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Sixteen up-and-coming businesspeople have come to the biggest jungle of their lives - New York City - to take on each other and the business savvy of Donald Trump to win the job of a lifetime as an apprentice with the Trump Organization.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Donald J. Trump
Assistants: George Ross, Carolyn Kepcher
Creator: Mark Burnett
EP: Mark Burnett, Donald J. Trump
Packager: Mark Burnett Productions, Trump Productions
Airs: Thursdays at 9:00pm ET on FOX

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Episode 8 - February 26

On the last show, We saw the wacky Tammy finally eliminated from the show. Will this mean that better things are in store for Protege? Or will they pull a Sam and continue to spiral downwards?

Amy is happy that Katrina and Bill return - without Tammy, and Nick and Troy are happy - but because it's game time. Bill is back - but now he has an axe to grind with Katrina and Ereka, since he felt that he should not have been brought to the Board Room. The people become fewer, the tensions are higher...

...and no one can be more stressed out than Heidi, who's mom has cancer - and she's the most stressed out with Omarosa, who is still claiming to have a headache from the plaster that fell on her head. OMarosa thinks that she has been a trooper about it, but it's grating on the rest of the women, who are contempting her right now. Amy - "She is a scheming , conniving bitch." Ouch.

The teams better be scheming now, as the next plan has been set out. Trump decides that the next challenge will be branding-related, as he unleashes his new product - Trump Ice water. The team that sells the most of it wins. The winning project manager gets a helicopter with 2 of their teammates. The losing project manager will also get to bring 2 of their teammates - to the Board Room.

Troy is starting to create a campaign - and he is starting to feel a little full of himself. Amy is concerned that he is being a little bit used-car salesmanish, but that's what's been working so far. Ereka is thrilled to be the Project Manager - but Bill calls her emotional and he is concerned about her leadership. He is even more frustrated when his ideas, which sound very good, are being dismissed by ereka - and usually when that happens, it's the leader that's usually dismissed from the game. Despite this, Bill masks his frustration and succeeds in selling the first water of the game - 2 palates (12 cases) worth.

The lesson of the week: "Beggars Can't Be Choosers". You won't be able to sell anything if you beg - if the strategy doesn't work, then take your lumps and move on. Troy does this, asking for space for water, which has the bar owner asking if they have the product outside. Meanwhile, Omarosa and Amy are going to sell water together - and they have an agreement that if Omarosa says something bad, then Amy will kick her. Omarosa will be having problems walking by the time the day is over, because she is completely mangling the strategy of what they are doing. They are selling water - but not nearly as much (in terms of both quality and price) that Amy wanted. They wanted 1,500 cases - but they haven't sold nearly enough. Amy has had enough of Omarosa. "She can't sell her way out of a paper bag."

We have the same tension between Ereka and Nick. "She's trying to tell me how to sell - it's like trying to tell the pope how to pray." Nick wants Ereka to be less hands-on, while everyone wants to cut Omarosa's hands off. Her and Kwame go out for...hairstyling? Yes, she gets prettied up, but they sell 2 cases.

Troy gets an idea - instead of selling them all in one shot, he says that he can send out orders if terms of weekly shipments - and he can get them all out that way. They love that idea - and that may be the one that put them over the top. Nick, conversely, wants to bring them to the promised land - but he winds up giving out free water instead. Oops. Bill - "Nick is one of those people who jumps out of a plane before learning how to use the parachute." To add to it, Nick doesn't fill out the paperwork properly - and some of their transactions aren't going to be approved. Ereka blames Nick, Nick blames Ereka, and Bill looks like he wants to sell tickets to the fighting event - and wondering if he can use the proceeds for the water sales. Sorry, Bill, you can't...

The sales have been tabulated - and it's time to figure out what to do with the time while everyone is waiting. Kwame works out, while Bill, Amy, Nick and Omarosa do a little dancing, where Nick puts the moves on Amy - and Katrina, who sees the reserved Nick turn into a Cyrano, thinks that she could be his downfall. Even Omarosa is hugging Nick. Yikes! Bill puts it the best: "There was a love fest, and in 12-15 hours, there's going to be war."

Fastforward to 12 hours later. The war is starting, and the returning George fires the first shot - $6,283.45 for Protege. Carolyn's group, Versacorp, only sold $4,015.93 - so they take the loss. Heidi, the Project Manager, takes Troy and Amy with her to the helicopter ride, while Ereka's group crashes and burns. To celebrate, Heidi calls mom and tells her that she won, and she sniffles about it and tells her much she loves her. AwwwwBarf. The helicopter ride makes her feel better, as they fly around the statue of liberty. Amy thinks that this rates as the best prize yet...

...but what's even better is that they don't have to go to the Board Room. Ereka says that she is bringing in Bill - but only as a measure of support. The real person that she wants to eliminate is Nick, due to his lack of sales. Bill, knowing that Ereka stabbed her the last time, is very wary, and I have to agree. She is much better off bringing in Katrina as an ally. She is also making a mistake to tell Nick that he is going to the Board Room - because now Nick has a chance to think of a strategy to defend himself. "If she slings mud in this direction, it's a bad move. I'll ask her leading questions that will cause her to implode."

At the Board Room, we find out that the team lost on Distribution - which is Nick's specialty. Ereka goes after Nick, saying that he didn't do his homework, but Nick said that he did and went to the website. He accuses Ereka of being frazzled - but Ereka accuses Nick that she was fixing Nick's mistakes and brings out the papers with all of the distribution numbers. Katrina says that Ereka did a good job - and Donald tells Katrina that she's doing it because she is not going to be selected. Sure enough, she isn't, and Bill and Nick are joining Ereka into the final deliberations. Donald - "Ereka, your girlfriend just gave you a break." Does that mean that Katrina was in bigger trouble in that challenge than we were led to believe?

Regardless of if she was, she is safe, and the deliberations start. They don't like Nick's lack of sales rapport. George says that what's worse is someone who can't control their emotions. Donald tells Bill to shut up - and that he's safe - but he is asked who did the worse job. He says Ereka, because she dismissed most of his ideas, and Ereka looks like she would fire Bill - right through the window. Donald goes right after the fact that Katrina wasn't selected because they were friends - and that Bill shouldn't have been there. That decision to save Katrina (and leaving in Bill, who applied the final knife sheathing) has doomed her, as Trump cans her for being too emotional. "In business, that could just kill you."

The nastiness continues after the Board Room. Bill offers to shake her hand, but Ereka declines, saying "You sold me out." Bill retorts with "Short memory" and they leave. Ouch.

The cuts will be more painful next week, as we are down to half of the staff. We have eliminated the people who can't defend themselves, and now we are down to 8 pit bulls. The next Board Rooms should be a lot of fun - and next week could be the most fun of them all...

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