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Fifty-two cameras record your every move. Ninety-five microphones capture your every word. Big Brother is watching.

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There's a Stranger In My House
July 8

It's been 10 years since the first batch of houseguests moved into the crazy looking house on the CBS Radford lot. Now 10 years later, 12 more average Americans from all walks of life (but mostly the pretty ones) will have a shot at winning $500,000. And all they have to do is live... and strategize... for 75 days.

Here's your hamster roster for 2010...

- Kristen Bitting (24; Philadelphia; shoe boutique manager)
- Lane Elenburg (24; Decatur, TX; oil rig salesman)
- Ragan Fox (34; Los Angeles; college professor)
- Andrew Gordon (39; Miami Beach, FL; podiatrist)
- Britney Haynes (22; Huntington, AR; hotel sales manager)
- Kathy Hillis (40; Texarkana, AR; deputy sheriff)
- Matt Hoffman (32; Elgin, IL; web designer)
- Hayden Moss (24; Tempe, AZ; college student)
- Enzo Palumbo (32; Bayonne, NJ; insurance adjuster)
- Rachel Reilly (26; Las Vegas; chemistry grad student/VIP cocktail waitress)
- Monet Stunson (24; Glen Carbon, IL; model)
- Brendon Villegas (30; Riverside, CA' high school swim coach)
- Annie Whittington (27; Tampa; bartender)

... but wait, that's 13! Very perceptive. One of these people is the Big Brother Saboteur, there for only one reason: make implementing strategies as difficult as possible. This person can sabotage a person, a group, or the entire house. If he OR she can pull that off until the midway point, he OR she will walk away $50,000 richer. If they are evicted before then, they leave with nothing.

First to enter: Britney, Ragan, Brendon, and Rachel. Rachel is our token big-boobie-girl, while Ragan is the token gay man. Then comes Lane, Annie, Enzo, Kathy, and Andrew. Andrew... screams "Mazel tov!" Did we mention that he was an Orthodox Jew and that Annie was bisexual? That's pretty important. Money, Hayden, Kristen, and Matt are the last to enter. Hayden... is a dumb college dude.

Things we should also know: Kristen did a bit of modeling on the side, Matt is a certified genius, Enzo may present a "Situation", Kathy has a 22-year-old son, and Britney is newly-engaged.

And now, a message from the Saboteur... "I advise each of you to watch your back. I can and will strike at any time. Any plans you had coming into this game have now been turned upside down. Ask yourself this: with the Saboteur living in the House, can anyone be trusted?"


Two teams of six compete (Andrew sits out and will not be eligible to be HOH).

YELLOW: Annie, Rachel, Brendon, Kathy, Ragan, Enzo
RED: Lane, Britney, Monet, Matt, Kristen, Hayden

And Andrew has a giant kosher wiener. "It's part of a job." And part of the job... being safe from the first Eviction.

A member of each team will grab onto a giant wiener while the rest of the team swings them via pulley to the other side of a giant grill. First team to get someone to the other side will win.

Round 1: $10,000
Round 2: $1000
Round 3: $100
Round 4: $10
Round 5: $1
Round 6: HOH

Monet wins $10,000. Lane wins $1000. Kristen win $100.

And... STOP. Britney takes a hard fall and pops her knee. MEDIC! Meanwhile, Hayden and Matt strategize.

Back to the challenge. For Britney's safety, she is taken out of the challenge, while the Yellow Team is charged with choosing her replacement. That person is... Kristen, because she's shorter.

Kristen wins another $10. Matt wins a buck... and Hayden... wins HOH! All while Kathy misses the wiener.

AMERICA'S VOTE: Who is the Big Brother Saboteur?

1) Andrew
2) Annie
3) Brendon
4) Britney
5) Enzo
6) Hayden
7) Kathy
8) Kristen
9) Lane
10) Matt
11) Monet
12) Rachel
13) Ragan

Text your vote to 81818. A dollar per message vote plus standard rates apply. Voting ends 3:59p ET July 15. Vote for free at CBS.com/bigbrother, where you can also help the Saboteur along.

Right now, though... the Saboteur begins his or her reign of terror by turning out the lights. Brendon thought it was Big Brother telling them to go to bed. So he was going to brush his teeth. Meanwhile, Andrew pulls a prank of some sort.  And the Saboteur... padlocked the storage room door. Don't worry, though, there's plenty of slop to go around.

Remember Big Brother After Dark on Showtime2. Next week, we reveal the identity of the Big Brother Saboteur. Meanwhile... life continues inside the Big Brother House.

To watch this episode in its entirety, or for more information on the live feeds, go to www.cbs.com/bigbrother.