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It's a whole new ranch as Texas serves as proving grounds for eight city-slickers, fighting for $25,000 and the right to be called...  cowboy.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Rocco Wachman
Wrangler: Judd Leffew
EP: Stu Schreiber, Stephen Kroopnick, Chris Greenleaf, David Wechter, Melanie Moreau
Packager: Triage Entertainment, CMT Productions
Airs: Fridays at 9:00pm ET on CMT

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"Bulls, Rats, Pigs, and Guns" - July 1

Day6: 6:45a. The day begins as Corey forgets how to correctly transfer a pot from one place to another.

9:30a. Another day, another surprise. this time, it's Outlaw Annie, a mounted shooting world champion. She's come packing... and she's also armed with two six-shooters. Today, against all logic, we're playing with firearms. She demos by shooting a can... into oblivion. Sal performs what we in the city call "a run-by", shooting target balloons. Sal looks like his pants are too tight and his wrist is too limp. Rachel notes that it is indeed difficult to cock it back and pull the trigger. Everyone does well with the gun, but George... has to pee.

12:15p. You've seen them run and shoot. Now let's see them ride a horse and shoot. Mounted shooting is one of the rodeo events. Annie demonstrates. And boy does she. The guys note: "girls are going for accuracy. Guys are going for speed. We can't help it. We're men." Case in point, Corey, who misses every (well, almost every) target. Brian is everything Corey wasn't... slow and steady. And not too careful with his peace. Fawn, doubly so, given that her gun fell out of her holster. Candy seems to be the best at it, as is Sal. And George... is firing an empty gun.

That night, the bunkhouse is invaded by pigs. Actually, it's half-pig, half-rat, and it's called a Havolina. They're huge, they're nasty, and they have fangs. They send the stuffed coyote to defend against it.

Day 7: 8:30a. Today, we have a bullfighter (who looks like Hulk Hogan after the Fab Five got a hold of him) who will teach us how to properly escape a bull's stronghold. His name is Hollywood Don Yates. Which explains a lot. George is going to get killed. Candy gets the most ribbing.. by the bullfighter. "You're a lawyer? Just stand there and don't move." Now Hollywood demonstrates how it's done. A little prayer before dying... and he goes inside the pocket. And almost gets mauled.

Judd says that this is just the beginning of being face to face with angry hamburger.

2:45p. Time for circle dodging. It's a challenge called "The Eight Rings of Fire." Basically put, bull comes out, you stay in the circle for as long as you can. "I'd rather be in any other circle than that Ace of Spades circle." Fawn draws.. the eight. Best seat in the house. Rachel gets the bullet... and she might as well ask for one.

Release the beast! And the first one getting the business is... Judd. He's knocked out of his "safe" fence seat. Tera's the first one out, but Rachel gets the tar knocked out of her. George is next, then Candy, and Corey. Corey takes the worst of it, as he is banded. Sal, Brian, and Fawn face off against a bull "a hair meaner." Sal tries a fakeout. It works. He goes for Brian next, then comes back for Sal. Fawn is last man standing... Err.. Woman... or something. And she celebrates by getting the hell outta there.

Corey is pissed that he lost. This was the one he wanted to win. He'll be over it, though.

9:15p. It's time for evals. Toughest reward that has ever been decided, but it's Sal's. He made moves Hollywood Don couldn't make, and he was a deadeye in the shooting. Tonight, he gets to make a phone call home. He calls his wife home.

Some food for thought, though. The next eval... someone's going home.

Meanwhile, Sal enjoys hearing his wife on the line. "They call me Chatterbox! Can you believe that?" "Yes!"

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