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Eleven teams of two, joined by family or relationship, follow a path of twists and turns in a frenetic race around the world for $1 million.

Who will be the first to cross the finish line?

Recaps by Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Host Phil Keoghan
Creator Bertram van Munster
Elise Doganieri
EP Jerry Bruckheimer
Bertram van Munster
Jonathan Littman
Elise Doganieri
Mark Vertullo
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Don't Lay Down On Me Now
October 9

PREVIOUSLY ON THE AMAZING RACE: Eleven teams continued their westward travel around the globe from the island region of Taiwan to the archipelago nation of Indonesia. The teams spelunked into a cave, danced in the streets and parked bikes. the money earned for dancing and parking went to an orphanage...but a secret clue there said that ALL money must be turned in to check-in at the PIT STOP. Because Andy & Tommy (Team Snow Shredders) were the first to NOTICE the clue and do what it's told, they won the Leg. Unfortunately for Ethan & Jenna (Team Sole Survivors) and Ron & Bill (Team Flight Partners), this was the first-ever DOUBLE-Elimination Leg in Race history...and, being that they came in 10th and 11th respectively, they were sent home. Nine teams still remain...which one will be booted NEXT?


Who knew there were sultans in Indonesia? Thanks to their win, Andy & Tommy probably won't forget it soon. They start Leg 3 with this clue:



The Dutch colonized Indonesia over 300 years ago. Now you get to experience one of the cultural influence the Dutch have had: joining a bicycle club. Head to the local bicycle club and join a formation re-enacting the bicycle patrols of the 1940s. You MUST stay in formation until you reach their destination: Fort Vredeburg. Once you get there, the bicycle guard commander will hand you your next clue.

Team Snow Shredders choose a commander, who leads them to where the bikes and bikers are located. They get suited-up like the bikers - replete with pith helmets - and get on there way. But...the bikers don't seem to be in a hurry. That's cool for the snowboarders, though...as long as they don't MISS anything. The other teams' deaprture times (local time):
Laurence & Zac (Team Drake Wannabes): 0757
Kaylani & Lisa (Team Showgirls): 0802
Ernie & Cindy (Team Contradiction): 0814
Liz & Marie (Team Twin Grads): 0818
Jeremy & Sandy (Team Get-To-Know): 0821
Bill & Cathi (Team Sexagenarians): 0822
Justin & Jennifer (Team Georgia Sibs): 0831
Amani & Marcus (Team Hut-Hut!): 0832

The teams board their bikes and head off with their formation. None of them seem TOO concerned about the pace; there are always ways to catch-up, after all.


Since the teams are going the same speed, it's no surprise that Andy & Tommy arrive at the fort first, still with a sizable lead. Their commander hands them this next clue:



Travel by taxi to Lesehan Restaurant in Salakmalang Village. Your next clue will be in a small basket outside the restaurant.

(I guess they DID skimp on the "clue box" budget...ah, well)

They disrobe of their uniforms, get back into civvies and flag down a cab. A little while later, Team Drake Wannabes park their bikes and hail a cab for the restaurant. It's at THIS point that Team Georgia Sibs begin the Leg...and Jennifer finds the brakes the HARD way by running into a bystander. All are fine as Jennifer gets back on the bike and starts off again.

Ernie of Team Contradiction is worse off; the pedal of her bike fell off. the time to repair it is time lost...and time for Team Twin Grads to pass them...as well as Team Get-To-Know...and Team Sexagenarians...AND Justin & Jennifer. Can they get it fixed before Team Hut-Hut! can pass them and shove them to last place? BARELY. They tie a cord around the pedal and tell Ernie not to push on it too hard. But the damage is already done.

One by one, the team reach the fort, four teams suddenly bumped up one place with Ernie & Cindy shoved back to 8th. They all find taxis...with drivers they HOPE know the way to...


Still in the Yogyakarta "sultanate", the village is as far-removed from the busy streets of the city as one can get. It is here that Team Snow Shredders are dropped off. Inside the small red basket outside the restaurant, the "dudes" run into a...



