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You either loved it or hated it growing up, but now in the 21st Century, the scourge of gym class has come back with a vengeance!

Follow the road to the championship here!

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Bil Dwyer, Zach Selwyn, Jerri Manthey
Creator: Rich Cronin
EP: Mark Cronin, James Rowley,
Packager: Mindless Entertainment, GSN Originals
Airs: Tuesdays at 10:00pm ET on GSN

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Playoffs 2 - July 20

It is so nice to feel appreciated in this world. We appreciate everyone reading this recap, and so we have set up a bracket as to who is in the post-season and who they play on the left hand side of the screen. I am also appreciative that Steve Altes from CPA wrote me, expressing how much he enjoyed the recaps.

With that being said, I am now shedding the veil of unbiasedness and will now root for the CPA to win the title. I can't really say any good things about them this week, though - since they are not playing this week. Hence, since the CPA is not competing this week, there will be no recap until next Tuesday and I will be trying to pick up a tie that looks close to the ones that they use on the show. See you next week!

Chico, what are you doing with that hammer?

(C-Note: Apparently, you can dodge a ball. So you want to dodge an Extreme Dodgeball recap as well. I'll let you do it... if you can also dodge this hammer. Comprende?)

Uh.... ok. Well, I guess with that being said, there will be a recap - and it will be the second half of the quarterfinals. The Barbell Mafia (3-2) take on the Stallion Battalion (1-4), and Armed Response (3-2) take on the SBD mimes (2-3). Does this sound familiar? It should - these are the exact same match-ups that took place two weeks ago. On that episode, the Mafia and the Response were victorious. Will we get the same results here?

Here are your rosters -
Barbell Mafia -
Tyrone Rush - Captain (6'0", 55 mph) - Former pro football player
Jeramy Freeman (6'0", 290) - Benches 650
Alan Grimes (5'10" 260)
Melissa Coates (5'5", 150)
Amazon Beard (5'5", 125)

Stallion Battalion -
Michael Pipkin - Captain (4'10", 95 pounds) - Former Marine
Kenny Sanchez (4'10", 115 pounds) - Has won over 90 horse races
Mark Munoz (4'11", 110 pounds) - Stunt Jockey in 'Seabiscuit'
Christina "Shorty" Knisner (4'11", 95 pounds)
Lisette Garcia (5'1", 110 pounds)

Round 1 - To start off the match, a 260 pound Grimes rips the ball out of the hands of a 95 pound Knisner, but it's the Jockeys that get the first 2 kills. Foot faults doom the Battalion, as three of the Stallions get knocked out due to them stepping out of bounds, so instead of a 4-2 advantage, it's Garcia vs. Grimes and Rush. Garcia does take out Grimes, which leaves Garcia and Rush, but Rush wins the shoot-out at the OK Corral, and the Mafia take the first game. (Mafia leads, 1-0)

Round 2 - We have another three footfalls by the Jockeys quickly, and that leads into a 5-1 situation with the Mafia Vs. Sanchez. Using a ball as a deflective shield, Sanchez does come back to knock out 4 of the Mafia until it's himself Vs. Grimes, but Grimes hits the regeneration target, which brings the Mafia back onto the field. That extra time gives Sanchez the opportunity to hit the regeneration target for his own team, but he decides to hold on to his ball as a shield. That turns out to be a fatal mistake, because Tyrone Rush's first shot forces Sanchez to drop the ball, which ends the game and the match. Sanchez argues to the refs that Rush's shot hit him in the face, but as the replay shows, Sanchez deflected Rush's ball into his own face, so the shot is legal. (Mafia wins, 2-0)

Grimes is asked by Jerri if he feels any remorse. Grimes' response: "Hell No!" Jerri tells Grimes that for taking out the little people, his team may be vilified - and I realize the irony of that statement and who exactly is saying it. Heh.

The Battalion has needed to worry less about the face than their feet - they step out of bounds 6 times during the match - and that forces them to step out of the competition. You would think that as small as they are, they would know exactly where they would be placing their feet. The Mimes seem to be more nimble (one of them even pulls a pre-match "You Got Served"), as we see if they can place themselves into the semi-finals. For them to do that, however, they have to get past an Armed Response team that plastered them in the regular season.

Rosters -
Armed Response
David Benedetto (6'0", 51 mph) - Captain
Michelle Manumaleuna (5'7", 37mph) - Screams a lot
Andrew Brawley (6'7", 275 pounds)
Laura Farley (5'6", 38mph)
Clay Kreuger (6'2", 50 mph)

SBD Mimes
Mark Pontius (6'0", 155)
Lamonte Goode (5'11", 165)
Laura Hight (5'4", 130)
Jolie Bailey (5'6", 115)
Steven Sande (6'5", 185)

Round 1 - Benedetto shows his aggression by bouncing off the wall during the warm-ups. They bounce all over the mimes to start off the match as they get the first 4 kills in the match. It's down to Pontius, but he catches Benedetto's throw and Sande is back in the game. The joy for the Mimes doesn't last too long, as Manumalena catches Sande's throw, and a returning Benedetto takes out Pontius for the win. Manumalena tosses in a 'you're out' scream and a thumb toss for good measure. (AR leads, 1-0).

Round 2 - The mimes get control of the two little balls, but they don't do anything with it. The Response does, as they systematically pick off each mime. Bailey is the last mime standing and she goes for the regenerator target - but the shot is picked off by Benedetto and the match is over. (AR wins, 2-0).

So we get the same match-ups as 2 weeks ago - and the same results as 2 weeks ago. Based on the seedings and who played who, the semi-finals should look like this -

CPA (1) Vs. Ink. inc. (4)
Barbell Mafia (2) Vs. Armed Response (3)

Who should be the favorites to win the match? Well, the Armed Response did defeat the Mafia during the regular season, but now I can put my CPA favoritism tie on for one second with this stat; The CPA's regular season record includes wins over Ink Inc., Barbell Mafia, AND Armed Response, meaning that the CPA's have already beaten everyone who is left in the competition. The Inksters did take the CPA's to the limit during the regular season, so that should be fun - and the other match, which also went the maximum three rounds last time around, should be a fun high-octane showdown as well.

I always appreciate the e-mail, so if any other CPA people want to e-mail me, if someone from another team has a dissenting opinion or if you are just a fan who wants to write in, you can do so at gordon@gameshownewsnet.com.

Next week - I read off more e-mail that you write, and in the semi-finals, two more teams get the write-off.

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