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Eleven teams of two, joined by family or relationship, follow a path of twists and turns in a frenetic race around the world for $1 million.

Who will be the first to cross the finish line?

Recaps by Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Host Phil Keoghan
Creator Bertram van Munster
Elise Doganieri
EP Jerry Bruckheimer
Bertram van Munster
Jonathan Littman
Elise Doganieri
Mark Vertullo
Packager Jerry Bruckheimer TV
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Web www.cbs.com/amazingrace
Airs 8p Sun, CBS

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This Is Gonna Be a Fine Mess
October 16

PREVIOUSLY ON THE AMAZING RACE: Nine teams Raced around Indonesia. Biking at a leisurely pace, planting rice seedlings, delivering goats and grass and counting Buddha statues, the Americans went through many a trial to finish on the grounds of a HUGE 9th Century Buddhist temple. In the end, Laurence & Zac (Team Drake Wannabes) hit the mat first...but, due to a screw-up during the DETOUR, they had to surrender the top spot to Andy & Tommy (Team Snow Shredders). But Kaylani & Lisa (Team Showgirls) were sent back to Vegas for arriving last. Eight teams remain in their pursuit of a million bucks...which one will be Philiminated NEXT?!



The two friends/Olympic snowboarders/two-time Leg winners open the first clue of Leg 4 with the early morning sun shining down on the 69 Buddha statues they counted yesterday. The clue reads as such:



Fly northwest over 1100 miles to the tropical destination of the island of Phuket in Thailand. Once you land, travel by taxi to the Nonthasak Marina and run out on the floating dock where your next clue will be found attached to a barrel.

Though Andy & Tommy are happy with the Team #1 status, they felt it wasn't "clean" thanks to Team Drake Wannabes helping them out and then getting penalized . The other teams' deaprture times (local time):
Laurence & Zac: 0828
Jeremy & Sandy (Team Get-To-Know): 0940
Justin & Jennifer (Team Georgia Sibs): 0941
Ernie & Cindy (Team Contradiction): 0942
Amani & Marcus (Team Hut-Hut!): 0946
Bill & Cathi (Team Sexagenarians): 0956
Liz & Marie (Team Twin Grads): 1005


Team Snow Shredders arrive at the airport and ask for flights to Phuket. The woman at the ticket counter tells them they can take a flight while connecting through Jakarta, which leaves at 9:40am. They decide to fly to Jakarta and then find a direct flight to Phuket. Team Drake Wannabes decide the same way after Andy & Tommy clue them in. The two front teams are the only one taking off to the Indonesian capital.

The other six teams, being separated by only 25 minutes from third to last, pretty much arrive at the airport at the same time. They all get the bad news, though: the next flight to Jakarta to which they can get a flight to Phuket leaves at 12:45pm from Air Asia. They all decide to take a connecting flight on the same airline to Phuket, arriving at 6:50pm.


Back at the populous city in northern Indonesia, Team Snow Shredders and Team Drake Wannabes arrive and start looking for flights to Phuket. But direct flights are booked solid. The only way they can travel is with a stopover in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand...which arrives in Phuket at 7:40pm, 50 minutes after the other teams (problems forbidding). As Laurence & Zac get their tickets, Andy & Tommy sneak up on them and have a little fun with them, tickling their necks gently and trying to get them to notice them.

One way or another, the 16 American Racers are on their way to...


The flight from Jakarta touches down on time as night has descended on the island. The six teams all hop into cabs and head for the marina. Another "Cannonball Run" sequence commences, with teams pleading to their cabbies to pass other teams. Ernie & Sandy's cabbie missed the memo, though; they get passed by Justin & Jennifer AND by Bill & Cathi. In fact, Team Sexagenarians' cab speeds past other cabs as well.

50 minutes later, the second flight lands and Team Snow Shredders and Team Drake Wannabes get cabs of their own. They hear from a bystander that four taxis have already split for the marina an hour ago (she must've missed the other two). So the three young men and one older man feel they are in at WORST fifth and sixth (not knowing their ACTUALLY tied for last). They get their cabs and head on out to...


Jeremy & Sandy are the first to arrive at the marina...and they get sobering news: the marina is closed until 8am! Well,...so much for the 50-minute lead. EVERYOBDY eventually shows up, gets the news...and chills until the morning comes.

As it must, the sun rises...and, about an hour or so later, the marina opens, sending the sixteen Racers scrambling to the beach and a LONG floating dock. It's a rather hectic race across the constantly swaying bridge. Andy & Tommy, being the youngest and most agile team, grabs the clue first and runs back to shore to read it. When they get back, they find it's a...



