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Sixteen up-and-coming businesspeople have come to the biggest jungle of their lives - New York City - to take on each other and the business savvy of Donald Trump to win the job of a lifetime as an apprentice with the Trump Organization.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Donald J. Trump
Assistants: George Ross, Carolyn Kepcher
Creator: Mark Burnett
EP: Mark Burnett, Donald J. Trump
Packager: Mark Burnett Productions, Trump Productions
Airs: Thursdays at 9:00pm ET on FOX

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Episode 6 - February 12

After seeing that the drama of the people inside their room waiting to see who comes back from the Board room seems to be a good way to start for the last 2 episodes, we'll do it for a third straight time. Jessie is completely expecting Omarosa to be gone - but as we all know - she is still there and Jessie's strategy with Kristi backfired on her in the worst way. She gets to find that out when Omarosa returns.

Reaction? Ereka is thrilled that Heidi is back - but Tammy's jaw drops as she spins around like one of those wacky cartoon characters that you would see in Tom and Jerry. Omarosa's reaction? "Oh, are you surprised, Tammy? Did you think I was not going to hold my own?" she says, and then slinks off, staring daggers right into her. Any sort of good will between her and most of the people on her team is gone, and if the team didn't think that she was a superbitch before, well, I can't wait to see what she'll be doing in the future.

She immediately reacts - and she doesn't disappoint me by wanting to be the next project manager. "During the last task, seeing a very, very weak Project Manager made me want to step up. Either I remain a team member and let someone else choose to put me up, or I'm Project Manager and I choose to put someone else up." It's an aggressive strategy to take, but I think that it's the right one, because she is looking to take fate into her own hands, instead of giving it to someone else. Jessie is looking at it in a positive way too - because either they will win, or Omarosa will be going home. Be careful what you ask for, Jessie...

As for the task itself - both teams have to get items from celebrities for an auction to benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation. Each team will be talking to 5 celebrities to get items to be put up for auction; Versacorp's celebrities are Regis Philbin, Rocco Dispirito (the chef in Marc Burnett's The Restaurant), Carson Daly, Tiki Barber (Running back for the New York Giants), and Ed Bereno, (Third Watch executive producer), while Protege gets Russell Simmons, Kate White (Editor in Chief for Cosmopolitan), Nicole Miller, the Fab Five of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and Isaac Mizrahi. Whichever team gets the most money at the auction wins, and the losing team gets to see another member go bye-bye.

Omarosa quickly goes to work and tries to do her homework on their celebrities, which includes pronouncing Isaac Mizrahi's name correctly. The rest of her team wants to do homework by calling up the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation itself, which Omarosa likes - and likes so much that she wants to be the person to do it. Like Sam did before, she doesn't give out the phone number and hangs up on Kwame. That is not a good style of leadership and Kwame is justifiably steamed, realizing that they do have another Sam on the team. Jessie thinks that it would be better for everybody if Omarosa was gone.

Kwame, Omarosa and Troy meet up with Russell Simmons, who seems more than happy to help - until he listens to ideas from the suddenly flustered Kwame and Omarosa, which all appear (unlimited backstage passes for a year, New Year's Eve concert and after-party) seem unreasonable. Troy then comes in with a suggestion to have a one-night only event for someone and make them feel special. THAT, Russell will do, and they get that event for a donation.

That leads up to Trump's tip of the week - "Know What You're Up Against". It is vital to do your homework when you are negotiating with people. Omarosa's team may have done their homework with the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation, but they certainly didn't do any research on the celebrities - and they probably could have done much better with Russell Simmons if they knew more about him. Could that cost them down the stretch?

Let's see if Versacorp does any better when they speak to Carson Daly. He says that he can give them a limo ride with 8 tickets, which seems nice - until Tammy asks him to maybe get a round of golf with him and Tiger woods. Carson's reaction? 'What have you been drinking tonight?' adding that Tiger is busy and he can't control someone else's schedule. Well, that was a good try, but Carson says to shelf the golf ideas. Amy then goes back to the golf idea - and then Carson tells them to go back to Z-100. The rest of the group, who thinks that Tammy is a loose cannon, wants to send Tammy to the golf links, and Amy suggests that Tammy doesn't return with them to any other negotiating sessions.

Next up for Protege - the Fab Five. Troy says that their job is to critique straight men, so he purposely takes off his belt and expects to be critiqued - and he is. "You may as well be naked". Troy thinks that he was in like Flynn with that, and he suggests to go out on the golf links. The Fab Five talk about doing something else including balls - bowling. Heidi is happy that she is working with Troy, and that deal gets done rather quickly.

Katrina's group meets with Tiki Barber, and they get a deal done with Tiki Barber, while Nick gets a chance to star in an episode of Third Watch from Ed Bereno. Next up is a trip to Rocco's Restaurant - and Amy wants him to auction off his most expensive wine, which gets a weird stare from Rocco. Amy - "When Tammy comes with us, we can pretty consistently expect her to say something at a meeting that we wish we can erase."

