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It's the hippest game of charades on television, as celebs "act it out" for charity.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Chad Lowe, Bob Balaban, and Hilary Swank
Packager: AMC Original Programming
All this week at 9pm ET on AMC

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"Monday" - June 20

"For years, Bob Balaban, Chad Lowe, and Hilary Swank have hosted a legendary charades dinner party. Tonight, the legend lives on as the guests play for charity in a loft in downtown New York City."

Tonight, playing the charades in this revival of the revival of "Pantomime Quiz" are...

Robert Klein (comedian); playing for Foundation for Fighting Blindness.
Steve Guttenberg (actor, "Cocoon," "Police Academy", "Three Men & a Baby") - "I thought this was Monopoly." Playing for Guttenhouse
Jill Clayburgh (host, "Starting Over"); playing for Arts Fund for Region One
Eric Gilliland (writer, "The Wonder Years"); playing for Duke Lost Boys Clinic
Julianna Margulies (actress, "ER", "Ghost Ship"); playing for Project ALS. "I would say I'm... I'm.... I'm up there."
Griffin Dunne (actor, "After Hours", "Johnny Dangerously"); playing for PAX: Real Solutions to Gun Violence.
Fisher Stevens (actor, "Short Circuit," "The Flamingo Kid"); playing for Project ALS
Andy Arons (owner, Gourmet Garage.... and Bob's old friend).
Louden Wainwright III (folk singer, actor); playing for US Fund for UNICEF
Stanley Tucci (actor, "The Imposters," "Big Night"); playing for Food Bank of New York.

That's a lot of stars... even for a game show.

Fact: Eric & Jill honed their charading skills the night before with "Austin Powers" star Mike Myers. Expect facts like these to pop up from time to time. That aside, it's time to party.

Tonight's host is Bob Balaban, "charades guru". Joining him is "resident charades official" Chad Lowe. Here he is with a refresher on the rules, in case you've never played charades before. "This is running charades." What does that mean? Teams will run into the room where the person is actually giving the charade. Two teams will compete. One at a time, players will get the clues from items in a list of movie titles and act the charade. Once they get the charade, the next player will run, and so on and so forth until they guess the theme that ties the entire list together. So it's "Body Language" meets "Password Plus". Sounds like fun.

And, of course, first team to guess the theme wins. Giving the charades first are Julianna and Eric. Let's play... Round 1!

OH, one more thing... the teams tonight:

Red: Eric, Jill, Robert, Andy, Griffin
Blue: Julianna, Fisher, Steve, Louden, Stanley

Round 1's hints: Mute woman, Grand instrument, Naked man. We'll give you a moment to think about this one. Answer is at the bottom... Meanwhile, Jill is first with the right answer.

Facts: (The answer) is about a female pianist. (The wrong answer that Steve came up with) is about a male pianist. Although (wrong) plays (right), they are two entirely different films.

Blue wins this one after Steve gets his movies straight. Blue's up, 1-0. They follow with "A League of Their Own", "Monster", "Lost in Translation", and "Bend it Like Beckham." Now to the theme. Something that ties all five movies together. Remember the four movies that I gave you:

A League of Their Own
Lost in Translation
Bend It Like Beckham

Fisher runs to gamemaster Chad... and he's right! Blue wins! Answer below. And Jill.. she's still stuck on "A League of Their (^_^)ing Own!"

Let's do another one, this time with Bob as GM! Round 2! Go! Griffin and Louden hurry back with the first clues for "The Rules of the Game".

Facts: "The Rules of the Game" was banned after its release in 1939. "The Rules of the Game" were enforced earlier by charade expert Chad Lowe.

Red is up, 1-0. Jill is next. "North By Northwest". Let's hope she gets this one.

Fact: Stanley is separated from "North by Northwest" star Cary Grant by only two degrees. Both appeared in movies with legend Hume Cronyn.

Meanwhile in the Blue Room... they tie it up. And Jill gets one, putting red up, 2-1. Next, "While You Were Sleeping." That's Robert, putting blue at 3-1. And blue is back, 3-2. Robert gets "Desperately Sleeping Susan." Meanwhle, Steve ties it up, while the Blue Team starts thinking about the theme. And Bob is getting hungry.

Fact: Julianna's father wrote the famous "Plop Plop Fizz Fizz" jingle.

Blue pulls ahead as Julianna gets desperate... literally. Griffin of Red also gets it. Final clue: "The Shop Around the Corner.

Fact: "The Shop Around the Corner" was written by Miklos Laszlo, and contrary to what Bob says, it was not written by any such Schnitzler!

Blue has all five. Now the theme. Blue is going for the win, red is going for the tie with one clue behind. Robert ties it up for the red, now it's time to think about themes... The movies once again...

The Rules of the Game
North by Northwest
While You Were Sleeping
Desperately Seeking Susan
The Shop Around the Corner

Stanley rushes to Bob for the win... YES! "Unbelievable!" Blue Room wins, 2-0. You know, competition is enough to work up an appetite. Let's eat!

Facts over dinner...

- Fisher made his film debut getting his head chopped off in "The Burning".
- There's a mercury epidemic in New York City.
- Bob appeared with Francois Truffaut in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". Bob translated French to English for Francois Truffaut's character, despite having no working knowledge of French. Bob wrote "Spielberg, Truffaut & Me," a diary of his experiences on set.

Time for round 3 with Andy and Steve starting... Go!

The hint: A muscle-bound cop with an Austrian accent infiltrates the Chicago mob. Ahnold... Bullets... Bad guys.... Explosions... Steve gets it. Blue up, 1-0. Again.

Fact: Memorable quote: "You should not drink and bake."

Next, "Sudden Impact". Meanwhile, Red ties at 1. Blue pulls ahead. They easily get "Falling Down", "Original Gangstas", and "Death Wish."

Fact: Eric... Never been a gangsta.

Now for themes while the Red Team tries to get it together. The movies once more...

Sudden Impact
Falling Down
Original Gangstas
Death Wish

Stanley runs in again with the correct answer. Break out the broomsticks, 'cause Blue Team gets the sweep!

And now, the answers...

Round 1: The Piano; movies with female directors.
Round 2: Films dealing with mistaken identity.
Round 3: Raw Deal; movies with vigilantes.

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