RICE FIELD: Go into the restaurant and ask for the farmers' midday meals. When you receive them, deliver them to the nearby workers in the rice field. While they relax with the food, you must go INTO the field and plant 300 rice seedlings in it. If you've done this satisfactorily enough, the farmer will give you your next clue.

GRASS FED: Head for the nearby fresh-cut grass pile near the rice field and properly fill two bags full of grass. Once filled, take the bags AND two sheep and bring them to a sheep shed down the road. Once at the shed, you must draw six buckets of water from the well and pour it into the sheep's troth. As a team, you may only use two buckets at a time. Once all three tasks are complete, the farm manager at the shed will give you your next clue.

After some discussion, Andy & Tommy decide of GRASS FED and head past the field (complimenting the farmers on their work) and to the grass pile. They get to stuffing the bags and haul them to the shed to get the sheep. Herding sheep seems only SLIGHTLY easier than herd cats to the guys; they tend to wander from the path as they try to hurry down the path (much to the humor of the locals). They get to the main shed...but the manager there says that there's not enough grass. So...they have to turn back.

Meanwhile, the other Racers go all "Cannonball Run" with their taxis, jockeying for position. Well,...not ALL the other racers. It seems Amani & Marcus got a bum cabbie who got lost already. As if they weren't behind ENOUGH! Laurence & Zac arrive at the DETOUR in second and opt for GRASS FED...JUST as Team Snow Shredders RETURN to the grass pile. As the father/son team pack, the friends get their sheep again and haul for the shed. THIS time the manager approves and sends them to the well. As they draw the water, Team Drake Wannabes pick up THEIR sheep and start on the road to the shed.

Four men draw from the well...but Laurence & Zac seem to have THREE buckets, which is against the rules in the clue. Andy tells them to "read their clue"...which they seem to ignore. Having felt they had sufficiently warned them, Andy & Tommy finish THEIR bucket brigade and get handed this clue:



Travel by taxi to Borobudur Temple near Magelang. Climb the steps to the top of this Buddhist monument where the sherpa will hand you your next clue.

Before entering the temple, you must go to the Borobudur International Visitors entrance and put on a traditional Indonesian sarong.

As they take off, Laurence & Zac finish THEIR tasks and leave in second...though a penalty MAY be heading their way at the PIT STOP.

Six cabs arrive at the restaurant and twelve Americans unload and run to the clue. Justin & Jennifer (3rd), Jeremy & Sandy (4th), Ernie & Cindy (5th) and Bill & Cathi (6th) all choose GRASS FED while Keylani & Lisa (7th) and Liz & Marie (8th) go for RICE FIELD. The teams go bumblin' and stumblin' through the rice field paths to get to their respective tasks. As RICE FIELD teams hand over the meals and put their "Raiden from Mortal Kombat" shade hats on, GRASS FED teams pack up their canvas bags and head to get their sheep. Cathi has it worse as SHE keeps slipping on the path...but insists she's OK after each fall.

At the first shed, Team Get-To-Know lead their sheep with "baa" noises. Team Contradiction get two stubborn sheep but all but kick their wooly butts to get them to move. Team Georgia Sibs get into the "baa" mood. And Team Sexagenarians...are still slipping on the path.

Oh, yeah...and Team Hut-Hut! are STILL lost. Looks like there may not be a Peyton Manning-style comeback for the former NFLer and his wife.


MAN, that's a huge temple. But Team Snow Shredders and Team Drake Wannabes get their sarongs on and start the LONG trek up the stairs. Laurence & Zac reach the top first and the sherpa puts them in a...



All around this temple are statues of Buddhas (enlightened ones). One team member must travel around the causeway in a clockwise fashion and count the number of statues, each with one of four distinct hand positions. Once you finish, return to starting point and tell the sherpa there the right number of EACH position. If you are correct, he will hand over your next clue.

(They must also DEMONSTRATE the hand positions in order to receive the clue.)

Laurence chooses to do it while Tommy looses RoShamBo and become his team's counter. The two form a temporary alliance to finish the task more quickly. Laurence does this 'cause Tommy reminds Laurence of Zac: young and adventurous.

