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Sixteen up-and-coming businesspeople have come to the biggest jungle of their lives - New York City - to take on each other and the business savvy of Donald Trump to win the job of a lifetime as an apprentice with the Trump Organization.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Donald J. Trump
Assistants: George Ross, Carolyn Kepcher
Creator: Mark Burnett
EP: Mark Burnett, Donald J. Trump
Packager: Mark Burnett Productions, Trump Productions
Airs: Thursdays at 9:00pm ET on FOX

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Episode 9 - March 4

"Ereka was the one person that I stood by because I believes in what she stood for. Now, it's just about me and the job."

That comes from Katrina, who was not happy that Ereka is gone. She's even less happy when Omarosa is smirking that one of her enemies are gone - and she's still there. When the men come back, Nick and Bill talked to Katrina in her room - and they even admitted that if any combination of a her and a guy were in the Board Room, the guy would be gone. They also told her that it was bad, to the point that Ereka wouldn't shake Bill's hand when she left. It seems like they are smoothing out things so that they can work as a team...

...which is good, because the teams will now be meeting in front of the Metropolitan Museum. Trump tells both teams that Versacorp, since they are down 5 people to 3, will be able to select someone from Protege. Nick, of course, infatuated with Amy, selects her - but Trump thinks it's a bad move, since he notes that she is the only person moving from team to team, which indicates to him that she is the reason for the success. He has a point for another reason - Amy has NEVER been on a team that has gone to the Board Room - and if that continues, no one will be able to come close to her. "Maybe what you're telling me is that I should give her the job right now."

To keep Amy out of the Board Room, the teams will be selecting one of a selection of artists. After the artist is chosen, the team will then have an art gallery exposition, and the team that makes the most amount of money from selling their artwork wins. "This is a tough one, because what makes good art is entirely subjective. There is no market value, so you need to think this one entirely through."

Kwame, who is Protege's project manager, says that it's going to be tough. They start with Giles, who believes in Jackson Pollock style of art - and he likes to put his body hair and toenail clipping in it as well. Ewwwww. He then invites them all to touch his art and body parts. Ewwwwwwww. Heidi, when stuck with dealing with Omarosa again, looks like she'd rather eat the art, toenail clippings and all.

Versacorp's first artist visit was Andre, who's art was admired by both Nick and Katrina. He does nature paintings which do look very nice. He uses paint and weaves a story around it, in an intelligent, sophisticated way. Bill and Amy meet Leah who paints art out of snapshots of her life. They both fall in love with her work as well.

Protege meets Meghan, who Heidi finds passionate - and creepy. She sells peculiar extreme items, like paintings called "Psyche and Smut", about a girl named psyche and her sister called smut - in a city ruled by frog concubines. Uh.... yeah. What makes her attractive? Her average painting price - $4,000. According to Kwame - "If we sell 3 to 4 of Meghan's work, we're going to win this easily." Yeah - If you can SELL three to four pieces.

Trump's advice for the week: "You've Gotta Believe". You have to believe in what you sell. If you don't, then you'll never be able to sell it, and you'll be miserable.

Everyone wants to go after Meghan - except Omarosa, who wants them to go after Leah. She is overrule, and they go with Macabre Meghan. "Art is all about risk - let's take a risk." Omarosa? "I'm going to take the frog smoking opium."

Nick and Katrina realize that Andre already has a fan base, while Leah is an up and coming artist. With the team tied at 2, Nick makes the executive decision with Andre. Amy is not thrilled with the decision, but Nick is the Project Manager, and that's who they select - knowing that if they lose, Nick is probably done.

Protege starts the gallery at 7am - and George acknowledges that they took a risk. Heidi is doing her homework and asks Leah about what the work is. She gives her a bizarre explanation, which is making Heidi's head spin. Omarosa's head is also spinning, and she wants to get food. Heidi says that they have time for a quick bite, but Omarosa says that her head hurts and she needs to take her time. Unbeknownst to Omarosa, Heidi called Kwame, and he is listening to all of the bickering that's going on. "She always has a headache when it's task time. When it's reward time, she doesn't have a headache. he is such a lunatic bitch." It gets worse when the women are eating and it ends in both of them cursing each other out and eating in separate areas. It's getting so bad that even Troy and Kwame are making fun of Omarosa.

