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Sixteen up-and-coming businesspeople have come to the biggest jungle of their lives - New York City - to take on each other and the business savvy of Donald Trump to win the job of a lifetime as an apprentice with the Trump Organization.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Donald J. Trump
Assistants: George Ross, Carolyn Kepcher
Creator: Mark Burnett
EP: Mark Burnett, Donald J. Trump
Packager: Mark Burnett Productions, Trump Productions
Airs: Thursdays at 9:00pm ET on FOX

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Episode 10 - March 11

This is the episode after Omarosa leaves - and everyone is ecstatic. "I wanted to have some electric shock - but they said that they didn't have any," says Troy, who is relieved that Omarosa is gone. Heidi is thrilled and does the "Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead" dance that Tom made famous on Survivor - and she is also happy that the operation that her mom had was successful. She prioritizes her family first, then the competition.

Speaking of the competition, that comes next as the group meets at 9:30 am in front of a set of rickshaws. Those rickshaws are the next challenge, as Donald says that transportation in the city is a disaster (and I agree). Each team has a shift from 10am to 6pm to try to get as much money as they can be operating the rickshaws. Whoever makes the most money wins.

Kwame is the team leader, but Kwame has the great idea - how can they get money besides giving people rides on rickshaws? Troy comes up with another good idea - prepaid rickshaw cards (like a bus ticket) that they can use any time that they need to.

On the other side, Bill, who won the coin toss, is the team captain and he suggests that they all dress up in character outfits. Katrina suggests Ben Affleck and Sharon Stone, which isn't a good idea - but Amy's idea of selling advertising is a great idea which could be the key to the win. They call back all of their old clients to see if they could get the advertising. "We could be like NASCARS...if we put this together, it could be a bloodbath."

The cards for Versacorp are done, and Troy decides to cold call the companies - something that Heidi doesn't think will work. Heidi seems to be distracted by her mom's situation, and Kwame is making a note of it. Hmmmm...

Bill is letting the ladies do the talking, and that's doing very well. Amy calls up Marquis Jets, and he said that he'll do it - IF Amy and Katrina wear the Marquis clothing line, too. Amy says that it's a deal, and Marquis Jets is in.

Bill talks to Katrina about selling big ticket items - and Katrina, says that she knows about it because Heidi told her that her team is trying to do that. Katrina also adds that she is feeling slighted because it's convenient to talk to her about her looks when he needs to sell a product, but he consistently ignores her when it comes to ideas. "I'm not successful because I dress cute." Bill's response? "Katrina doesn't like the way I lead. My response? Step aside, then." My response? Both Bill and Nick seem to use that tactic, and the slighted women could come back to bite both of them at the end.

Trump's lesson? Thinking Out of the Box - sure, it's a cliche, but it's a successful one, and the people who are the most successful will take that one to heart. Kwame brings back the incentive program and tells the drivers that whoever gets the most money at both noon and the end of the day makes an extra $100. Versacorp is making much more than that as they have advertising plastered all over their rickshaws.

One of the advertisers banners get destroyed, and Nick thinks that they should call the company and give them a few hundred dollars back. Bill disagrees, saying that they got some value, but Nick insists and Bill sends him off to meet him. That impressed me, as Nick is more concerned with his ethics than Bill's ideas of saving every penny. "Without your reputation, you're pretty much finished."

Nick speaks to Alberto, who is thrilled that he is getting a $250 credit. Bill's reaction? "That sucks", as he is concerned about losing the competition and getting sacked. Nick realizes that the company is much more important than a $250 refund, and although Amy is also upset, Katrina doesn't say anything, nods, and notices George taking notes...

Both teams seem to be doing well with getting customers - but Kwame, who apparently hasn't seen the Yaphet Kotto episode in TV Nation, can't get anyone to go with him on a ride. Amy and Katrina get the same treatment, with Katrina getting upset that Amy is using her body to get rides.

We have more frustration at the other side as Troy, who is trying to sell the cards, is not getting any business. They all reconvene in a restaurant and they decide to go out, change their clothes and go out and have fun. Kwame turns into the Rickshaw Cowboy and they are making money and having fun - until Heidi mouths off to the customers - and then notices that Versacorps rickshaws had advertising all over it. "That's a great idea."' says Troy. "I didn't think of it...we were looking up the ass of a dead dog with fleas if we thought that we were going to go up against that and win."

