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Sixteen up-and-coming businesspeople have come to the biggest jungle of their lives - New York City - to take on each other and the business savvy of Donald Trump to win the job of a lifetime as an apprentice with the Trump Organization.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Donald J. Trump
Assistants: George Ross, Carolyn Kepcher
Creator: Mark Burnett
EP: Mark Burnett, Donald J. Trump
Packager: Mark Burnett Productions, Trump Productions
Airs: Thursdays at 9:00pm ET on FOX

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Episode 3 - January 19

The men have a serious problem. Sam is clearly the least productive member of the team - but since he is not the direct reason of their failures, he is still in the game. The rest of the guys want to get rid of him - but they are already 2 men down, and if they lose a third, it's going to be very hard to get back in the game.

The women have just as much of a serious problem in terms of unity - Ereka and Omarosa are at each other's throats, and although it hasn't cost them a challenge yet, the continuation of this squabbling probably will.

The women's problem isn't nearly as bad as the guys, as the women are hoping to see Nick and Jason come back. They see Nick....and Sam. Jason is gone, and the women greet Nick. They don't greet Sam, which should send a message to him. Troy - "We've sent (Sam) to the board twice, he's been in front of Trump twice - well, Trump obviously knows more about Trump than us boys do." Sam reads the message the wrong way, and he feels like he's not being respected - because he isn't. He decides to wait there until he is greeted, and the way that everyone is acting, he will be waiting there until Super Bowl LXV before someone shows up. He says that when he is home, his parents greet him at the door - but these aren't his parents and Sam is acting more and more like a spoiled child.

The guys realize that they are playing the game wrong - and that they need to put Sam in a position of power. "He's either going to lead us to victory, or he's going to be colossal failure that we won't have to put up with him's time to put up or shut up."

The women decide to not shut up, as Jessie holds a meeting putting both Omarosa and Ereka to the task about what happened at the airport. That goes over just as well with Omarosa as singing lessons from Vanilla Ice, and she leaves the group and tells everyone to bite her. Amy points up that women hold grudges, while the men just scream and move on. They obviously hasn't had to work with Sam...

Katrina tries to talk to Omarosa, and they almost come to blows. Omarosa says that she didn't come to make friends, while Katrina explains to her that life is too short to be a bitch and that she is not going to get anywhere in the game if she makes enemies. Omarosa counters that she has gone from the projects to the White House - but Amy says that she can live with herself. They get into it, and Katrina tells Omarosa to shut up. Katrina grabs Omarosa's arm to stop her and they almost get into a fist fight. They eventually are broken up, but not before Katrina tells her that she causes problems with everyone in the house.

Katrina - "If Donald Trump wants someone that will manipulate and backstab those around them to succeed, I feel that Omarosa has made it pretty clear that she will do anything to win this." Omarosa turns around and accuses Katrina of being naive, but in order to win the game, you have to get along with your team - or you will be in the Board Room every single time. (See Sam).

Amy then comes up with the idea to possibly throw an assignment just to get rid of Omarosa, but that's problematic in 2 ways. 1. If you have seen any episode of Survivor, you know that throwing a challenge is the equivalent of slitting your own throat, and 2. The people don't decide, Donald does, and he may go after not the person that you target, but the person who decided to throw off the challenge, because they, of course, was the reason why the challenge failed in the first place.

This week's lesson from Donald - "The Art of the Deal" - Who you're dealing with is determined on how the best way to handle a situation is. Trump explains that he got his planes from surplus instead of paying 50 million dollars - and saved himself over 45 million. The task is that the team has a list of items - and the team that brings the items back at the cheapest cost will win.

The girls feel that the guys have an advantage - but the guys decide to take the disadvantage and make him the team leader. Sam is thrilled that the team has elected him, blissfully unaware that the reason why is to get him out of the game - as they expect him to royally screw up. They are playing the role of little Bo Peep and leading Sam the Sherman Cow into McDonalds.

The items that they have to get include a 24 karat bar of gold, a golf club, five pounds of squid, a cigar, a Polaroid instant camera and a full leg wax - one team member, both legs. Sam's plan was to take this like a football game, as he divides the team to offensive and defensive lines. The guys mouths were so agape that you could stick a football in there. Bill says that Sam paints like Picasso - a beautiful, but disturbing picture. It's up to the guys to analyze the picture.

On the girls side, Jessie divides the girls into 2 teams to pick up the different items. Ereka, Heidi, Katrina and Tammy (not coincidentally, all of the women who have had problems with Omarosa) are on one team, with the other girls on the other side.

Sam's team of three is back doing the research, while Bowie, Kwame and Troy are out getting materials. Sam's idea of doing work is a sound one - but do you really need 3 people doing that? Omarosa believes that she needs to get them on time - and is shaking her head when the women on her group fail to use their charms on a sushi chef. Is there anyone that Omarosa can work with?

