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Sixteen up-and-coming businesspeople have come to the biggest jungle of their lives - New York City - to take on each other and the business savvy of Donald Trump to win the job of a lifetime as an apprentice with the Trump Organization.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Donald J. Trump
Assistants: George Ross, Carolyn Kepcher
Creator: Mark Burnett
EP: Mark Burnett, Donald J. Trump
Packager: Mark Burnett Productions, Trump Productions
Airs: Thursdays at 9:00pm ET on FOX

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Episode 11 - March 25

This week we take a gamble to Atlantic City - but everyone is hedging their bet that Heidi would be gone. They are right, as Troy shows up - which causes everyone to celebrate...

...until the next morning, where the crew is summoned down to Trump's office in the lobby. George isn't here - so Mark Brown, who organizes Trump's hotels, will be taking over. Versacorp will also be taking over one of Protege's members - and Troy picks Bill, because 'Amy's had enough kudos as it is.'

This week, Mr. Trump sense everyone down to Atlantic City via bus. The objective is to create a promotion that will bring new members to sign up for a promotion. It's not the most members that win - it's the members signed up that spend the most amount of money in the casino. The teams have from 10am to 10pm to get people, and one member of the losing team will be cashing out.

Amy is the manager of versacorp, and a seemingly jealous Katrina just wants to make sure that she does a good job - and will try to stay away from the relationship of Nick and Amy. Not everything is roses in Protege either - Bill hates the style that Troy uses to lead - but Kwame is the leader, and he selected Bill because he knows that Bill will get the things that he heed to be accomplished done.

Troy, Kwame and Bill are doing work in the back of the bus. They wonder what the three in the front are doing - and they are sleeping, which irks Troy. If Amy's group loses...

They are greeted by Mark in AC, as he tells the group that the objective is to keep the people in AC happy. Troy realizes that it's not the quantity of people they bring in - it's the quality, so he is designing a plan with Kwame to attract the high roller. In Versacorp, Katrina is pitching ideas from bringing in belly dancer to tigers to offering a car - and Amy is staring at her like she grew antennae on her head. "Amy needs to be responsible if this idea fails." Katrina said that Amy thought she was being delirious, and there is only one word that I can think of that Katrina is acting like - Tammy.

Troy is looking to find a wheel - and he does. He decides that the wheel is 'The wheel of our dreams' and he decides to refurbish it. Meanwhile, Katrina goes to talk to the guy at the car shop - and she asks for a Crossfire. He just laughs at her and Amy accuses her of using sex and flirting to get what she wants. "Turn of the sexual bullsh$t and let's talk business." That doesn't happen as the women get into it - but they do land a deal.

Troy wants some flash to go with his wheel - so he decides to talk to one of the acts - The Fairkas Brothers Show. He talks to a 10 year old (I kid you not) names Fitz, who will give him some lions and tigers as an exchange for publicity. He even gives Troy some advice - "Don't sell when it's already sold." He gives him what he wants - IF they go to the show. Troy and Kwame says that they'll do it, but Bill is miffed that two of them went - when they only needed one. Kwame sheepishly admits that he just wanted to see the show, and Bill probably wants to stuff Kwame in a cage with the lion.

While they are watching the show, Katrina is watching a different show that she doesn't necessarily want to see - Amy and Nick. They decide to share the same room, but Amy isn't so sure that she is in this relationship as much as Nick is. Hmmm...

Trump gives his own advice - "It's Easier to Think Big." It's easier to get acceptance for a big project than a small menial one that people don't necessarily want to finance. And just in case anyone is wondering - Trump's hair IS real (which I didn't think it was) as it's flapping in the wind as he is talking about his golf course. "At least I'll see it now in the wind." Heh.

Troy's wheel to have a shot at $1,000 is getting a line out the door. Amy's idea is to sign up for...a rental for $300? WHA? First of all, $1,000 is much nicer than a $300 rental, and second of all, since everything is on the boardwalk, and most people come from out of town, Why would you need a local rental anyways? I can already guess who is going to win this one.

Amy sees that her plan may be in trouble, so she gets a pair of models to help them out. They are going to have problems, as Bill has already gotten the exclusive rights for models of their own to escort the gamblers from VIP to go straight to Bill's wheel. Amy sees that and send the models at Bill's direction, but Bill intercepts the women and tells them to stay 50 feet away from the clients, as he calls the models 'vultures'.

