube. But for the others, they face the Benavides and the Taylors from the last show. Will they have what it takes to survive? And did I just see one of the Beauregards get arrested? Why? Guess we'll have to find out next time.

You Coinstar Change-in-the-game Moment: The Stoddards' TV trivia disaster.

And the name of the shark, by the way? Georgette.

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