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Line 2, Position 5, Farewell
October 20

I'm not exactly sure where to go with this. The loss of game show host Jack Narz is sad, for sure, but the man had a long life and a decent career. I'm loath to brand it a "tragedy" in the same way that losing a youngster to horrific circumstances would be. The other thing is that I'm a bit young to have seen much of his career. I've seen a handful of episodes of Now You See It, one Beat the Clock and a Seven Keys, and that's all. I missed out on the 1970s syndicated Concentration, but saw a handful of bits that have popped up online. And it's too bad, because the more I see, the more I enjoy watching him.

From the tape that I have seen, however, you see exactly the kind of host that Jack was. He wasn't ever the star; he was always there, moderating the proceedings but never taking over. His style was competent and solid, but never flashy, garish or overbearing. And that's to his credit. He wasn't loud or obnoxious, or silly, he was Jack. He'd celebrate with the winners and commiserate with the losers.

Jack's career spanned more than just the shows we recognize: he was the host of Dotto, the show that launched the quiz show scandals (Jack was never implicated in any wrongdoing), he was the Mayor of Video Village, a board game/game show, among other substitute engagements, radio performances and panel appearances.

So, if you're reading this, please raise your glass, and take a moment to reflect on one of the good guys from the old guard. Prospective hosts would do themselves a favor by watching Jack do his thing, as we could learn much from him.

So long, Jack.

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