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A supermodel, a Spice Girl, a comic cut-up, and the self-proclaimed King of all Media criss-cross the country in search of million-dollar talent.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Jason Block & Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Host Nick Cannon
Judges Melanie "Mel B" Brown
Heidi Klum
Howie Mandel
Howard Stern
Announcer Joe Cipriano
Creator Simon Cowell
EP Simon Cowell
Trish Kinane
Sam Donnelly
Jason Raff
Rob Wade
Packager SYCOtv
FremantleMedia North America
Origins Radio City Music Hall, New York City
Web www.nbc.com/gottalent 
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Auditions 6
uly 9

(C-Note: some of the acts that you are about to read involve real danger in front of a live audience. They were designed, practiced, and supervised by professionals, taking the contestants' safety into full account. They are extremely dangerous and should NEVER be attempted anywhere, by anyone, at any time. This is an exhibition, not a competition - YET - so please, no wagering.)

Time is running short for this season's crop of auditions. Who has what it takes to move to Vegas next week, and who doesn't? Time to go back to Los Angeles, New Orleans, and New York City.

Pantages Theatre

... and Howie is somewhere on the 405. So at least for the time being, we're back to three judges and three-judge rules.

First up, Olivia Rox (14; student), a musician and the daughter of musicians. She wants to make her folks proud. Will she do it with "As Long As You Love Me" by Justin Bieber. It's a little sleep-inducing to start. As it goes on, it gets a little more energetic. But she needs to distinguish between singing and screaming. Mel has the same concerns, but she liked it. Heidi likes a belter. The ladies say yes. That's enough, but Howard makes it three.

Ronald Farnham (44, authors) throws plungers and makes them stick to people and things... all the while Howie is making his way to the stage. Good thing he's missing this, because Ronald is missing everything else. Perhaps the one advantage of Howie not being here is that "all of the nudniks are not getting through."

Unfortunately, Howie shows up... The band's back together.

Next up, some class acts, Honda, Dave, & Matt, a musical group from Salt Lake City who want to give up their day jobs to concentrate on their music. Their instrument? A fat guy. They are called... Tummy Talk (26-31; Salt Lake City). You could say they slapped this act together at the last second. Mel's not sure she likes this. Can they do this on Nick? Probably not. Nick's a skinny boy. Cover ya shame, mon. Heidi? "Is it wrong that I liked it?" Howard says no. Heidi says yes. Howie's a yes. It's all on Mel B..."Make sure it's good. It's a yes from me."

Ready to kill it are Fresh Faces (dancing girls), Jim Meskimen (actor/impressionist/"Whose Line" veteran), and an extreme...ly shirtless breakdancing sword swallower. And what do you get when you combine figure-skating with aerialists? A Vegas-bound act by the name of "Aerial Ice". It's something never seen before on the AGT stage. This was a big act.

Next up, "SensEtion" (21-30; Los Angeles), a 3D video mapping group. They're also dancers, so we could be seeing something interesting. They've only been doing this a year, and what we're going to see is a world premiere. This is basically every lightwire act we've seen on this show kicked up another notch. The Fifth Judge wants to see more. Howard wants to see more dancing, but he likes where this is heading. Heidi... was bored. She likes the idea, but she wasn't impressed. Mel sees a lot of dance potential. Howard says yes. Heidi says no. Mel says yes. Howie... yes!

UNO Lakefront Arena

Scary, Sexy, Crazy, and Howie are in position, so we continue with Yasha & Daniela (9, 8; students), who are going to mix up a samba and a jive. They've been dancing since they were 3. Yasha sees them as a couple in the future. Daniela... not so much. And she's the boss. She wants to give her share of the money to the poor.... and then a mansion. And then college. And then who knows what. The samba and the jive meld together flawlessly. Mel B thought the routine left her speechless. They get four yeses!

And now... a break... with Howard and Heidi breaking it down. They get four Xes.

A balloon with a harness attached kicks off hour 2. Next up... people with guitars. Jimmy Rose (32; Pineville, KY; Marine Corps veteran) has been singing since he was a kid. In his town, he would either be destined for coal mines or the military. He decided... to do both. Now he's going to do an original, "Coal Keeps the Lights On". A very soulful piece that could resonate with country voters. And he has his own hashtag on AGT, so that ought to count for something. Howard would put him on the radio in a heartbeat. Mel B says he's got a great voice. He sweeps the panel.

Abel Morrillo (50; structural welder) plays his own homemade instruments. Looks like we're going to be playing him off... Howie FINALLY puts him out of his misery.

Chris "Crash" Moreau dba Captain Explosion (65; stunt performer) blows himself up. He ties himself up in a doomsday chair, gets in a cardboard box with explosives, and blows himself up. That's the act. And we're heading outside to do it on the campus of the University of New Orleans..... and he's OKAY! Howard's not sure that we saw danger. Howie's not as jaded. Heidi was scared. Mel thought the act wasn't frightening. Howard says no. Howie says yes. Heidi says no. Mel says no. Three nos.

Chloe Channell (11; Pensacola, FL; student) has been singing for four years, and she's just starting to like it. She's not a girly-girl. She likes to go out and play and hunt. She wants to make people smile, and she hopes to do that with "All American Girl" by Carrie Underwood... hoping to win enough money for a hunting camp. The voice is good, but the stage presence leaves little to be desired. But the judges love it, so they're going to put her through. Even Howard. Dead animals for EVERYONE!

Hammerstein Ballroom

Back with Gordon and Jason and Megan Amigo (21; nanny), a belly-dancing contortionist who spends most of her days spreading as much positivity as possible. Well, now we're a wash here. For one, she's a bendy-flexy type, but she's also awww-barfish. And she can see Howard's pure heart. Can we see her dance? To "Come On Get Happy?" Seriously? Hey, at least she can ... sit on her own head. Ladies and gentlemen, Gordon Pepper's wife. Howard says she's a good contortionist... and a bad belly dancer. Heidi and Howard say no. Howie says yes. Mel B... doesn't really matter, but it's a no.

.... and now, the BAD ACT MONTAGE!

212 Green (14-22; New York City; student) is a soul pop band, hoping to go from not drinking in the bars they perform to the big stage at Radio City Music Hall. Their opening gambit in front of their biggest crowd ever... "Rumour Has It" by Adele.... followed by an awkward transition to the rap in the middle. Would be better if he matched the BPM, but not bad. Howie says that they have a career ahead of them. EVERYONE says yes.

Last act of the night is... Al Harris (64; Long Island, NY; retired correctional officer) is used to working with a captive audience. Today, he's not so lucky, but he is desperate to do his thing..... prop comedy. Which is taking WAY TOO LONG to set up. No payoff for this guy. He starts to turn it around, but here's the thing... the four Xes are already lit. And now Nick is leading a chant of "Vegas! Vegas!" Howard? Sober this crowd. "If you have any heart at all you'll walk right the hell off this stage and get out of here." Howie says... YES. Howard says ... NO. Heidi says no. So does Mel. It's over. But at least he's a sport.

One more stop to make before we take this gravy train to Vegas.

To see tonight's episode in its entirety, or to apply to be a contestant on the next season, go to www.nbc.com/gottalent.