It's the night of the gallery, and both teams are waiting for their guests to arrive. Bill is concerned, but Nick tells him that it's always slow for the first hour and reaffirms that it's going to be ok. Nick says that if you're the manager, that they should never let them see you flustered. Sure enough, during hour #2, they get people - and they get a couple of sales. Nick talks about his he is making everything ok, but they are selling.

Now, as for Protege, thy are not doing as well. Actually, they are sucking wind, as they haven't been able to sell ANYTHING. The people who are selling the work are not doing a good job in terms of that, as Troy tells one of the buyers, "The process of this painter far exceeds my comprehension." Uh...yeah. Omarosa is enjoying this, as she is the art expert, and she is watching people screw up painting after painting. Heidi is saying how one painting, which has a sliding section, is a toilet bowl cover, while Meghan says that it's a fireplace covering. Oops.

It comes to this point - Madeline, who is the head of the gallery tells the group that despite them being MBA's, they lack the communication skills to relay the meaning of the art to the potential buyers. That's pretty much what Versacorp has been doing that Protege hasn't. Omarosa complains about the art and makes a mention that none of this was her idea. She does sell a piece for $869, and Kwame thinks that they need to sell a few more pieces, since $869 is 'cutting it close'.

Did they sell a few more pieces? In the Board Room, The Donald asks the teams who picked out their artists. Nick said that he made an executive decision for his team, and Amy and Bill, even though they disagreed at first, thought that Andre was amazing from both the sales and aesthetic pattern. Kwame said that it was a team decision, and that they selected the artist due to the high price point, even though they weren't fond of the artist. Just the $869. We already know that Versacorp sold more than that - we just didn't find out how much more - until now - 8 pieces for $13,600. That is a blowout, and Donald even says that the losing team was creamed.

The winning project manager - Nick - gets 10 minutes to speak with Donald Trump. The losing team - which Amy once AGAIN was not on - will be losing one of their on members. Nick was happy that he went with his gut, as he knows that if he lost, he would have been canned. In his meeting with Trump, he asks him what he's looking for. Donald says energy - and he is impressed with Nick's. He said that he learned a lot from his dad, and he stressed the relationship with his parents. Donald tells him to keep it going, and regardless of how it turns out, Trump thinks that he is going to be successful.

We now turn our attention to the unsuccessful team - but Heidi is getting comfort that her mom is doing well. She knows that Kwame is taking her to the Board Room. The question is that is he going to take Troy because he likes Omarosa, or Omarosa for strategic purposes? Omarosa talks to Bill, wondering how Troy contributed, and she thinks that Kwame won't take her because she was his advisor and went against her advice - but if he did nominate her, she would 'have to take a brother down'. As for Heidi? Every time her team has lost, she has been in the Board Room. "If I lost and I was the project manager, I will have to nominate myself just to be consistent."

At the Board Room, Donald says that this has been the biggest disaster so far. Kwame says that he took a risk - and that Omarosa was the lone dissenter. Trump praised her, but George said that it wouldn't have mattered in terms of who they selected because they didn't work as a team. Heidi says that Omarosa wasn't working with them, and she defended herself that she had a concussion. Trump goes after Omarosa with the concussion, and Kwame backs Heidi's assessment that Omarosa is overdramatic as he brings the two ladies with him, saving Troy.

She is not helping her overdramatic cause afterwards, as she hugs Kwame and cries about her concussion. Heidi is sitting on the couch staring at this. Omarosa realizes that she may be in trouble, and she makes one last dramatic effort by breaking into Donald Trump's office - which is something that you NEVER do to ANYBODY. She has to backpedal and accused Heidi of cursing her out, which caused the delay in working.

Donald tells Heidi that she has an edge, but the competition is about leadership and getting along with the team - something which Omarosa has said from day one that it didn't matter. The Donald doesn't like excuses, and the lunch coupled with Omarosa's behavior solidified the deal. Omarosa, described as having a huge chip on her shoulder, thanks The Donald for the opportunity and then walks out of the courtroom (A La Camille in Next Top Model) and doesn't say good-bye to anyone as she slinks to the elevator. It's not like she would say anything to Heidi, and Kwame looks like a huge 120 pound weight has been lifted from his back.

Heidi will be celebrating - but how long will that last when someone pisses off Carolyn? We'll see if upsetting a woman is worse than upsetting a man on the next episode.

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