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Nick@Nite is bringing six families together... for the wildest competition Hollywood has ever seen! They'll turn Hollywood on its head in order to win the ultimate family vacation. Who has the teamwork to pull it off?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

John Salley, Amy Davidson
Creators: Gary J. Engel, David Rieth
EP: David G. Stanley, Michael Canter, Sal Maniaci
Packager: Empty Nest Productions, Telepictures Productions, Nick@Nite Originals
Mondays at 9pm ET on Nick@Nite

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"Baker vs. Taylor vs. Benavides" - November 29

Let's meet the Baker family... father Duane (38, self-employed), mother Terri (35, college student), niece Kira Caldwell (10, fifth-grader), and son Kody (10, fourth-grader). Ready for action!

Playing against the Taylor family... mother Toni (29, stylist), aunt Terri (25, student), and twins Teffani & Tessani (13, eighth-graders)... ready for action!

Playing against the Benavides family... father Brian (35; set construction/prop maker), mother Lori (34; college student); son Brandon (14; ninth-grader) and niece Katie Jackson (14; ninth grader)... on your marks! Let's start... the Family... Faceoff? Yep, Nick@Nite's getting into the game with this race/scavenger hunt/what have you with the ultimate family vacation on the line to the sunny beaches of Hawaii, and no sooner than we meet John Salley (fresh from "He's a Lady") and an obviously-edited-in Amy Davidson (moonlighting from "8 Simple Rules") to explain the first challenge.

Hollywood Scavenger Hunt: Each team will get a list of ten things to do in Hollywood. Each task will take anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes off of their final race time. The tasks:

Share a brain freeze
Share a milkshake or smoothie at the diner featured in "American Graffiti"
1 minute
Become Marilyn Monroe
At Max Factor transform your two oldest family members into Marilyn Monroe
2 minutes
Don't monkey around
A space capsule crashed at the Hollywood Museum. Rescue one of the survivors
3 minutes
Unravel a ball of yarn
Go to the factory that's known for "knitting" and unravel one ball of yarn
4 minutes
Don't be a girlie man
Find the wax display of "Ah-nold." Bring back a pair of his sunglasses
5 minutes
Chug a mug
Find Hollywood Entertainment Museum. Chug a mug at the Cheers bar
6 minutes
Take a photo
Find Hollywood's oldest restaurant. Take a family Polaroid
7 minutes
Bob 4 apples 8 minutes
Get a lucky strike 9 minutes
Jump for joy
Go to the museum of world records. Jump rope 100 times.
10 minutes

Teams will have 45 minutes to complete the tasks. Pay special attention to Robosapiens, for they hold the key to special information and important decisions.

Bakers: Find Mel's, order drink. Wait until nauseous. Gets impatient. Finally drink strawberry milkshake (1 minute). Travel to Max Factor and Marilynize grownups (3 minutes). Go to wrong Hollywood Museum, fight (3 minutes). Find the right monkey (6 minutes).

Taylors: Find Knitting Factory, unravel... and unravel... and unravel... (4 minutes). Head to Musso & Frank's; try to take Polaroid; curse soul of malfunctioning Polaroid. Say "screw it" (4 minutes). Head to world records museum... Start jumping. Stop at 100 (14 minutes).

Benavides: Find Hollywood Museum... find another Hollywood Museum... and another!... Scratch. (0 minutes) Travel to Max Factor. Kids successfully transform grown-ups into Marilyn (2 minutes). Drink strawberry smoothies (3 minutes).

Final results... will be tallied at the end of the race. Now to the race, which consists of three challenges.

Challenge 1: A Friendly Puzzle: One team member will be high above the other three as he/she tries to direct the assembly of a puzzle of the cast members of "Friends" connected only by a walkie-talkie. Once John has confirmed that the pieces are in the right place, he will hand you directions to the next challenge.

Tiff, Kody, and Katie are the walkie-kids. John has to remind a couple of people (Tiff & Tess) that this is a race. After Katie has a good cry, her family has seven correct. The Bakers... nothing yet, as Kira talks to a screaming Kody. The Benavides move up to 11... 12. The Taylors have eight as the screaming continues. And the Benavides are... okay, NOW they're done. Directions: Find your Family Faceoff van... Then head to the world famous Capitol Records Building for your next challenge. So while they head to Capitol Records, the Taylors are still dramatists. But they're done, and follow suit. The Bakers... are still not done. Okay, now they're done.

Challenge 2: Bejeweled: Open up a jewel case, read the song title inside. Figure out who sang it. Then look through the chest to find costumes matching the artists. Once done, Amy will send you to your next challenge.

The Benavides get "Billie Jean"... Michael Jackson. "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"... Elton John. "Super Freak"... Rick James... bitch. "Bawitdaba"... Kid Rock. All right! All away! Now it's off to the Warner Bros. water tower... and the final challenge!

And then the Taylors arrive. "Get This Party Started"... Pink. "YMCA"... Village People. "Justify My Love", Madonna, and "Whip It".. Devo. They only have.. three right. Missing the Madonna garb. Until you break out the cone-bra!

Bakers are third, with "Purple Rain" (Prince), "Hot in Herre" (Nelly), "Hound Dog" (Elvis), and "Friends in Low Places" (Garth Brooks). Two right. Three. Still three... Still three... The one they keep missing on. Nelly. Dude, grab the Band-aid. Very typical of a Caucasian adult: "Who knew Nelly wore Band-aids? Does she always wear these?" There are two things wrong with this sentence: a) Nelly's a dude, and b) the person who said it.

Challenge 3: Climb Every Ladder: One at a time, climb 100 feet into the air along the Warner Bros. water tower and drop the flag. Once each family has dropped all four flags, race to the finish line. Both Benavides parents knock it. Brandon begins his ascent as the Taylors arrive. Tess starts hers while Katie makes her way up to the top. Teff & Terri T. climb up as the Bakers arrive. Once Toni comes down, Terri B. comes up. Duane, being a former Marine, laughs at the ladder.

Final results:

The Benavides arrive in first. The Taylors are in second, while the Bakers are falling behind at third, but it's still anyone's game to lose because of the all-important scavenger hunt. Who's going to Hawaii? Who's going home?

Bakers complete 4 of the 10, but bicker a lot. The Benavides get lost and give up on clue after clue, completing 3 tasks. The Taylors lose time on the Polaroid, but gain big time on the jump ropes.

The winning team tonight takes home an Earthlink computer package. That goes to... The Taylors, at 8 hours, 2 minutes. The Benavides family... are also coming back with 8 hours, 7 minutes. Unfortunately for the Bakers, this means that with 8 hours, 15 minutes, they are off to the land of parting gifts. In this case, they take home a Nintendo Gamecube. And for all the bickering, the two returning teams have nothing but love for them. Terri says that they should've concentrated on more of the crazy stunts, while Kira says that if they got a second chance, they'd pull it out.

You Coinstar Change-in-the-game Moment: With only five minutes in the scavenger hunt left, Toni makes a game-changing decision to try the 10-minute stunt: Jump for Joy. Success in the jump pushed them into first.

Next time, three more families make the push toward Hawaii.

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