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Sixteen up-and-coming businesspeople have come to the biggest jungle of their lives - New York City - to take on each other and the business savvy of Donald Trump to win the job of a lifetime as an apprentice with the Trump Organization.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Donald J. Trump
Assistants: George Ross, Carolyn Kepcher
Creator: Mark Burnett
EP: Mark Burnett, Donald J. Trump
Packager: Mark Burnett Productions, Trump Productions
Airs: Thursdays at 9:00pm ET on FOX

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Episode 7 - February 19

'Annoying', 'Pestering', 'Incompetent', 'Won't Go Away'. Those words, 3 episodes ago, referred to Sam. The words now, can refer to 2 people - Omarosa, who is not yet eliminated by Trump, and Tammy, who is not yet eliminated because she has yet to be on a losing team.

Since they are on opposing teams, one of those people may be getting her walking papers - but we start off with Omarosa returning once again to visit the rest of the group by saying that she's still here - but that may change now that her biggest ally, Heidi, tells everyone that she is classless and looked unprofessional by calling Heidi classless in the Board Room. That seems to galvanize everyone, which means that if Omarosa loses again, she is going to get trashed.

Omarosa's team has been trashed in the recent competitions, so when The Donald calls everyone over, he tells Protege to pick out a member from Versacorp to that the teams are even at 5. Kwame tells The Donald that they are selecting Amy, and we see Nick and Amy's relationship temporarily dampened.

What isn't dampened, though, is the spirit of competition, and this competition is to select an apartment, renovate it, and sell it for the higher value than what it was worth beforehand. The teams have 72 hours to do it - and the losing team loses a person.

While the teams were talking, a little piece of plaster falls on Omarosa's head. While she says that she is ok, it looks like the little piece of plaster will be causing a big piece of ruckus later. Causing a ruckus now are the two project managers, Katrina and Troy, as they look at the buildings. Katrina, who has a real estate background, says that this is a perfect challenge for her, while Troy agrees that she will be a tough adversary. We've heard people say that their backgrounds have been good before - and then have the failure of those tasks lead to their dismissal, so we'll see what happens here...

The first building is Court Street which has a value of $1,500. The second building is 3rd street, which has a value of $1,200. Both people had to negotiate as to which building that they want. Both people want third street.

The negotiations get interesting as Troy knows that Katrina is the better real estate person - and Katrina sense (rightfully so) that Troy is trying to siphon off of her knowledge. They decide to write out which apartment that they want. Katrina writes the 3rd street complex, while Troy write out "I want what you want." - which is funny, but it infuriates Katrina, who calls him a sleazeball and despicable and the most untrustworthy person that she's met. They settle it on a coin flip - which Troy wins. He picks 3rd St., which leaves Katrina fuming and bitching to her teammates.

Reaction? Troy wins the round - and he may win the episode - but he may have lost the war, because his reputation as a dirty dealer may have gotten to the team - and Trump. It seems that Trump frowns on unethicalitis - and you now have someone who has done 2 major ones - this and the Kwame Brown debacle at Planet Hollywood. Whoever can get into that Board Room and successfully string all of Troy's unethicalities together will send him packing. What's more, Troy may have made a few enemies, which could come back to haunt him when/if it moves to individual play.

What's haunting the teams now is the state of disarray that both apartments are in. Troy, Amy and Heidi are painting, while Kwame is eating and Omarosa is dictating what needs to be done. That scene should say a lot. "I think Omarosa is having meetings for meeting's sake because she does not want to get down and dirty." says Amy - and methinks that she is right.

But we get a dark cloud into the party. Heidi's mom is in the opening stages of Stage 1 colon cancer - and mom has called Heidi to tell her. Heidi says that she will leave if needed - but the family tells her to stay in the competition, and she will - for now.

This week's lesson? "God is in the Details." The details reflect in the price as to what things are worth - which is why he is up early to see everything. "You can spend $10 for the carwash - and get another $200 for the car." Ereka is awoken by the drills that are trying to make their apartment look better - and her team is discussing the price for the apartment.

Meanwhile. Heidi is concerned about her mom - but mom wants her to stick it out, so she will. Heidi would love to eliminate Omarosa, who is complaining about her head. Amy thinks that Omarosa is using it as an excuse while Heidi calls her 'Worthless and Useless'. She'll have another reason to bitch out Omarosa, because as Heidi goes out to walk - she notices that Omarosa is playing basketball with 2 kids. This drives her nuts, and she can't wait to get back into the Board Room.

