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A Ferry Ride out of Hell
February 16

On the second episode of the fifth series of Hell's Kitchen, the men won a challenge involving scallop preparation. The reward for the victory was a helicopter ride to Catalina Island. We find out that Robert Hesse would not be invited on the helicopter because he was too heavy for the insurance policy.

Chef Ramsay calls Robert in to tell the bad news. On the upside, he would be allowed to take a ferry to meet the group at Catalina and join up. Ramsay also said that Robert was a vital member of the team, that he deserves to celebrate with his team, and that this was just bad luck.

We get lots of footage of Robert on the ferry, looking wistfully out on the water, interspersed with footage of the men's team laughing it up on the helicopter and on a submarine. The kicker is that when Robert meets up with the rest of his team, the day is gone and Robert is sent back. In essence, he won a round trip ferry ride.

What the hell?

I have a real problem with this. Contestants are booked long in advance. Gordon and the production company knew that he was going to be on the show at an early enough stage that they could have picked a different reward for that challenge, rather than kludging together the altogether unsatisfying ferry solution. Either book a contestant that won't weigh down your transportation, or book a different reward.

The editors were able to spin the episode in a way to provide a sort of uplifting tone with the one-on-one conference with the Chef, but we also saw that Robert really felt bummed that he wasn't able to enjoy the fruits of his labor alongside his team.

All the other shows are able to make their reward trips work, or they award actual tangible items as opposed to an experience. Hell's Kitchen has been on the air long enough to know better, and it is to the show's collective shame that they dropped the meatball.

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