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Piers and Sharon enlist the help of a Deal-maker to criss-cross the country in search of million-dollar talent.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Jason Block, Don Harpwood & Gordon Pepper, GSNN

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Sharon Osbourne
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Vegas Callbacks 1
July 6

America's Got Talent has finished with its auditions. In total, over 100 acts have been called back to Vegas to fight for 48 spots. But now the hardest cut of all approaches, as one by one the acts will find out if they will move on to the public vote or if the dream ends before it even begins.

After dropping off their stuff, dropping a few thousand at the casinos, and dropping by the hot spots via double-decker bus tour, it's time to drop a few acts early.


In an auditorium at the Palms, the judges arrive and deliver their first verdict. The acts are in three different groups. Group A in the center.... is going to perform today, having the best chance to move on to the Hollywood shows. They're the judges' favorites!

Group B... isn't as good as Group A. But they are put in a standby position to wait it out until the judges think that there are spots left.

Group C... has ZERO chance to going to the Hollywood rounds through the callbacks... BECAUSE THEY'RE GOING STRAIGHT TO THE LIVE ROUNDS! Those ten acts are..

- The Belly-Dancing Duo
- Polina
- Strikers All-Stars
- Cheer SF
- Haspop
- Future Funk
- ArcAttack
- Da Maniacs
- Fighting Gravity
- The South Philly Vikings

Ten down, 38 to go.

First, the magicians, starting with William Scott Anderson, who saws himself in half. Michael Grasso has a little sleight of hand. Murray makes a car and a model appear out of nowhere. Chipps Cooney rounds out the magic bracket. How droll.

Next up, the harmonica players, starting with Pierre Herbineaux and Jia-Yi He. Pierre has a big one. He has MULTIPLE ones.

Next up, the acrobats, starting with AscenDance, followed by Michael & Ashleigh with a technical glitch, and Rudi Macaggi.

Next up, danger, which includes one act that missed a fire torch, a few act that has to take the judges outside (The Strong Man and the Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Show), and Antonio Restivo pulling off the same trick that Michael Grasso did... albeit with fire.

Next up, the classical singers, who have been contending not only with each other, but with the dry Vegas air. First is Prince Poppycock, whose alter ego John Quale has a virus. Then comes Hannibal Means, with a jester's outfit and a rooster on his head. Finally is Carlos Aponte with "The Impossible Dream".

Next up, dancers. We have the Hot Shots Tap Dancers, who screwed up. Then... the other dancers take the stage, all unique from each other. Wreckless from Florida and Style Pros Crew in LA are locked in an east-coast/west-coast battle.

Next up, female vocalists have the hardest time keeping time with each other. April Lane, Alice Tan Ridley, Debra Romer, and Mary Ellen are your standouts. Unfortunately for Mary Ellen, it's in the bad way.

Then, here come the kids. They're all cute backstage, but when it's showtime, out come the claws.

Show me the funny, comedians, including Doogie Horner, who... sucks less than before.

Next comes... the novelty acts, or "miscellaneous". We have seductive painting, dogs, roping, stunt eating, handwhistling from Sally Cohen, and the one-man band known as Arthur Nakane.

Finally, we have the male vocalists. The standard is higher than ever before, with more of this category than ever before. Standouts includes Taylor Matthews and Michael Grimm.

And now, the moment of truth. Some of these acts are going through to the final 48. Others are not so lucky. Among the final 48 are...

- The Strong Man
- Antonio Restivo
- Chipps Cooney
- Murray
- Hannibal Means
- Prince Poppycock
- CJ Dippa
- Anna & Patryk
- Sally Cohen
- Wreckless
- Pierre Herbineaux
- Rudi Macaggi
- AscenDance
- Doogie Horner
- Mary Ellen
- Alice Tan Ridley
- Debra Romer
- Taylor Matthews
- Michael Grimm

So far, the final 48 is 37 strong. Next time, the standbys get their one last chance.

To see tonight's episode in its entirety, or to apply to be a contestant on the next season, go to www.nbc.com/gottalent.