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December 17

24 challengers will have a shot at over a million dollars. All they have to do is keep winning...

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host: Mike Greenberg
Chip Girls: Jennifer Aguero, Olivia Fox
Creators: David Rosconval, Francis Vacher
EP: Gail Berman, Lloyd Braun, Chris Cowan, Jean-Michel Michenaud, Charles Duncombe, David Rosconval, Francis Vacher
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Episode 2
December 1

This is where we stand as we prepare for night 2 of “Duel.” So far, five duelists have played. Three of them have made the leaderboard as we have $205,000 in the bank so far.

Sue Mullan
1 duel / $10,000
Denise Carter
1 duel / $10,000
Monica Durazo
1 duel / $0

Next up, Monica will challenge Jim the fire captain OR Julie the homemaker from Walnut Creek, CA OR Robert the used car salesman. Monica chooses to match wits against... Julie. “I was a Mensa member. I’m no longer a member, because my husband pointed out how stupid it is to pay a due to belong to a club that tells you you’re smart.” Greenie: “What you’re saying is: you’re too smart to be in Mensa.”

That said, nothing more to say except... LET’S DUEL!

As a reminder of the rules, each player is given 10 $5000 chips. You place your chips on any answer you think is correct, but you do so at a peril, because chips covering wrong answers are claimed by the house and added to the jackpot. As long as you cover a correct answer, you can play on, but get one answer wrong, and you’re gone, and so are all of your chips. Only chips that have been taken during duels will go into the pot, and the winning player gets to keep any money they still have in their coffers. Players are given two presses to force their opponents to answer questions within seven seconds.

Screen up. Let’s duel.


Monica 10 PRESS PRESS Of the last five Presidents, how many were governors before taking the highest office? PRESS PRESS 10 Julie
  A 1 A
B 2 B
C 3 C
D 4 D

Monica was thinking... about the question. Correct answer: D. Both right. Carter, Reagan, Clinton, and Dubya were all governors. $15,000 into the pot. Julie leads, 9-8.

Monica 8   PRESS About how often does lightning strike the earth’s surface? PRESS PRESS 9 Julie
  A 100 times every second A
B 200 times every minute B
C 300 times every hour C
D 400 times every day D

This one’s played the exact same. We move on. Correct: A. $30,000 into the pot.

Monica 5   PRESS Which is an anagram for "Clint Eastwood"?   PRESS 6 Julie
  A Old West Action A
B Stone Cold Killer B
C Man with No Name C
D Two Guns for Hire D

After this, Monica will have 2 chips. Julie... will still have 6. Correct answer: A. An anagram takes letters and forms more words. Another $15,000, but Julie has no presses and Monica is vulnerable.

Monica 2   PRESS # of inches in a yard - # of ounces in a standard soda can - ?     6 Julie
  A 12 A
B 18 B
C 24 C
D 48 D

Both answered... correctly. 36 inches – 12 ounces = 24, C. We move on.

Monica 2   PRESS How far away can a mosquito detect your presence?     6 Julie
  A 10 feet A
B 50 feet B
C 100 feet C
D 1 mile D

If the answer is C or D, then Julie wins. Otherwise, we continue. The correct answer... C. Julie wins this round and the $15,000 that goes with it. Going to the board...

Julie Tan
1 duel / $15,000
Sue Mullan
1 duel / $10,000
Denise Carter
1 duel / $10,000
Monica Durazo
1 duel / $0

Julie’s three potential challengers... Sheri, the funeral home owner from Ohio, Johnny, the rocker from Norwalk, CA, and Jim the fire captain from El Segundo, CA.

Julie thinks a woman should win this tournament, so here comes Sheri. “Gotta win big, stay out of the funeral home. Get a real home for my kids.”


Sheri 10 PRESS PRESS How many atoms of oxygen exist in a single molecule of carbon monoxide? PRESS PRESS 10 Julie
  A 0 A
B 1 B
C 2 C
D 3 D

Correct: B. Julie leads, 10-9.

Sheri 9 PRESS PRESS What is the only continent without a desert? PRESS PRESS 10 Julie
  A Antarctica A
B Europe B
C South America C
D Australia D

“God I hope I’m right,” says Sheri. Correct: B. Sheri IS right. She leads, 9-8, and $10,000 goes into the pot.

Sheri 9   PRESS Which of these set a new record by earning an estimated $170 million the first day it was released? PRESS PRESS 8 Denise
  A Spiderman 3 A
B Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows B
C High School Musical 3 Soundtrack C
D Halo 3 D

If it’s anything other than Halo 3, then Julie is out of here with $15,000. Correct... D. Julie leads, 8-6, and another $15,000 into the kitty..

Sheri 6   PRESS Which animals were trained to conduct search and rescue operations for the US Coast Guard? PRESS PRESS 8 Julie
  A Vultures A
B Eagles B
C Pigeons C
D Owls D

We play on. Correct answer: C. Another $30,000 into the pot, and Julie leads, 5-3.