Back at RICE FIELD, all four ladies claim to be finished with the seedling planting. The farmers agree and hand over their clues to the temple to them, Team Twin Grads leaving JUST ahead of Team Showgirls. As those two team take their cabs AWAY from the restaurant,...Amani & Marcus ARRIVE in last and choose GRASS FED.

Speaking of, Jeremy & Sandy arrive at the shed and start on the water. After their first bucket is emptied into the troth, Ernie & Sandy and Justin & Jennifer arrive, forming a line at the well. Bill & Cathi...well, Cathi loses her goat by the leash...so they just carry them. Team Hut-Hut stuff their bags and Marcus carries BOTH of them to the first shed. Team Get-To-Know finish their DETOUR in 5th and sprint off to their cab. Team Contradiction leaves in 6th, Team Georgia Sibs in 7th. Team Sexagenarians finally ARRIVE and start the water haul. As they start, Amani & Marcus show up...but they're told they don't have enough grass and they have to go back. And they are FURIOUS! They decide to not bother and go with RICE FIELD. (It RARELY ends well when a team U-TURNs themselves.) As they head back to the restaurant, Bill & Cathi finish their DETOUR in 8th. So the Mr. and Mrs. Baller KNOW they're "major league behind"...but muddle through as they plant the seedlings.

Back at the temple, Laurence and Tommy work their way around the causeway. Laurence counts aloud and Tommy remembers the numbers. They come up with "17, 17, 17 and 18" and head for the sherpa. Laurence gives him the numbers...but the sherpa shakes his head and asks, "Seventeen of what?" Oops...Laurence doesn't seem to understand that the hand gestures are needed. So he and Tommy return to remember the gestures and how many of each.

As they do this, Keylani & Lisa and Liz & Marie arrive at the temple, put on the sarongs and start their climb. When they reach the top, they get their ROADBLOCK clue and elect Marie and Lisa to count Buddhas. Meanwhile, the other cabs are right behind. Or,...at least SOME of them are. Jeremy & Sandy's cab decides to give up the ghost one kilometer (1.6 miles) from the temple...so the dating couple decide to hoof it. As such, the other three teams pass them in their cabs. They arrive, climb and choose their counters: Bill, Ernie and Justin. Ernie, however, counts the CARVINGS of Buddha, not the statues...and Justin was following suit. Bill, however, knew that it was the BIG statues. And the ladies...they counted statues in TOTAL!

Needless to say that, when they gave their counts to the sherpa, they ALL got it wrong. Lisa tried going "Clock Game" counting upwards from 200...but the sherpa just sent her away. Jeremy & Sandy FINALLY arrive and Jeremy, having more energy, gets the nod.

As eight Americans count statues, Team Hut-Hut count rise seedlings as they plant them. Once they get to 300, they get their clue to the temple and depart...still in last, but unknowing that those ahead are having issues with the ROADBLOCK. They're dirty, disgusted, dissapointed, frustrated, angry and (most of all) tired...but they will NOT QUIT!

Laurence goes back to the sherpa and gives his tallies: 17 with palms up and folded, 17 with one palm facing forward, 17 with palm facing down and bent and 18 with palm up. The sherpa nods and gives him his next clue, which he share with Zac:



Somewhere on the temple grounds is the PIT STOP of this Leg of the Race. Search for it.

WARNING! The last team to check-in MAY BE ELIMINATED!

As they go, Tommy mimicks Laurence and he and Andy leave in second. But...THEY need to settle up with their cabbie, first. As they go out, they run into Amani & Marcus. Feeling sorry for them, Andy & Tommy give them the solution to completing the task. (No, this is NOT against "Da Rules of Da Race".) Tommy just wanted them to finish, feeling they could decide who stays in the Race if they wanted to. One problem, though: after the LONG trek up the step, Team Hut-Hut! FORGOT the numbers and gestures! DOH! Still, Marcus decides to perform the task, hoping they could beat out some of the other teams still counting. It's Lisa and Marie who figure out that the hand gestures are important...but they don't seem to understand that it's the big STATUES that are all to be counted here.


