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May 14


A member of rock royalty, a comic cut-up, and the self-proclaimed King of all Media criss-cross the country in search of million-dollar talent.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Jason Block & Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Host Nick Cannon
Judges Howie Mandel
Sharon Osbourne
Howard Stern
Announcer Joe Capitano
Creator Simon Cowell
EP Simon Cowell
Cecile Frot-Coutaz
Ken Warwick
Jason Raff
Georgie Hurford-Jones
Packager SYCOtv
FremantleMedia North America
Origins CBS Television City, Los Angeles
Web www.nbc.com/gottalent 
Airs 8p ET Tues & 9p ET Wed, NBC

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Auditions 1
May 15

(C-Note: some of the acts that you are about to read involve real danger in front of a live audience. They were designed, practiced, and supervised by professionals, taking the contestants' safety into full account. They are extremely dangerous and should NEVER be attempted anywhere, by anyone, at any time.)

America's Got Talent is back, and America's got it. The season of Go Big or Go Home continues. Today, the search takes us to...

Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

And Howie arrives by jetpack. Only on AGT, folks.

First is David Garibaldi and his CMYKs (Sacramento). They are dancing artists. If you've ever seen the two-fisted art attack, then you know what you're in for. It's performance art. It starts with Beethoven's 5th and ends with... a face on the wall. Very interesting, and quite talented. Three yeses, and we're off and running.

Mr. Special (57, Encino) is an angry bird. And Sharon's an angry judge. So is Howard. Howie... not so much. After he sees that all of his act is "Anchors Aweigh" on a trumpet while riding a trikey... THAT'S when the hammer drops. We also drop the hammer on dancing fire, a square band, and a bunch of people in gold body suits. And Mars Green. And that's only in the first 20 minutes.

Kim McAfee (43, Berkeley, CA) is a hip-hop singer who likes acts that were born when she was in college. She has a partner that she sings with, but she's not here, so she's singing solo. Her song, ... "La Donna e Mobile." The remix. And here's "Three Strikes... the Remix".

Cristin Sandu (17) likes to balance stuff. It's another rolla-bolla-act. And this one, like the others before it, goes off without a hitch. The only problem, the buildup was too much. Howard likes it, Howie doesn't. Sharon.... YES.

First up in the dancing montage group, the Lisa Clark Dancers... who dance freestyle to a classical number. And they're oddly together on it. Howard, who's not a fan of dancing, being as he's seen it all... says yes. Howie says no. Sharon... YES! Joining them, Jarrett & Roger (magician & classical pianist), Micah Gregorio (singer, "The Voice Within"), and Mike Price (juggler)... even though Howard did the Piers Morgan.

Dave Burleigh (stand up impressionist) does, in order, Tom Bergeron, Nicolas Cage, Jack Black, Charlie Sheen, Gary Busey, Nick Nolte, Bruce Willis, Owen Wilson & Vince Vaughn. Howard, Howie, and Sharon do their judges, and they pass him through. BUT he needs some bite, some better material.

We'll get back to the talent in a moment, but right now we must pause 10 seconds for stations to identify themselves. Coast to coast and around the world, this is America's Got Talent on the Red Network of the National Broadcasting Company. (G-E-C)

... and we're back with Luiz Meneghin (54, nurse from Lehigh, UT), a singer who has sung for 10 years for his patients. He drove from Utah to be on the show after being prodded to audition. He wants to make a career out of it. He sings an aria from "Turandot"... you know the one, "Nessun Dorma." And. He. NAILED IT. I sense a Paul Potts vibe.  It's a BIG yes from all three judges.

DAY 2 begins with Paula Nelson (80 years young), better known as Granny G. She says that what she does would be the fulfillment of all her dreams. So what does she do? She... raps about family values, namely about leaving women that you father children with. That's to all the horny boys out there. The Fourth Judge wants Vegas. The rest of the room follows suit. West side, bitches.

Kotton Kandy with his tootsie roll... will NOT be going to Vegas. Actually, he will, but he'll be going to his house there. Joining him, a group of motorcycle ghosters, a dog-and-pony show ... literally... a really bad Tina Turner stripper.... and a broom flautist. Actually, the flautist goes to Vegas. Which is cool.

Tim Hockenberry (Binghamton, NY) brings his girlfriend Bronwyn. They have a girl together. He's here for her, and he's here for a bit of redemption, having survived alcoholism. He wants to do something big before he turns 50, and he's got three months. So he brings his keyboard and sings Joe Cocker's "You Are So Beautiful". In one of the easiest decisions in this go around, the judges say YES.

Funk Beyond Control dance to James Brown and the Pussycat Dolls. They could stand to do a bit better. But for a bunch of students that look like bowlers, they aren't bad. Judges don't think so either. They're on their way to Vegas. Joining them: the Emily Ann Band, Kellen Erskine (comic), and Yakomon Martial Arts Line Dance Studio.

Alonzo "Turf" Jones has not spoken to his mother since she kicked him out of the house. Now homeless, he's honed his craft, pop'n'lock contortionist. He... confounds all in attendance. He gets the pass, and we're going to call it a night for tonight, but the search for million dollar talent continues.

To see tonight's episode in its entirety, or to apply to be a contestant on the next season, go to www.nbc.com/gottalent.