Omarosa wines and dines with Kate White, who is impressed that she did her homework - and that gets them a nice deal. Next up - Isaac Mizrahi. Did Omarosa get the pronunciation of his name right? She doesn't have to look like an ass - Jessie does it for her, as she talked slowly like he didn't understand English. Omarosa notices that Isaac is going nuts - her team is going nuts, and more importantly, George the reviewer is not happy. Jessie isn't happy when Omarosa tries to interrupt to salvage this discussion, and Isaac isn't happy about the idea, but Troy saves the day when he suggests the winner gets a sneak peak into Isaac's fashion show for the 7th on 6th showcase coming up. Everyone is happy about that - and then Omarosa, on the way out, mangles his name anyway. Despite that, everyone thinks that Jessie was the poorest performer on the team - and George was watching. Hmmmm....

Versacorp is trashing Tammy in the taxi the whole way home. Nick - "Tammy is not only not on the same page, she's not reading the same book." Nick and Amy get into a playful tiff about shushing Amy, and they laugh about it on the way back. Is Amy and Nick seeing some sparks?

More importantly, will Tammy screw up again when they meet her idol - Regis Philbin? Amy suggests a morning with Regis, but he says that he gets up very early, gets some cereal, and feeds his cat. "Maybe thy can help me feed my cat." Tammy suggests an exciting weekend with him, Joy and another couple (what is it with Tammy and trips?) which Regis balks at. Trying to shut her up immediately, Amy suggests a night in Atlantic City with him as he is performing, and Regis goes with that. On the way out, there is a sign that you are supposed to hit (for good luck) - a la the Notre Dame football warm up group. Tammy is too short to reach the sign while everyone else hits it as they leave. Foreshadowing?

It now comes down to the auction. How beguiling are the prizes and who comes down to the auction? We start with bowling with Queer Eye for the Straight Guy - and that gets $9,000. Versacorp counters with the 'Day with Regis' and it gets only $6,000 (+$3,000 for Protege)

Next round - lunch with Isaac Mizrahi, which gets $7,000. Private Party for 50 people at Rocco's gets $13,000 ($19,000 Vs. $16,000, Versacorp).

Kate White gets $6,000, Third Watch gets $7,000, for a third round score of $26,000 Vs. $22,000, Versacorp. 4th round - Nicole Miller for 15 days as an apprentice - $6,000. The Tiki Barber set of clothing only gets $4,000, so the lead is now $30,000 Vs. $28,000, Versacorp.

The final item - A day with Russell Simmons for $7,000. Versacorp must get at least $6,000 for the Carson Daly experience for the win. It gets up to $8,000 and the game is over. It eventually gets to $10,000, making the final score $40,000 Vs. $35,000, Versacorp. Perhaps the touching of the good luck sign is good luck, because Tammy will not be eliminated - because her team didn't lose. During their party, the group does mention to her that she is in left field, and even though she says that if the ball is hit to her, she'll catch it, it should signify to her that she is the outsider looking in. She's probably as good as gone if her team ever loses - but as long as she stays under the radar, and her team wins, she's still in the game.

The Donald congratulates both teams because they made a total of $75,000 - but Protege has to go back to the Boardroom. The Donald does congratulate Omarosa for a great job because $35,000 is still a nice number to raise - and that should signal to her that she isn't going anywhere - and that whoever she picks will probably be going.

Conversely, no one on Versacorp will be going anywhere on this episode. "I love this team" says Amy to Versacorp, as Amy, Katrina, Tammy and Ereka has never seen the insides of Trump's Boardroom. Nick and Amy have seen a lot of each other's hotel rooms. Could this be an item? Maybe...or maybe not, according to Nick. "Women have been the cause of a lot of guy's downfalls - it ain't going to be me." We'll see about that...

But Omarosa could be the cause of someone's downfall at Protege. At least she is upfront, thinking that she could go toe-to-toe with any of them - and she tells Jessie that she was horrible. She notes that when Jessie screwed up, she did so in front of George, and she knows that she can get rid of her because George has seen her in action. A tearful Jessie says that if Omarosa goes after her, then she'll question Omarosa's character.

At the boardroom, Kwame said that Omarosa did a fantastic job. Heidi says that everyone did a great job - but when pressed by Donald, Heidi said that Jessie did the worst job - and Kwame seconded her. When asked about Heidi, Omarosa said that she was fantastic. That should have been good right there, but she opened up her mouth and said that in the past, she didn't have any class and proceeds to bad-mouth her. Donald? "That was one of the worst compliment that I have ever heard." Heidi takes a little offense to that - but she says that she likes her. Donald keeps asking them if they are in the least bit hurt, but they both say that they like Omarosa. Donald tells them that they should be insulted by how Omarosa was speaking to them: "You either aren't telling the truth, or you're not very bright." Ouch.

Let's see - she was nice to Kwame and Troy, yet spoke down to Heidi and Jessie. Omarosa, as can be expected, brings Jessie and Heidi with her to the Boardroom. George wasn't thrilled about Omarosa's leadership qualities - and neither was Carolyn. Trump gives Jessie one more catch and asks Jessie why she shouldn't be fired - and she goes into character development. That wasn't good enough for the Donald, and even though Omarosa was very rude - "but worse than you're rudeness was the way that Jessie took it." The problem was that she took it - and Jessie is fired. She tries to protest - but it's too late now and that was something that she should have done earlier. That was clearly a warning shot to Omarosa - and Heidi knows to stand up for herself. IF they lose next week, it's clearly going to be very nasty in that Board Room.

Will we get to see sparks fly? Or will the love nest start to be developing thorns? We'll find out next week.

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