Katrina, trying avoid going to the Board Room, hires a contractor to survey the place and it only costs them $1,500 - thanks to Katrina's feminine ability. Bill - "Do you think we'd be able to get him to do that? It's a woman's world. we're living in, Nick." The problem is that the woman who isn't living up to the standpoint is Tammy, who once again is living up to her role as the royal scarer. She is scaring Katrina as she asks for clearly undoable things from the contractor, to the point that Katrina tells Tammy not to talk to them. "Tammy adds absolutely no value to the team. In fact , she only adds obstacles and I feel like I have to babysit her."

The houses are renovated - and they look nice. Katrina is convinced that she outdid Troy, while Troy is determined to beat Katrina. Now the teams need to be determined to get someone to buy the apartment - and it's not looking good for Troy's team as some of the furnishings are falling down. Katrina's team isn't doing much better either - as it's 3:15 and neither team has secured a buyer yet - remember, this needs to be done in 72 hours - and the 72nd hour is 5pm.

It's 4:15 - and everyone is getting anxious. Bill finally got someone - but she is going low and Bill only gets $1,650 - which is a 10% markup. That means that the only team only needs to sell their place by more than $1,320 - and in this market, it should be very simple to do. It is - they get someone to rent out the place for $1,525 - a 27% increase. They all give Heidi a hug for support - but Kwame and Omarosa are not in the hug, and that could speak volumes.

While waiting to go to the Board Room, Omarosa is still complaining about her headache to Tammy - which pisses off Katrina, who is mad that Omarosa is creating drama with the headache, while Heidi, who has had her mom take care of cancer, is not creating any drama.

Time to go to the Board room for the results. Carolyn was very happy with the effort and shows the 10% - but George says that his team was a 27% increase. Katrina cries foul, saying that Troy was unethical and dishonest. Donald says that Troy duped Katrina, and Katrina denies it, adding that The Donald probably doesn't want anyone to be dishonest into his company. Tammy then pipes in, saying that Katrina was duped, which gets the whole group rolling in laughter - except Katrina, who is staring daggers at Tammy. Nonetheless, even though Katrina lost, I think she won in the long run, learning a lesson from Trump and setting up the groundwork to get rid of Troy, should he wind up back in the Board Room.

Troy's team, however, isn't going to the Board Room, as they get to go to a picnic in the country. Before that happens, Donald asks Heidi if she wants to continue? Heidi says that she wants to stay - and she asks not to be judged with that in mind. Donald makes sure that everyone wants her to stay - and he looked really well in that exchange. Heidi agrees, saying that Donald was more like a friend than a mogul. At the picnic, Omarosa's headache is suddenly gone and Amy, although she despises Omarosa, is going to make sure that her team keeps winning - which unfortunately means that she will also keep Omarosa in the game.

Katrina's team, however, will be losing a member, as they go to the Board Room. She s plotting with Ereka to get rid of Tammy, as she is fuming about what Tammy said in the Board Room. Bill want to know if Katrina is going to say who she is bringing with her to the Board Room - but she says no and she is putting Bill up for not charging a high price in the negotiations. Ereka is trying to convince Tammy that they weren't duped, but Tammy just isn't getting it and everyone wants her gone.

Will the Donald feel the same way? Carolyn asked Tammy why she didn't deal with the negotiations - and she defended herself by delegating it to Bill. Bill defends himself by saying that he needs better prospects coming in. Donald goes after Tammy for going against the team. Tammy says that she was defending Troy - but you don't defend someone on the other team, as the team takes the advantage and calls her disloyal. Katrina predictably brings Katrina and Bill with her to be judged, and Nick and Ereka are safe.

Who's going home? Carolyn wasn't impressed with Katrina - but she said that Tammy didn't bring anything to the table. George wasn't impressed with Katrina either - but it's clear that she wasn't the cause of the failure. Donald admits that Troy caused some bad blood. Katrina does the right thing here, and goes into why Tammy should be gone, adding that she had to concentrate energy into babysitting her, which stopped Katrina from being effective. Tammy counters by saying that Katrina is pointing fingers. Tammy's argument is weak - and not effective enough. Donald tells Tammy that due to her being ineffective, getting into the team's way, and being a general detriment, she's fired.

Donald thought the decision was much tougher than George did, who said that Tammy brings nothing to the table. Next week's Board Room promises (according to NBC) to be the best one ever, which means that we should be seeing the final round of Heidi vs. Omarosa. I'll be here next week, selling the tickets to the fight.

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