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Don't Forget Your Toothbrush
July 11

Last time, 13 houseguests arrive, 12 with eyes on half-a-million, the other one with eyes on chaos and destruction. Andrew guaranteed his safety by being a mascot, while drawing suspicion from the rest of the house. Haden becomes the first HOH, while the Saboteur struck... TWICE.


The action begins as the supply closet is locked, meaning that the only thing to eat in the house? Slop. Paranoia is running rampant. Andrew was lying around the house... and Brendon was looking for a toothbrush.

Andrew and Enzo start talking about trust. Also talking: the ladies. The commonality: the toothbrush episode.

Hayden introduces us to the new HOH Room.

Brendon tells Rachel and Annie about his masters' degree. Rachel.... also hot up on the science. Chemistry. Physics... Science talk is hot. Annie... not as scientific as the other two.

In the HOH... Hayden start talking about a few suspects in the search for the Saboteur.

The next day, Annie talks about her bisexuality with Ragan, who feels all of a sudden like he's not alone. In the hot tub... more hot science talk. Hate to use the "S" word, but... looks like we have a budding showmance. Awww...

Enzo the Meow Meow thinks that Hayden is legit, so he goes to him with a seed of another reality show cliche... the alliance. Now to get some brains. Enter Matt the brains and Lane the beast. Matt thinks that he's in the strongest alliance in Big Brother history... the Brigade. They immediately start thinking about putting Brendon and Rachel up.


In three teams of four, the teams will have to jump into caramel, crawl under the straw, and get into the giant box of popcorn. Hidden inside are missing teeth. Find a tooth and bring it back. First two teams to find eight are the "haves" this week.

WINNER: Brendon/Andrew/Annie/Kristen

2nd PLACE: Lane/Britney/Monet/Enzo

They get the boltcutters to get to the food, while Matt, Kathy, Rachel, and Ragan are on slop... and that's only the beginning. Cold showers... messy room... Smelly maggots... just bad bad bad living arrangements.

How bad? Concrete slabs are looking pretty good right about now.

Next day... there's tape on the Memory Wall. Britney and Kathy's faces are Xed in green tape. What does it mean? No one knows. I betcha the Saboteur will tell us...

"You may be wondering why I targeted two of you. Be careful who you trust, because the smallest competitor can be your fiercest competition. Observe, listen, and watch your back."

So now Kathy and Britney are trying to get on Hayden's side quickly. Hayden is trying to create the least amount of drama. Britney suggests Brendon and Kathy.


Andrew is the first person safe due to not competing on the HOH... Then comes Annie... Ragan... Enzo... Kristen... Britney... Matt... Monet... Kathy... and Lane. Rachel and Brendon are the first two nominated for eviction this summer. They were unaccounted for, and they didn't try to connect with him.

Will the Power of Veto change Hayden's game? Find out in 71 hours...

To watch this episode in its entirety, or for more information on the live feeds, go to www.cbs.com/bigbrother.