The 2004 tsunami that struck Southeast Asia was devastating to Phuket. They have since rebuilt and are trying to bring back more tourists. You will choose one of two tasks to help with this industry.

CORAL RECONSTRUCTION: Board a speedboat which will take you to a beach. There, construct a "coral nursery" out of pipe fittings and bring it to a nearby kayak that has a tray of live coral on it. With a marine biologist tagging along, you must paddle out to a marked buoy, sink the nursery and strategicly place the live coral pieces on it. Once the biologist approves of the setting, he'll give you your next clue.

BEACH PREPARATION: Board a speedboat which will take you to a beach club. Go to the cabana and search for 20 beach chairs and 10 beach umbrellas that have the same sticker as shown in this clue. You must then set up the chairs and umbrellas to the exacting standards of the beach club. When the club manager is satisfied with the set-up, he will hand over your next clue..

CORAL RECONSTRUCTION: Team Snow Shredders (1st), Team Hut-Hut! (2nd), Team Georgia Sibs (3rd), Team Get-To-Know (4th), Team Drake Wannabes (6th) and Team Sexagenarians (Last)
BEACH PREPARATION: Team Contradiction (5th) and Team Twin Grads (7th)

The teams enjoy the beautiful scenery as they speed along. Justin stands at the bow of the ship...while Jennifer yells, "You're the king of the world!" (And you wonder why they don't get along?!) And another "Cannonball Run" montage hits, with certain boats passing others with the teams screaming to the captains to move their dingies! Fair bit of trash talking between boats happens as well...but it's all in fun, I'm sure.

Turns out that both tasks originate from the SAME ISLET, just on opposite SIDES. So...THIS should be interesting. Andy & Tommy beach first and race to their coral nursery "kit". As they build their nursery, the other teams start to storm the beach and head to their respective tasks. Liz & Marie show up second and get to taking out the "yellow fish stickered" chairs and umbrellas. Laurence & Zac, however, miss the sign pointing them to the nurseries and end up at the beach club. Ah, well, might as well do BEACH PREP while they're here, right?

With five teams putting nurseries together, the stress is a BIT high. Teams are arguing with each other and looking ten times a minute at the other teams. And, of course, Justin & Jennifer are on each others' Kool-Aid like nobody's business. With three teams pulling chairs and umbrellas, there is equal stress at the other task, coupled with the inability of finding the right stickers quickly and the usual hassling between partners.

It's Team Drake Wannabes that start on their beach first, despite not having all the chairs and umbrellas yet. They look at the "control" set-up and get to work unfolding chairs and unfurling umbrellas. And, obviously, Team Snow Shredders finish their nursery first and load up their kayak. Team Georgia Sibs, DESPITE their bickering, finish THEIR nursery next, with Amani & Marcus close behind...that is, until Team Hut-Hut!'s nursery breaks apart. The other nursery-makers are still working on it.

Andy & Tommy row out to the buoy and dive in. The current around the island is KINDA strong, so the two friends have to put coral-laden rocks on the nursery to keep it from falling over. As the two African-American male-female teams start to paddle out, Team Snow Shredders plant the coral on the top of the nursery. the nearby biologist gives them the thumbs up and their clue...which looks like a compass and a medallion. More on that later. Justin dives into the relatively shallow water and puts the nursery in place while Jennifer stays dry in the kayak. Same holds for Amani & Marcus...though Marcus isn't great at holding his breath and swimming underwater.

As the last two teams head out to sea with their nurseries, Andy & Tommy take a GOOD look at the compass and medallion. Essentially, were it in standard clue form, it says this:



Use this compass to guide your speedboat captain on a 13-minute ride north to Soap Island, the island on the medallion. Once their, spot a sanpan in a covered cove where your next clue awaits.

Team Snow Shredders depart in the lead (again) and laugh at the other CORAL RECONSTRUCTIONers, thinking how they're gonna fight the currents.

On the other side, Liz & Marie struggle to get their stuff out and unfolded (to the amusement of the locals). Cindy puts the chair in as straight a line as she can hack while Ernie brings more chairs and umbrellas. Laurence & Zac find their last umbrella and make sure the chairs are perfect...even to which "rung" the backs are propped up to. It's still a rather hectic race in this case.