The four men jog up to Phil and the greeter and Team Drake Wannabes edges out Team Snow Shredders. Phil announces Laurence & Zac as the first team to arrive (and accidentally as "Team #1")...but, as expected, "Da Rules" have been broken. For using an extra bucket at the DETOUR, they have accrued a 15-minute penalty, which they must serve out alongside the PIT STOP before being checked-in. As Laurence apologizes to his son, Andy & Tommy are again announced as the official "Team #1" of the Leg. They win a 5-night trip to the crown jewel of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai! They feel it's bettersweet as Laurence helped Tommy in the ROADBLOCK. They think of "gifting" the trip to the father and son...but they'd never BEEN to Dubai so...they instead tell Team Drake Wannabes that they "owe them one". Fifteen minutes later, Laurence & Zac are made officially Team #2 for the second Leg in a row.

Back at the temple-proper, several of the counters gather for a pow-wow about what they're doing wrong. The light bulb then goes off over Ernie's head. Now they know that they must come up with a count of each distinct statue. Bill, Lisa and Marcus seem to be out of the loop and scratching their heads in confusion. Marcus regrets not paying more attention to Team Snow Shredders...and says loudly, "SHOOT!" at his situation.

Liz, Ernie, Justin and Jeremy decide to travel together around the temple, each counting a different position of hands. Bill seems to get the idea about the hand gestures as he proclaims his counts to the sherpa...but the counts themselves are wrong. Lisa is wrong as well, so she goes to Marcus for confirmation about the hand gestures. As they try to work something out, the alliance of counters work out the correct counts.

But it's Bill who gives the correct counts first to the sherpa, allowing him and Cathi to depart the ROADBLOCK in 3rd (though Bill is exhausted from the effort). As THEY go settle up with THEIR cab, Justin is the first of the alliance to give the counts and he and Jennifer depart in 4th. Ernie & Cindy leave in 5th, Liz & Marie in 6th, Jeremy & Sandy in 7th. As for the other two, THEY figure out the clue. Kaylani & Lisa leave in 8th, Amani & Marcus in last (as they have been the entire Leg). Most everyone have to settle with their cabs...but Team Get-To-Know don't have to because theirs broke down...and Team Hut-Hut! don't because they paid up and abandoned it after reaching the temple...but THEY have trouble finding the PIT STOP.

As such, Jeremy & Sandy arrive at the PIT STOP as Team #3. As others hand over practically all their money to their cabbies, Team Georgia Sibs and Team Contradiction (arriving at the same time) are checked-in as Teams #4 and #5 respectively! As the last few teams LOOK for the cab in the mess of a parking lot, a miracle happens: a bad cabbie SAVES a team from Philimination as Amani & Marcus become Team #6!

So...Team Twin Grads (who still can't find their cab), Team Showgirls (who are running on fumes) and Team Sexagenarians (who are running on LESS than fumes) fight to stay in the Race. Who will survive...and who will fall?

Phil tells the team that next hits the mat...

"Bill & Cathi,...you are Team #7!"

Liz & Marie FINALLY find their cabbie and pay him off. Kaylani & Lisa fight through the crowds to get to the grounds. In the end, two women hit the mat and Phil says...

"Liz & Marie...you're Team #8!"

Much rejoicing!

But there's no joy in Vegas: Team Showgirls have kicked their last high-kick in this Race. They're last...and they're out. Lisa felt it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for them and she enjoyed it. Kaylani...she's in tears. She was Racing for her four-year-old daughter...and now she misses her so much and she feels she failed her. Phil says that's not true; her daughter will be proud that she and Lisa never gave up. And besides that, the two "cocktail waitresses" are now closer friends than before.



1) Andy & Tommy (EVEN) - Ireland, Dubai
2) Laurence & Zac (EVEN)
3) Jeremy & Sandy (+3)
4) Justin & Jennifer (+4)
5) Ernie & Cindy (-1) - Express Pass
6) Amani & Marcus (+3)
7) Bill & Cathi (EVEN)
8) Liz & Marie (-3)
ELIMINATED) Kaylani & Lisa (-6)

To see this episode in its entirety, or to apply to be a contestant on "The Amazing Race", visit the official website at www.cbs.com/amazingrace