The guys decide to start in Chinatown, where they feel that they can get some great deals - which they could. Meanwhile, back at headquarters, cheerleader Troy calls up about the price of gold - and he is told to never buy the gold late. Meanwhile, the guys are about to buy the squid and get a cheap leg wax when Quarterback Sam tells them to double back and get the gold - immediately. The guys are also getting from Sam an address to get the golf clubs, but Sam does not give them the phone number for the store because they will not need it. Wha? For someone who really needs to win this, Sam is not being smart at all. Bill - "I describe his leadership skills as downright unproductive."

It's now 1pm. All of the things need to be in by 5pm. The guys have absolutely zero items. Sam is so obsessed on getting the gold that he isn't letting anyone else get a work in edgewise - and the fact that Carolyn is right next to the team when they are talking isn't a good thing. If the guys lose, Sam is toast.

The women continue to beg for the gold - but the guys get the gold for $399. The women, who are dancing for their gold get it for $390. The guys are convinced that Donald will be firing all of them - and speaking of which, the Donald comes down to talk to Sam, who tells Donald that he will turn it around. Donald shakes his hand, and he alludes to him that the guys stuck him up there to get rid of him. "There is one way that it doesn't happen - win." Sam goes nuts and babbles about it like a little school girl, while Bill takes him and calms him down. Sam is like this spunky bunny rabbit, bouncing around the street, oblivious to the fact that the rest of the bunnies are driving a Mack truck who are about to run him down.

Bill convinces Sam to give the street team the number of the store that sells the golf clubs - and it turns out that the store doesn't sell golf clubs at all. The guys curse Sam out, and because of the time lapse, that also forces Troy to get a leg wax in the more expensive part of NYC - for $76. You know that Mack truck I was alluding to earlier? Change it to a steamroller.

Omarosa decides to do the leg wax ($30) for the team - and the women finally appreciate what she is doing. She feels like she has gotten some trust from her team of 4, and this could be the beginning of patching things up - at least until the next episode.

While Troy is getting waxed, the rest of the guys, running out of time, try - and don't get the golf clubs. Meanwhile, Amy tells the Asian gold store owner that she would have a deal for 10% of the clubs - $300.

Bill calls Sam and tells him to run to get the golf clubs, Sam rambles on whether they are going to win - and then rambles about Troy and execution, The guys, who would love to see Troy executer, get the camera for $30 and the cigars for $80. Time runs out, and the guys are forced to buy the clubs for the full price - $419. Ouch.

It is time for everyone to go to the Board Room, The women saved 22%, while the guys saved...only 9%. Donald's reaction? "The guys are getting used to this...I'm starting to think that I may never hire a man again." OUCH.

The women, as the reward, get to go to the 21 Club and have dinner at the table that Donald's father, Fred, usually sat at. The guys, however, will also get a reward - they get to see Sam leave, because I don't see any way that Sam is going to get out of this one.

The men are getting frustrated both with Sam and with losing, as Bowie just wants to win one thing in this competition. The women cheer to "#4" (meaning their fourth straight win) - which could very well happen as long as Sam remains on the men's team.

Will that happen? Sam, who realizes that his job is on the line, has to think about what to say. The women don't think that he's leaving - and Sam doesn't think that it's time to go. Kwame says that from a strategy standpoint, Sam should go after Nick, who gave him the information that they had to get the gold at that point, which pushed everyone to change strategies.

Donald is disappointed that the guys are there, and Sam says that the plan was not implemented. Kwame says that it's Sam's fault because they got forced to get stuck at the items with the biggest margin, they didn't have a chance to get the items for the best prices because Sam rerouted them to get the gold. Bowie adds that they spent just as much time calming Sam down as they did to get the items. Sam counters with the fact that he doesn't get any respect from the guys - and Donald agrees that Sam didn't get any respect. "I can't lead until they get the respect." Carolyn's response? "You have to earn it, and if you don't earn it, you have to demand it."

Sam is asked to select 2 people to go with him to the chopping block. Instead of going after Nick, he goes after Kwame and Bowie, who were critical. He may have had a shot with Nick, because he gave out the wrong info, but Kwame and Bowie? Goodbye Sam, as Donald calls him a disaster, George says that he is the disruptive influence on that team and Carolyn is even saying that she wonders how the team will do when he's gone.

While they are waiting, Bowie goes after Sam for saying that he wasn't respected, and Sam apologizes. Sam should be apologizing for the first 2 missions, too, but he won't be around to do it.

Last defense - Kwame, who says that he doesn't respect him, says that he didn't make any critically bad decisions. Bowie - "Sam has proven that he is not successful as a follower - and he's not successful as a leader." Sam says that he can get respect with another shot, but Donald interrupts him and asks him if it's over. Sam doesn't think it is , but Donald tells him that he's fired. Sam responds by giving him one of those steely-eyed knife cutting through butter stares, and Donald tells him 2 more times that he's fired.

As Bowie and Kwame leave, Sam is still sitting in the chair. Donald for a fourth time tells him to go, and Sam finally leaves, wishing them good luck. George says that it was the first decision that was an easy one to make, as Sam the bunny finally gets nailed by Mr. Macgregor's tractor.

As for the women's reaction? they scream when they see that Sam has not returned - but is this a good or a bad thing? And will there be a female animal that will be taking their turn under the tractor? Find out in 7 days...

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