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Sixteen up-and-coming businesspeople have come to the biggest jungle of their lives - New York City - to take on each other and the business savvy of Donald Trump to win the job of a lifetime as an apprentice with the Trump Organization.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Donald J. Trump
Assistants: George Ross, Carolyn Kepcher
Creator: Mark Burnett
EP: Mark Burnett, Donald J. Trump
Packager: Mark Burnett Productions, Trump Productions
Airs: Thursdays at 9:00pm ET on FOX

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Episode 2 - January 12

On the last show, Davie took the fall - but the guys think that Sam should have gone home. The men are discussing this with the women while they are eating dinner - and they are greeted by a very cocky Sam, who say that David has departed. The women, seeing this, want to make sure that they don't go to the Board Room, while Sam says that he doesn't think that The Donald gives second chances.

That night, while the men go to bed, the women decide to select Amy as the next project manager. Omarosa and Ereka get into another fight and Amy will only accept the responsibility if Omarosa and Ereka cool off. Kristi notices that those 2 just don't get along and while the 2 people are bickering, Amy is wondering how she got into this mess.

The men are greeted with a call that they have a meeting in an hour at the Deutsch Advertising company. Jason, who used to work in advertising, says that he should be the project manager - and the men elect him.

Both teams meet Donny Deutsch, and go into their conference room. The task for this week is to create an advertising campaign for one of Deutches' clients - Marquis Jets. The teams have to create a paper and television campaign, and Donny tells the team to not be afraid to step out of the box. 'Swing for the fences - and failure is not an option.' The winning team goes to Boston for dinner, as they are taken there by, of course, Marquis Jets. The losing team gets to go to the Board Room and say bye-bye to one of their members.

The Donald's Business Tip for this week - "Don't Negotiate with Underlings." Deal with the boss whenever possible. Thanks you, Donald.

The women decide to listen to Donald's tip, and schedule an appointment with the president of marketing at Marquis Jets. Omarosa and Ereka both want to go, but Amy knows that both women together spell trouble, so she brings Ereka with her while Omarosa stays back with the women to brainstorm. A visibly pissed Omarosa isn't happy that Amy left them with nothing to do, but Kristi decides that they should go to the airport and start on their campaign.

On the men's side, Jason tells Bill to do creative, Kwame to do the printing ads and then they meet somewhere in the middle. Troy suggests to Jason that they should talk to the clients in terms of what they want, but Jason says that it's a waste of time and he sends everyone out to get the job done. he then says that he didn't have enough people to go to Marquis Jet.

Take a look at Donald's business Tip. Then take a look at what the women did about it. Then take a look at what the men did about it. By this point, it should be very clear who wins and who gets fired. But we still have 40 minutes worth of show to recap, so let's go back to the show.

Amy and Ereka meet with the Marquis guys, who expect to be wowed with the campaign. They will be wowed, all right - Tammy decides to make a phallic campaign. "If you buy a Marquis card, you're going to go up - you're going to go way up." Uhhh....yeah. Omarosa once again disagrees - and she talks to Tammy about it and is worried that the campaign could offend the client. Tammy shrugs her off and Omarosa now has another person that she'd like to bitch at.

Speaking of shrugging off, the guys - specifically Jason - are shrugging off Sam, who is trying to get his 2 cents in. The only problem is that no one wants to hear Sam, who caused more than enough damage to his reputation in terms of not being a team player i the first episode. 'You ask Sam what time it is, he tells you how to build a clock.' The men decide to go along with the luxury campaign, which is a safe , if not generic, idea.

The women come back from the photo shoot, and Amy liked the phallic idea. She makes it consistent as the underbelly of the plane looks like a male's anatomy. Omarosa, the only person who is not liking this, is noting that Carolyn and George are staring at what they are doing - and they don't seem too amused either. Omarosa is hoping that for their sake, the women win.

The men are working on their plan - and Jason, not wanting to be screwed by Sam, sends Sam to do small menial tasks. Sam does what someone who is used to doing big things would usually do when being faced with small tasks - he falls asleep. Sam excuses himself from the table, and curls up in a little ball on the ground. This does not amuse Jason, who says 'If Sam was working for me, when he fell asleep, I would have fired him.'