Versacorp is digging out the shallow grave for the dead dog as Nick and Bill count the money from the drivers. Even though they didn't get much money, Amy is convinced that the team won, while Katrina is about to sharpen her knives and dig into Bill if they lose and Bill takes her to the Board Room. Protege may have done better with the fares - was it enough to offset the advertising? As they go into the Board Room, the answer George says that Versacorp made $621.39 on the cab - but picked up $3,450 on the advertising with people that they dealt with before. Their total profit was $3,681 for the day. On the other side, Protege didn't think of advertising and they only made $382.68. Troy admitted that they didn't think of advertising - and he admitted that they took a pretty good thumping.

Versacorp wins again - and as a reward, they get to go on George's yacht for the day. The losing team sees a member go bye-bye, and according to The Donald, "At this stage of the game, I was not impressed...I may just fire all of you." OUCH.

On the yacht, Versacorp had some drinks and enjoyed the moment. Katrina notices that Amy and Nick are still making googly eyes at each other. "They are playing each other in some sort of strange way... I think in the end, Nick will win." Nick thinks that being aligned with her is good, while Amy's goal is to make it to the end without every losing. We'll see if that happened and if it does, she is probably a shoo-in to win the whole thing.

Thinking about winning is the furthest way from Versacorp, as they are planning the defenses. Troy jokes around with Heidi and Kwame, telling them that he is bringing both of them - which is cute, because they are the only people left on the team. Troy and Kwame seem to have a warrior's bond between them, while Heidi tells Katrina that her mom is more important than winning the cab challenge. That may be great in real life, but I am sensing that Heidi, who isn't thinking about the challenge, could be mentally unprepared this time around.

Versacorp hits the board room, where Donald scolds them for being badly beaten. "I didn't see any good ideas from any of you." Troy thought his card idea was good. "Our idea was great, theirs was brilliant, and that's the way it goes." Heidi is accused of disagreeing, but she wasn't - but the Donald may have been hinting that she should have - and she does say that it was Troy's idea.

They talked about driving the rickshaw, and Kwame says that it wasn't successful, saying that he got no customers. He is asked who he would throw out, he would say Heidi, only because he's been with Troy longer. Heidi would select to get rid of Troy, and Troy is asked to only bring one person with him to the Board Room. Troy selects... Kwame to stay up, because he did a good job, while Trump counters it by saying that Kwame spend the whole afternoon running around in a rickshaw getting no customers.

The Donald is intonating that Kwame did the worse job, but Troy goes with the allegiance, something that Heidi calls him on when they are in the hall. She calls Troy an @$$hole, and tells him that he knew that she did better and that he was just covering for him. I have to agree with that, and it's a toss-up now in terms of who is going to get fired.

Back in the Board Room, George says that Heidi came up with nothing, but that Troy came up with a lousy idea. Carolyn counters it by saying that at least Troy came up with something, while Heidi has been riding on coattails for most of the show. OUCH. Troy and Heidi come back, and Troy says that she is a good salesperson while he has been selected for three tasks. Carolyn gets into it with Heidi telling her that Troy has been leader for 3 times while Heidi has only been the leader once, and she accuses of setting Troy up for the fall.

Donald says that people have said that Troy is a good leader - but he also remarks that no one has said the dame about Heidi. George tells both of them that neither of them would survivor in a corporate environment and there shouldn't be any explanations. Troy thought that they wanted one, and Donald does - but not 'a long and boring one that put me to sleep.'

Trump decides that the difference is the following - Troy had lost as a team leader - but at least he's been up there three times. Heidi hasn't contributed as either a leader or a follower, and hence, she's fired. "I just don't think that she has the leadership qualities to run one of my companies." Troy and Heidi exchange a hug and she leaves to visit her mother.

We get a week's break due to a recap - and the NCAA tournament - and then the final 6 get to go down to Atlantic City. Tune in next week to see who comes up snake eyes.

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