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WEDNESDAY February 2:
Brookville, MD
Peotone, IL
Tampa, FL

Jeopardy! categories: Read Your Bible, TV Teens, Political Caricatures, Career Day, Americana, "Key" Words

Daily Double: $1000 Read Your Bible. Anne ($3200 to Steve's $3600 and Orlando's -$1200) wagers $1800 early on. The clue: the fifth book of the Old Testament, its name comes from a word meaning "second". Anne's response: "What is Psalms?" Correct response: What is Deuteronomy?, Anne drops to $1400.

End of Round:
Steve - $8000
Anne - $1800
Orlando - $1000

Double Jeopardy! categories: Royal Story Problems; Pop Culture; Nonpotent Potables; Also a Dog Breed; Calm Down, You're Historical!; Vocabulary

Daily Double #1: $1200 Royal Story Problems. Anne ($7000 to Steve's $8000 and Orlando's $6600) fronts $2000. The clue: if Henry IV & Henry VIII traveled 4/8 of a mile from London to Windsor, their coach has gone this many feet. Anne's response: "What is 2640 feet?" Correct for $9000. "Not very good at division."

Daily Double #2: $1600 Also a Dog Breed. Steve ($12,000 to Anne's $13,800 and Orlando's $12,200) wagers $1800. Clue: If Gerhard Schroder guarded a flock of animals of the family Bovidae, he could be considered this. Steve's guess: "What is... a herder?" Correct question: What is a German shepherd? Steve drops to $10,200

End of Round:
Steve - $12,200
Anne - $13,800
Orlando - $12,200

Coach Chico says: This wasn't the blowout it was in the first round. And old habits are dying hard for Steve. Let's look at the final...

Final Jeopardy! Category: In the News. Answer: Launched in 2004, a spacecraft named Messenger is on a mission to study this planet. Correct response: What is Mercury?
Orlando's question: What is Jupiter? (WRONG) Wager: $12,200. Final score: $0.
Steve's question: What is Mars? (WRONG) Wager: $9000. Final score: $3200.
Anne's question: What is Mercury? (RIGHT) Wager: doesn't matter, because she's a - FINALIST

Coach Chico Says...: For the record, Anne won this game with $20,000. Meaning that if Orlando came up with the right response, he would've gone onto next week's final. As it is, and she proved this in her match yesterday, Anne simply had the mental dexterity, and it's going to make her one to watch in the final.

THURSDAY February 3:

Silver Spring, MD
Sioux Falls, SD
Arden, NC

Jeopardy! categories: Down on the Farm, The Simpsons, Let There Be Life, Teen Cuisine, Straight talk, Grammar

Daily Double: $800 Let There Be Life. Michael ($4800 to Peter's $6200 and Caitlin's -$600) wagers $2000. The clue: fungi create these to reproduce, & your average mushroom makes 16 billion of them. Michael's response: "What are spores?" Correct for $6800.

End of Round:
Michael - $8800
Peter - $6800
Caitlin - -$200

Double Jeopardy! categories: US Presidents, It's Just a Game, Annual Events, Fashionable Stores, Teens in Books, Starts & Ends with "T"

Daily Double #1: $1200 Annual Events. Michael ($14,400 to Peter's $6400 and Caitlin's -$1400) fronts $1000. The clue: in the US, union founder Peter J. McGuire & Machinist Matthew Maguire get credit for suggesting this holiday. Michael's response: "What is Labor Day?" Correct for $15,400.

Daily Double #2: $1600 US Presidents. Peter ($8400 to Michael's $17,000 and Caitlin's -$5000) wagers $4600. Clue: his running mates were Thomas Hendricks in 1884, AG Thurman in 1888, and Adlai Stevenson in 1892. Peter's guess: "Who is Grover Cleveland?" Correct for $13,000.

End of Round:
Michael - $19,000
Peter - $14,200
Caitlin - -$5000 - OUT

Coach Chico says: I didn't think he would, but big props to Peter for making a match out of this.

Final Jeopardy! Category: Biblical Names. Answer: This biblical figure's name comes from the Hebrew word meaning "to be drawn" from the water. Correct response: Who is Moses?
Peter's question: Who is Noah? (WRONG) Wager: $14,200. Final score: $0.
Michael's question: Who is Moses? (RIGHT) Wager: doesn't matter, because he's a - FINALIST

Coach Chico Says...: Again, for posterity purposes only, $9401 was the final wager, and $28,401 for the final total. Michael's been a silent fighter, not having any REAL moment to take the lead save for the Daily Double in round 1, but more often than not, the silent killers prove to be the deadliest. He's going to give it all he's got in the final, and that may have Anne quaking as she did on Tuesday. He's not a lock, though, as Ruvani and Wes are still waiting in the wings for their final, and they could prove more than a match.

FRIDAY February 4:

Grosse Pointe, MI
Antioch, CA
Chesterfield, MO

Jeopardy! categories: It Happened One February, French Lessons with Mom, Road Rules, The Reel World, Maid, Punk'd

Daily Double: $400 The Reel World. Ruvani ($1000 to Wes' $3000 and Jimmy's $1200) wagers $600 early. Clue: The title of this 2002 film refers to Orthanc, which is in Isengard, & Barad-Dur, in the dark land of Mordor. Ruvani's question: "What is 'The 2 Towers'?" Correct for $1600 and second place.

End of Round:
Ruvani - $4400
Wes - $5200
Jimmy - $3000

Double Jeopardy! categories: Physics; What to Wear; Ah, Florida; If Shakespeare Wrote for the WWE; Lefties; "Right"ies

Daily Double #1: $1600 Ah, Florida. Ruvani ($7600 to Wes' $11,200 and Jimmy's $7000) fronts $1900. The clue: The USA's first national wildlife refuge, Florida's Pelican Island, was established by this President in the early 20th C.. Ruvani's response: "Who is Teddy Roosevelt?" Correct for $9500.

Daily Double #2: $2000 Lefties. Wes ($12,400 to Ruvani's $10,300 and Jimmy's $10,200) wagers $2000. Clue: This larboard British viscount won victories on the Nile & at Trafalgar against French forces. Wes'  guess: "Sorry." Correct response: "Who was Lord Nelson?"; Wes drops to $10,400, still in the lead.

End of Round:
Ruvani - $11,500
Wes - $13,200
Jimmy - $12,600

Coach Chico says: Insert your own generic phrase describing how close it is.

Final Jeopardy! Category: US Politics. Answer: A member of this family has spoken at every Democratic National Convention since 1956. Correct response: Who are the Kennedys?
Ruvani's question: Who are the Kennedys? (RIGHT) Wager: $1198. Final score: $12,698.
Jimmy's question: Who is Kennedy? (RIGHT) Wager: $12,401. Final score: $23,001.
Wes' question: Who are the Kennedys? (RIGHT) Wager: $12,001. Final score: $25,201 - FINALIST

Coach Chico Says...: Truly the best of the best this go around. Nothing left to say except Anne and Michael had better come hard, or Wes is going to take the whole shoot-and-match.

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