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This Must Be Belgium
July 7

Three new game shows on Tuesday night means it's time for an On the Buzzer review. Taken in no particular order:

Celebrity Family Feud (NBC, 8p)
By far, the worst of the lot. Four "teams" play two abbreviated Feuds to reach the finals. Only then does the winning team play Fast Money for a $50,000 charitable donation. The problems are many. All three games are three questions long, with the third at triple value (unless a fourth sudden death question is needed). Al Roker can't ad-lib worth a darn, and really doesn't belong. The family concept is tenuous when you have actual families playing against television casts. The questions are pitched in such a way that you can say "sex" and score 84 points. It's not the Feud that we know, and certainly not a Feud to love. The show drags, it's labored, and not worth your time.

Wipeout (ABC, 8p)
ABC tries to put together a combination of Takeshi's Castle and Ninja Warrior, and fails to make something good. Twenty-four contenders take on an absurd obstacle course that no one can complete successfully. There's the problem. A contestant that gets knocked off the course and into the water needs only to swim to the next task. They're not out, they're just inconvenienced. The top twelve move on to the swinging pole, where the first six to fall into the water are out. Round three is another different obstacle course, and the four top runners go on to the Wipeout Zone, a massive obstacle course played against the backdrop of night, where the winner collects $50,000. If you like watching people fall into water and mud, you'll enjoy it, even though this could be cut to a half hour and you wouldn't miss it, or the "let's have a laugh at this contestant!" commentary of the two hosts who watch the proceedings from the booth. It's not horrible, but it's not great.

I Survived a Japanese Game Show (ABC 9p)
The best of the lot by elimination; and only because Wipeout is undercooked. Japanese Game Show is a standard 'reality show' with the chrome of every absurd Japanese Game Show you've ever seen. Ten unwitting Americans are flown to Japan to compete on Majide (You Must Be Crazy) and compete in silly events to avoid elimination and play for a final prize of $250,000. If you like the idea of contestants running against a treadmill so their partner can eat a dough ball from their trough, or working a human claw game, then this will be a fine hour for you.

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