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24 challengers will have a shot at over a million dollars. All they have to do is keep winning...

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host: Mike Greenberg
Chip Girls: Jennifer Aguero, Olivia Fox
Creators: David Rosconval, Francis Vacher
EP: Gail Berman, Lloyd Braun, Chris Cowan, Jean-Michel Michenaud, Charles Duncombe, David Rosconval, Francis Vacher
Packagers: BermanBraun, Rocket Science Laboratories, French TV
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Episode 1
December 17

Twenty-four people are about to play for over $1 million over six nights. All you have to do is a) know the correct answers, and b) convince your opponents that you don’t know the answer. When the result comes down to the last chip, ANYTHING can happen.


Our host Mike Greenberg (from “Mike & Mike in the Morning”) introduces us to the Duel table, where a high school dropout has the same chance as a college professor. Just depends on strategy, knowledge, and nerve.

Tammy Brown Allen/"The College Administrator" (Winston-Salem, NC)
David Bauman/"The Author" (Burlington, WI)
Ashlee Register/"The Nurse" (Port St. Lucie, FL)
Jim Boulgarides/"The Fire Captain" (El Segundo, CA)
Paul Cales/"The Carpenter" (Chicago, IL)
Ken Danberry/"The Alligator Wrestler" (Orlando, FL)
Monica Durazo/"The Student" (Tucson, AZ)
Robert Elswick II/"The Used Car Salesman" (Canada, KY)
Sue Mullan/"The Internet Censor" (Seattle, WA)
Fritz Gheen/"The Umpire" (Philadelphia, PA)
Tom Haviland/"The Air Force Major" (Marion, OH)
Emily Hendriks/"The Belly Dancer" (Boston, MA)
Karla Jackson/"The Lunch Lady" (Woodland Hills, CA)
Denise Carter/"The Attorney" (Colorado Springs, CO)
Johnny Martin/"The Rocker" (Norwalk, CA)
Stephen Lenett/"The Cab Driver" (Brooklyn, NY)
Pat Santucci/"The Software Engineer" (Dayton, OH)
Robert Walker/"The Telemarketer" (Chicago, IL)
Julie Tan/"The Homemaker" (Walnut Creek, CA)
Ann Umlauf/"The Litigation Assistant" (Williamstown, MA)
Kimberley Wells/"The Public Relations Executive" (Brockville, Ontario, Canada)
Sheri Adkins/"The Funeral Home Owner" (Enon, OH)
Laura Nickerson/"The Stuntwoman" (San Jose, CA)
Marco Berrios/"The ATM Tech" (Westbury, NY)

First up, Sue, an internet censor from Seattle. She works on a website where people can upload their own videos. She will have to choose from three players randomly selected from the gallery of 24… The players chosen for her: Jim the fire captain from El Segundo, CA, Marco the ATM tech from Westbury, NY, and Denise the attorney from Colorado Springs, CO.

Sue chooses… Marco. “The hood? I don’t know. He seems all brawn, no brains.”

Now the rules: each player will get 10 chips worth $5000 each. When Mike reveals the multiple choice question, the players will cover what they think is the correct answer with a chip. They can cover any or all of the answers to hedge their bets, but there is a catch. For every incorrect answer, they will lose that chip. There is no time limit unless someone pushes the pressure button. Players can press each other to answer a question within seven seconds. Pressure buttons can only be used twice. Win the duel, the money you have is yours to keep as is the challenge.

Player who answers a question incorrectly FIRST is eliminated.


Sue 10 PRESS PRESS What denomination of US paper currency features the White House on the back? PRESS PRESS 10 Marco
  A $1 A
B $10 B
C $20 C
D $100 D

Correct... C. $20,000 goes into the Jackpot. It’s the first of many.

Sue 8 PRESS PRESS # of hydrogen atoms in a molecule of water + # of pints in a gallon = ? PRESS PRESS 8 Marco
  A 5 A
B 10 B
C 13 C
D 18 D

Sue: “Well, oh crap comes to mind.”

Correct: B. 2 + 8 = 10. $10,000 goes into the pot. Marco leads, 8-6.

Sue 6 PRESS PRESS Which of these countries' national flags is not red, white, and blue?   PRESS 8 Marco
  A Cuba A
B North Korea B
C Russian Federation C
D Iran D

Everyone stays. Correct: D. $20,000 more into the pot. Crowd starts cheering. Iranian flag is red, white, and green. Marco leads, 7-3. Sue cannot cover every option on this…

Sue 3 PRESS PRESS In 2006, which human disease were dogs trained to smell with nearly perfect accuracy?   PRESS 7 Marco
  A Heart disease A
B Lung cancer B
C Smallpox C
D Appendicitis? D

Correct: B. Another $20,000, and Marco still leads, 4-2.