Someone is going to be fired as we fast forward to the presentation. The women believe that the card is not just a product, it's an experience. For their presentation for the airlines, the women do another smart thing as they dress like stewardesses, with a airline logo on the top of the shirt. Omarosa is the spokeswoman, who is a team player, as she starts hawking an idea that she wants no part of. "It's damn good." she says, as she displays the photos. Donnie's reaction? "I'm not going to say what I think of it. I don't know what you want me to think of it, but I'm kind of thinking it."

Omarosa continues, as Donnie is grinning and bobbing his head up and down. He continues as Heidi saunters across the desk top showing off cleavage. "You can have the greatest presentation - but if you can't present it well, it's worthless." Donnie seems to like the presentation. "You've set the women's movement back around 17 hundred years." laughs Donnie, but the clients wanted wow - and they got wow.

What the men are getting is frustrated, after they can't get their act together in terms of presentation. Bill is trying to help them and Jason seems like he appreciates it. "Marquis Jets - redefining first class." They use a Power Point presentation with charts and graphs, but to put it blunt, it's boring, and I can understand why Sam fell asleep for the presentation.

Donnie's group talk about Steak Vs. Sizzle. The Men had the steak and the meat of it, while the women had the sizzle and the eye candy. Donnie makes his decision, and based on the guidelines that they were give - to swing for the fences - and the addition of them talking to the president, who had no problems with them swinging for the fences, the women win the campaign.

The women toast on the limousine to the plane and they are celebrating all the way to Boston and back. Omarosa, who probably wishes that they left her back in NYC, is having a splitting headache and is disregarding Omarosa's request to quiet down. Back on the limo, Omarosa is sleeping and someone tries to wake her up. She immediately goes after Ereka and Tammy, and the women realize that Omarosa is alienating herself from the rest of the group. "Being a bitch for the rest of your life is your problem."

How paranoid is Omarosa? Ereka, in defense of Omarosa calling her a child, says that it's the pot calling the kettle black. Omorosa then accuses her of being racist, and Omarosa is well on her way on the path of delusion. Omarosa is clearly not playing well with the women in the sandbox, and she is in the position that Sam is in. Fortunately for her, the Donald decides, not the girls, because if it was up to them, she would be on the same flight as David going home.

None of the women are in danger of going home - but Sam is, and he's worried to the point that Troy is concerned about his health. Troy sticks a cowboy hat on Sam and tells him to meditate. Jason will be taking Sam with him - but he doesn't know who else to pick. Meanwhile, the guys know that Donald will be going after him for not having a meeting with the president - but will it be enough?

In defeat, Sam is asking Jason on who he thinks is going to be fired, in an obvious attempt to get info. Jason isn't telling and is cursing Sam out. For dinner, Sam may be offering a piece of burnt apartment, as he is successful in setting his meal on fire.

It's time to go to the Board Room. Nick thought that Jason did a great job. Kwame thought that it was Jason's decision to not speak to the president, and Donald called Jason's lack of calling a terrible decision. Sam knows that Jason will select him as one of the people to be eliminated, because no one likes him. Jason is indeed going to pick Sam to come with him - but he also picks Nick - the guy who just defended him. Wha?

George and Carolyn want to get rid of Sam - but Donald astutely points out that Sam (who he thinks will be a huge success or a disaster) is not the reason why the mission failed. When the guys come in, an angry Nick comes in firing on all cylinders as to ask Jason why he was selected. Jason had no answer for him then and he just said that he had to make a decision. "Why? Because it has to be somebody." Donald was upset that Nick was selected and Donald tells Nick that he's not going to be ejected.

This leaves Sam and Jason, who are fighting to remain in the game. Sam and Jason are arguing about what Sam did - and Trump calls Sam a disaster and that everyone hates him. But the problem is that Jason made a mistake by not talking to the president, and that, coupled with him selecting Nick for no reason, is enough to eliminate him from the game. Jason gets fired and Sam, despite sleeping in the fetal position, is still in the game.

But for how long?

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