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A member of rock royalty, a comic cut-up, and the self-proclaimed King of all Media criss-cross the country in search of million-dollar talent.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Jason Block & Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Host Nick Cannon
Judges Howie Mandel
Sharon Osbourne
Howard Stern
Announcer Joe Capitano
Creator Simon Cowell
EP Simon Cowell
Cecile Frot-Coutaz
Ken Warwick
Jason Raff
Georgie Hurford-Jones
Packager SYCOtv
FremantleMedia North America
Origins CBS Television City, Los Angeles
Web www.nbc.com/gottalent 
Airs 8p ET Tues & 9p ET Wed, NBC

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Auditions 1
May 14

(C-Note: some of the acts that you are about to read involve real danger in front of a live audience. They were designed, practiced, and supervised by professionals, taking the contestants' safety into full account. They are extremely dangerous and should NEVER be attempted anywhere, by anyone, at any time.)

The biggest talent search in America... just. Got. Bigger. Joining Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel on the celebrity judging panel this season... the King of All Media. The left wingers love him, the right wingers love to hate him. But everyone can agree on one thing... He is as professional as he is unpredictable...


He'll be filling in the Piers Morgan role of lovable villain. His mantra: "I'm going to be Piers Morgan on steroids. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but feelings are going to be hurt. I know what America wants, and quite frankly, I'm the only American on the whole damn panel, anyway." That said... America's Got Talent is BACK!

You know how this works. If the panel gives an act two yeses, they're on their way to the Vegas Callbacks. If not, it's back to the house.

Orpheum Theatre

At stake: $1,000,000 and a headline show in Vegas. Because some things never change.

When the history of season seven is written, let it be known that the first act to go in front of the judges for TV time is Aoni Jackson, a 34-year-old magician from Fontana, CA. His trick involves Nick's wedding ring (C-Note: Mariah's gonna kill you) and Howie Mandel's (C-Note: Ms. Howie is SERIOUSLY gonna kill you). Howard buzzes.. and then buzzes Howie's buzzer, because he'd probably do the same thing. Lord knows we would've. And then (^_^) just gets totes weird. Howie's ring ends up on Aoni's nipple clamp. I wish I were joking.

Next up, a bunch of cockatiels and their owner Les Golan, the Bird Lady of Los Angeles. She sings "Berkeley Square" with said birds on her shoulder. Great voice, but really nothing to write home about. Howie loves it, Howard doesn't. Sharon... says no as well.

We're about due for a montage now. And.... thank you, NBC. Bonus: Ozzy is in the audience.

William Close (42 year old musical instrument creator) is here with his fiance, who's five months pregnant. William will be playing the earth harp, which is the world's largest string instrument. He rigged his harp to the theater, so the theater will be the instrument of choice today. The best part about this act, I think, is that it's different. Accompanying it, ... an earth drum? But it looks really cool, it sounds electric. He gets the first standing O of season seven. And the first Vegas cheer... and the first ticket.

Next up, the first dance crew of the series, Elements Dance Cru (students aged 12 to 18). They take clogging and adapt it to other styles. They clog to "What's a Girl's Gotta Do" by Basement Jaxx. Clogging... not a fan. Kids doing it? There's an audience. The thing is, you have to be spot on, 100 percent of the time. I'm paying attention to the feet now, and they're all in time. So it's a yes from me, but the judges? They approve!

That starts a run with All Wheel Sports, the Amazing Elizabeth (aerial silks), and Chris Lavar (freestyle rapper).

Jorge Narvaez sings with his daughter Alexa. Their song, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes' "Home". She's precocious. He's a hot guy with a guitar. This should be a no brainer. He's a regular on YouTube. And now they're on their way to Vegas! Way to end the first day. The second day will come up later in the season, but for now, let's pause 10 seconds for stations to identify themselves. Coast to coast and around the world, this is America's Got Talent on the Red Network of the National Broadcasting Company. (G-E-C)

Fox Theatre

The judges are in place, so let's get right into it with...

... set up.

Ben Blaque (32) is a crossbow sharpshooter. He's convinced that something will go wrong today, but he's ready to bring it to America. He loads up on his munitions, and hits target. After target. After target. Now the danger: a balloon in his assistant's mouth. Now... a newspaper. Fair and balanced my rear! Three balloons? Flying. And that... is danger defined. The judges like it, so they're moving him on.

Next up, we kill the house lights for Light Wire Theater, a troupe in the mold of Team iLuminate from last year They do a crazy thing involving dinosaurs and puppetry. It really is a step up from anything we've seen in years past. Could this be the dance crew that finally takes it from the singers? We'll see in Vegas.

Next up, we all know a dog won Britain's Got Talent. Can a scorpion win stateside? Only in the "What's for Lunch" category. Joining Scorpion Guy in Vegas: Irving the Talking Dog and The World Famous Stick-and-Move Dance Crew.

Sanjula Vamana (35, Chicago) is a stay-at-home dad by day, and a full-time performer at night. A lot of what he does in his performance is through the power of his mind and his knowledge of emergency medicine. What does he do? He's a circus sideshow performer. He stabs a needle through his cheek... And the other one! Howie's out... And here comes the tongue...and the jaw... And the other two judges are out.

Kazoo bands... Gourd carving... and someone doing a bad Nick Cannon impersonation. Oh, that's Nick Cannon? ... AWK-ward.

Loyalty Dance Team (Murfreesboro, TN) taught themselves to be a unit. Will they act as a unit? They dance to Remy Ma's "Whuteva" and Gordon's favorite song ever, LMFAO's "Shots" featuring Li'l Jon. They don't miss a step. Neither do the judges... They're through to VEGAS!

Simply Sergio (47) simply sings "The Girl from Ipanema". And it's simply dreadful. Then he sings "God Bless America".... and it's simply better. See? Why didn't you do this before? He's going to Vegas, but I mean it, Sergio, you gotta stay STRAIGHT!


Shaniece & Maurice Hayes are street performers. They sing on the sidewalk for bucket money. They sing "You've Got a Friend" by James Taylor. Together, they're magical. She's got a great voice. He's got a great harmony. They've got great chemistry. And they're going to bring it to the Vegas stage. SPECTACULAR way to end the show.

So we've got our first big moments of season 7 of AGT. And our first big moments of Howard Stern, talent judge. But the journey continues...

To see tonight's episode in its entirety, or to apply to be a contestant on the next season, go to www.nbc.com/gottalent.