Sue 2   PRESS Which celebrity has not been married to a musical artist who has sold a million records?   PRESS 4 Marco
  A Cameron Diaz A
B Emilio Estevez B
C Rachel Hunter C
D Julia Roberts D

Someone is going to lose all of their chips AND their place in the game. Correct answer… A! Sue stays, Marco’s going home.

Now here’s the deal. The money lost during the duel is going into a growing jackpot. Under it, there are four seats in the gallery for leaders. That’s where Sue wants to be on Sunday night. Right now, she’s at the top of the board with $10,000.

Sue Mullan
1 duel / $10,000

Sue gets to choose from three more… Pat the software engineer from Dayton, OH, Denise the attorney (again), and David the author from Burlington, WI.

Sue elects to duel against... Denise. “Do not ever cross me. I am not as sweet as I look.”


Sue 10 PRESS PRESS Which of these words is not included in the Pledge of Allegiance? PRESS PRESS 10 Denise
  A Country A
B Indivisible B
C Stands C
D Under D

Correct: A. Both are right, and both are perfect.

Sue 10   PRESS # of colors on the Italian flag + # of Godfather movies + # of Tony Soprano’s kids = ? PRESS PRESS 10 Denise
  A 7 A
B 8 B
C 9 C
D 10 D

Both played it the same. Correct: B. Red, white, and green plus 3 plus AJ and Meadow.

Sue 9   PRESS How long does it take light to travel from the sun to the earth? PRESS PRESS 9 Denise
  A 11.5 seconds A
B 8 minutes 19 seconds B
C 20.7 days C
D 5.3 years D

Another $30,000 is going into the pot, and the ladies move on. Correct: B.

Sue 6   PRESS What were adorable Yorkshire terriers originally bred to do? PRESS PRESS 6 Denise
  A Guard newborn infants A
B Eat grasshoppers on crops B
C Catch rats in mines C
D Herd cats D

If it’s D, then Denise is done. If not, then Denise will lead it, 4-3. The correct answer: C. Denise leads, 4-3. Another $25,000 in the jackpot.

Sue 3   PRESS What department store invented Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer as an advertising gimmick? PRESS PRESS 4 Denise
  A Guard newborn infants A
B Eat grasshoppers on crops B
C Catch rats in mines C
D Herd cats D

If it’s A, then Sue is gone. If it’s D, we go to a Shootout tiebreaker. Correct answer: C. Another $15,000 into the pot, and we’re tied at 2 a pop.

Sue 2   PRESS What do Scoville Units measure?   PRESS 2 Denise
  A Power of earthquakes A
B Hotness of peppers B
C Strength of tornadoes C
D Intensity of sound D

Sue’s convinced she’s done. Correct answer… B! Denise wins her first duel and $10,000 to go with it. And the jackpot now...

Sue Mullan
1 duel / $10,000
Denise Carter
1 duel / $10,000

Now Denise gets to challenge out of these three… Pat the software engineer, Monica the student from Tucson, AZ, and Robert the used car salesman from Canada, KY.

Denise likes Monica’s dress. The student gets the calldown.


Monica 10 PRESS PRESS Which of these words is not included in the Pledge of Allegiance? PRESS PRESS 10 Denise
  A Sunday A
B Monday B
C Wednesday C
D Saturday D

Monica plays it safe. Discretion is the better part of valor. Correct: A. Monica leads, 10-7. Another $15,000 into the jackpot.

Monica 7   PRESS # of branches in the US military + # of branches of the US government = ? PRESS PRESS 10 Denise
  A 6 A
B 7 B
C 8 C
D 9 D

If the answer if C or D, we go to a Shootout. The correct answer:... C. We go to a sudden death Shootout! Meanwhile, it’s Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, executive, judicial, and legislative.

There are no ties in Duel. We go to a Shootout. First of all, all of the chips are gone. That is the penalty for a wrong answer in Duel. Monica & Denise will get four new chips with no cash value. Whoever answers the next question correctly using the LEAST amount of chips will win the Duel.

Shootout question...

Monica 4   PRESS What color are President George W. Bush’s eyes? PRESS PRESS 4 Denise
  A Blue A
B Brown B
C Green C
D Hazel D

If the answer is A or B, then Monica wins. If not, then Denise wins. Correct: A. Monica wins. She’s still on the board… and now so is Monica.

Sue Mullan
1 duel / $10,000
Denise Carter
1 duel / $10,000
Monica Durazo
1 duel / $0

Next up, Monica will challenge Jim the fire captain OR Julie the homemaker from Walnut Creek, CA OR Robert the used car salesman.

Monica draws... someone tomorrow on Duel.