Back at the nurseries, Justin argues at Jennifer for drifting away and Jennifer just wants Justin to "grab the boat" to keep it steady. Ah, aren't siblings wonderful to have? Finally, Jennifer dives in to help. Fortunately, their nursery got stuck on a rock so the current doesn't tip it over. As such, they leave the DETOUR in second, though they're clueless about their clue. Sandy was FREAKING at the waves as their nursery loses a piece, forcing Jeremy to put it back together on the sea floor. Bill & Cathi have SERIOUS problems with THEIR nursery falling apart at the seems...and, though still healthy, they ARE in their 60s so they can't keep with the current. So...they U-TURN themselves and row back to do BEACH PREPARATION. Amani & Marcus come to the same conclusion and row back (after the kayak capsizes, that is, and Marcus catches his breath for a few mintues)...as does Team Get-To-Know.

So now it's SIX teams putting the chairs and umbrellas up. Team Sexagenarians start in, Jeremy orders Sandy around, Team Contradiction fights the winds and chase down their umbrellas, Team Drake Wannabes SHOVE the umbrellas in deep to that effect, Team Twin Grads have trouble even OPENING them (and they keep falling on them)...and Team Hut-Hut! finally arrive with a VERY winded Marcus.


The clue with the medallion itself is that the two holes in the middle match up to the two LARGE crags of the island. And that's where Andy & Tommy charge towards. They find their clue hanging from a rope near the sanpan and rip it open to find a...



Beautiful limestone rock formation, isn't it? Well, one team member will have to CLIMB something like it! Have the captain take you to Koh Yao Noi Island. One of you will then strap into rock-climbing gear and, attached to a safety rope, will climb the sheer rock face with only your hands and feet. You must climb to the giant bird's nest on the rock face; your next clue is in said nest. You must not open the clue until you repel down and rejoin your partner.

Andy will be the "king of the hill" for this team. As they speed away to their task, Team Georgia Sibs arrives at the crags, get the clue and elect Jennifer to be a "QUEEN of the hill", as it were.

Back on the beach, Ernie & Cindy have a great idea: pour water INTO the umbrella holes to make the sand more dense and keep them from tipping over. Team Drake Wannabe continue with their forceful plunging and are nearing completion. Marcus is constantly shouting "GO CRAZY!"...which is a catchphrase-catching habit he picked up for Amani is cool with it. Bill & Cathi would slowly but steadily, Liz & Marie still struggle but make good progress (with some help from Sandy)...and Team Get-To-Know seems to have put the chair pairs too close to each other and have to re-work.


At the "small, long island" (that's the literal translation), Team Snow Shredders' boat arrives. Andy hops off, puts on his gear...and then proceeds to go all "Spider-Man" on the sheer cliff face! I mean, seriously, he scrambles up the wall so fast, you'd think he was doing THAT instead of snowboarding all his life. He quickly gets to the nest, grabs the clue and skids on back down. It looks very much like a three-peat as Andy rejoins Tommy in the boat and they rip open this clue:



Tell the captain (using the enclosed map) to take you to the floating village of Koh Panyi, a 200-year-old village built to provide easy access to fishing. When you disembark at the main pier, you'll find Phil at the "floating stadium" (a soccer field), the PIT STOP of this Leg of the Race.

WARNING! The last team to check-in MAY BE ELIMINATED!

As the shredders head OUT, the siblings move IN and Jennifer preps for her climb. With encouragement from Justin (yeah,...weird, right?), Jennifer takes an easy and deliberate pace up the crag before finally grabbing a clue from the nest. They are second out of the ROADBLOCK, leaving the other six teams in the dust.

On the subject of the latter, Ernie & Cindy ask for a judge to check their set-up. The judge takes a good look, says "Yes" and hands the couple their compass and medallion; they are third out of the DETOUR. Right behind them in fourth is Laurence & Zac. They KNOW how to work a compass so they have no trouble pointing their captain towards Soap Island. Next to be judges is Ernie & Sandy...but they get the thumbs-down (mostly because of the backs not being on the right rungs). As they scramble to fix this, Amani & Marcus gets the "Yes" and depart in fifth. As Marcus departs, he tells team Twin Grads to "spin" the umbrellas into the ground. Finally fixed, Team Get-To-Know departs in sixth, leaving the twins and the old-timers behind.


While the sight of a village on stilts and floating on the sea may not be that familiar to Team Snow Shredders, the sight of seeing Phil and the local greeter behind a red-black-and-yellow mat is QUITE familiar and MORE than welcome. The "clean victory" they longed for - where they come in first NOT because of other teams' mishaps - has come true; Phil checks them in for the third straight time as Team # 1! The reward this time: US$5000 each! Oh, and Andy like the beard on the greeter; looks like they use the same shaving technique.