Katrina tells the models that they can go after the people on the line. The vultures insist to go after the prey, so Troy calls up the people who Bill got the exclusive rights to and they tell the blonde bombshells for the 80th time to get away from the line. The vultures may be picking the bones from Versacorp's body...

Amy isn't done yet, as she uses a microphone to try to lure people to her line. "She's shouting into the casino. Great." says Troy - so Bill gets on the microphone and screams also and we now have TWO people shouting into the casino. "I think we need shock value - and we don't have it right now." says Katrina. A tiger adds shock value - but it's the tiger that Kwame secured and they are in the process of housing Protege. Nick - "Please direct your attention at the 2003...I can't really beat the tiger."

The problem is that the tiger didn't cause people to gamble, because they were too busy looking at the tiger - and they didn't swipe their card for the wheel promotion. That gives Amy's team the opportunity to get more people, and ironically, the tiger is helping Protege get the people who can't see Versacorp's tiger. Oops.

With an hour left, both teams get a surprise from The Donald - who tells Amy that the other team is doing well with the tiger. Amy's reaction - "Do you want them to see the tiger or do you want them in the casinos?" The Donald likes that answer, as a concerned Nick is watching on. Nick is even more concerned as the raffles conclude and they meet at a Black Jack table to see who won. Versacorp brought in 1,337 players for $105,362. Mark's Protege only brought in 776 people - but they were the high rollers, and Protege made $123,159. Amy's streak is finally over and Kwame's team gets the win. As a reward, Kwame's team gets the best suite at the Taj - and each person gets $1,000 worth of spending money. Nice. Amy, for her first loss, has to go to the Boardroom.

The guys get to go to the Napoleon Suite, and it looks nice. They get shrimp cocktail - and cocktails of all sorts of alcoholic beverages. They see the Black Jack tables and Troy is happy with Bill - but Bill says that he is still at opposite spectrum with Troy. He is happier with a $150 blackjack, though, and the happiness lasts for the evening.

Nick is far from happy, as him, Amy and Katrina have to wake up early for the Board Room. This is Amy's first time and she is doing her research. Nick thinks that she's at a disadvantage, but I don't see her leaving. Katrina is more worried because she knows that Amy isn't going to send Nick back up - and her fear could be justified as they enter the Board Room. Amy says that she hates to lose - and that the competition had the better strategy. Amy adds that Bill is her bigger competition - and that ruffles Nick's feathers. Hmmm...

Carolyn says that the $300 rental car idea wasn't a good one, and Trump says that it should have been a win a car instead of a rent-a-car. Katrina says that she wanted a circus - but that was the bad idea and the Donald calls her on it. Donald asks who's idea was it to get a rent-a-car. Katrina says that it was her idea to get the car - but not to rent it. She doesn't say who thought of the idea - and that's a mistake, because if she figured out correctly who it was, that person is probably gone. Amy is told to send someone back up - and of course, she spares lovebird Nick.

As Katrina and Amy are waiting on the outside while Mark and Carolyn discuss. Carolyn say that Amy made large mistakes - but they both think that Katrina was more aimless than Amy or Nick. Amy said that Nick was a stronger leader from a historical process. Katrina said that she did not have an opportunity to lead - including the leadership. She says that she isn't going to wrestle anyone to be a star - but The Donald said that maybe she should. Katrina also adds that Amy and Nick may have a relationship - and that Amy and Nick may be playing off of each other - despite Trump calling Nick her boyfriend.

Amy says that everyone has a personal relationship - and she plays off the accusation off quite well. She says that she works with the strongest people until the end. Trump - "And then you destroy them." Amy - "Absolutely."

Trump thinks that both people fared the same in this challenge, so he looks at past history. In past history, Katrina has only lost twice - and captained once, while Amy has led the teams to four victories before this loss. Because of the past history, Katrina is fired. "Katrina just wasn't as outstanding in the past events as Amy was." It's true that by taking the control, you could get fired, but if you win the events, you provide yourself with a major advantage down the stretch - and this is an advantage that Amy was able to benefit from.

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