Sheri 3   PRESS When playing pool, how many balls do you need for an official game of 8-ball? PRESS PRESS 4 Julie
  A 8 A
B 9 B
C 15 C
D 16 D

I know from my days as a pool shark that the correct answer is D. Seven stripes, seven solids, the 8-ball, and the cue-ball. That said, Sheri’s outta here, and Julie wins her second duel and $15,000 more, $30,000 total. Meanwhile, our losses in this game push the jackpot to...

Julie Tan
2 duels / $30,000
Sue Mullan
1 duel / $10,000
Denise Carter
1 duel / $10,000
Monica Durazo
1 duel / $0

Win another duel, Julie, then you have a good chance at playing Sunday night. Julie meanwhile gets a choice among Karla the lunch lady from Woodland Hills, Robert the telemarketer from Chicago, and Fritz the umpire from Philadelphia. Again, Julie has the strange idea that she can only beat women (especially women who haven’t won dual full-ride scholarships... Robert). Karla gets the nod.


Karla 10 PRESS PRESS # of Santa’s reindeer, including Rudolph + # of days in Hanukkah = ? PRESS PRESS 10 Julie
  A 13 A
B 17 B
C 21 C
D 25 D

If it’s C, then we play on. If it’s B, Karla wins $45,000. If it’s D, Julie wins $45,000. “If I left here, my husband would kill me, because he’s Jewish and we have a menorah on the fireplace.”

Of course, if it’s A, then we move to a Shootout.

I think I hear Julie's husband in the distance. Either him or Gordon and Jason. Correct answer... nine reindeer + eight crazy nights = B. Karla wins it on the first question! Bring down the board...

Julie Tan
2 duels / $30,000
Karla Jackson
1 duel / $45,000
Sue Mullan
1 duel / $10,000
Denise Carter
1 duel / $10,000

As you can see, Monica has been eliminated. As you can also see, the only way to get to the top is to keep winning Duels. So let’s play another one. Will it be Ashlee the nurse from Port St. Lucie, FL, David the author from Burlington, WI, or Robert the used car salesman from Canada, KY?

Robert, you’re going to the show after THREE times.

Robert, if you remember correctly, is from a holler, where he read an entire encyclopedia.


Karla 10 PRESS PRESS Which type of apple appeared on the Beatles’ records? PRESS PRESS 10 Robert
  A Granny Smith A
B Golden Delicious B
C Macintosh C
D Fuji D

If A is right, then we keep going. If not, then Karla wins duel #2. Correct answer: A! Robert leads, 10-7, and $15,000 is put in the pot.

Karla 7 PRESS PRESS According to the Treasury Department, what is the average life span of a US $1 bill?   PRESS 10 Robert
  A 3 months A
B 11 months B
C 21 months C
D 48 months D

If the correct answer is A, then Karla loses. Correct: C. Robert leads, 7-5. Another $25,000 into the jackpot. We’re up to $420,000.

Karla 5 PRESS PRESS # of strings on a cello - # of strings on a violin = ?   PRESS 7 Robert
  A 0 A
B 1 B
C 2 C
D 3 D

Everyone plays, everyone wins. Correct is A. Another $30,000 into the pot, and Robert leads, 4-2. But he’s out of presses.

Karla 2 PRESS PRESS The vintage date on a wine bottle is determined by what year?     4 Robert
  A Year vines were planted A
B Year grapes were harvested B
C Year wine was bottled C
D Year wine was first sold D

They play the same answers... and correct answer is B. Robert leads, 3-1. Another $10,000 in the pot. Karla has to get the rest of the questions right in order to play on.

Karla 1 PRESS PRESS Which can be used to positively identify a dog with the uniqueness of a human fingerprint?     3 Robert
  A Paw print A
B Tongue print B
C Tail print C
D Nose print D

Someone may be going home on this question. Correct answer... D! Robert wins the duel and $10,000. Karla sits in the balcony. Robert, winning on a game show after acing his departed dad watching them, has a bit of a conundrum here. He NEEDS to win a second duel to break onto the board.

Julie Tan
2 duels / $30,000
Karla Jackson
1 duel / $45,000
Sue Mullan
1 duel / $10,000
Denise Carter
1 duel / $10,000

Let’s see who Robert gets to choose next... Johnny the Rocker... Tammy, a college administrator from Winston-Salem, NC… and Stephen, a Brooklyn cab driver.

“Unfortunately, Tammy, Julie ruined it for ya. We need some man power.” And since older-and-wiser scares him, let’s Rock-and-Roll all night. Here comes Johnny.


Johnny 10 PRESS PRESS If you dug from Los Angeles down through the center of the Earth, where would you end up? PRESS PRESS 10 Robert
  A The Indian Ocean A
B China B
C The Pacific Ocean C
D Russia D

Robert DOESN’T know this. Johnny is sure it isn’t China. If it is indeed China, then Robert wins his second Duel.

We’ll find out the answer... NEXT time on Duel.