Some time later, Team Georgia Sibs run up to the mat and are checked-in as Team #2. It was rough...but they got through the sibling rivalry to get this far.

Back on the sea, Team Contradiction seem to take a wrong turn because it's Team Drake Wannabes who get to the ROADBLOCK clue first. Zac offers to do the climbing. As Ernie & Cindy continue their odyssey at sea, Team Hut-Hut! reaches the island and opts for Amani (since Marcus is still fairly winded) to climb. And Jeremy is "volunteered" by Sandy for THEIR climb. The dating couple who left the DETOUR in third is like the chatacers of a "Suit Life On Deck" episode: "Lost at Sea". FINALLY Ernie figures out that he had the compass BACKWARDS and, as they spy the twin crags of the island. They're sixth to get the ROADBLOCK clue; Ernie says he'll climb.

The seventh team out of the DETOUR...is Team Sexagenarians! While Liz & Marie struggle with their umbrellas still, Bill & Cathi get approved and head out to sea. Team Twin Grads try to stay upbeat: "It's the beach. It's fun." But the fun wanes rather quickly as the two girls argue. They are mad that they didn't pay attention to details...but they FINALLY finish the DETOUR and head out to Soap Island.

At the crag, Laurence is glad he's not climbing due to his vertigo. Zac seems to tackle the task quite well. It takes some time, but he DOES grab the clue and navigates to boat captain towards the PIT STOP. When Team Hut-Hut! arrives, Amani's a LITTLE trepidacious. But she can't balk now; Jeremy has just arrived and is ready to climb. Amani's about half-way up when Jeremy starts...so she is able to grab the clue and head down before HE'S half-way up. She and Marcus head for the PIT STOP in fourth, and Team Get-To-Know are several minutes behind in fifth....JUST as Ernie arrives to START his climb.

Hey, where's Team Drake Wannabes? Well, they're where they THOUGHT the villiage should be...but apparantly, their navigation skills are a bit off today. This might be a break for the other teams; Team Sexagenarians has reached Soap Island and elects Bill to do the ROADBLOCK, and Ernie finishes the climb to depart the ROADBLOCK in sixth. As for Liz & Marie, THEY arrive at the island and Liz says she'll climb. Bill & Cindi finish the climb in 7th and the twins are fast approaching...so the two sailors better BOOGIE if they want to stay in. And they do...by spying another team's craft and telling the captain to "follow that boat".

Back at the PIT STOP, both Amani & Marcus and Jeremey & Sandy arrive at the village...but it's Team Get-To-Know who find the way to the Floating Stadium first and are checked-in as Team #3. As Laurence & Zac disembark at the village, Team Hut-Hut! gets lost. this allows the sailors to be Team #4. As the baller and his wife keep sweeping around the village, Team Contradiction arrives and get checked as #5. FINALLY, Amani & Marcus find Phil and are Team #6.

So, again, it's down to the old-timers and the young twins. Liz finishes her ROADBLOCK while Bill & Cathi still motor to the village. Can Team Twin Grads - these girls with a so-called "quarter-life crisis" - outrun those who are well-past their MID-life crisis?

Uh,........no. And Liz & Marie feel that way, feeling like they're "riding to their deaths" by Philimination. And as they ride, Team Sexagenarians are checked-in as Team #7.

"Liz & Marie," says a saddened Phil as the girls hit the mat, "you are the last team to arrive." They feel upset, though the scenery is wonderful and they had a great time.

And then Phil gives them the GOOD news: this is the second N.E.L. of the Race! They're still in it!! The girls W00T in happiness! As Marie cries, Phil explains the BAD news: Team Twin Grads will have a SPEED BUMP to complete sometime during the next Leg. Liz says it best: "It's not over til it's over...and it's not over! We're still here!" But...will they be able to STAY "here"?



1) Andy & Tommy (EVEN) - Ireland, Dubai, $10G
2) Justin & Jennifer (+2)
3) Jeremy & Sandy (EVEN)
4) Laurence & Zac (-2)
5) Ernie & Cindy (EVEN) - Express Pass
6) Amani & Marcus (EVEN)
7) Bill & Cathi (EVEN)
8) Liz & Marie (EVEN)

To see this episode in its entirety, or to apply to be a contestant on "The Amazing Race", visit the official website at www.cbs.com/amazingrace