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The Election Is Over, and Life Goes On
November 17

Also available as a podcast. Click to listen!

We start this week with a Veteran’s Day shout out. As you know, November 11th is Veteran’s Day. And as you know, the best thing to do is say THANK YOU. Thank you for them sacrificing and doing what you did to allow me the right to complain, yell, and comment about the game shows that I love so much. So, this Veteran’s Day...thank a veteran. Lay a flag down at a Military Cemetery. Visit a Veteran’s hospital. Do the little thing. And from me, THANK YOU.

Speaking of Veterans’ Day....I am going to say something nice about the Price is Right. Yes, it’s true. They are doing a cool Veterans’ Day Special on November 11th.
According to the Air Force News Service: Drew Carey was enthusiastic about hosting the distinguished audience members for the special made in conjunction with the Department of Defense Entertainment Media and the Army and Air Force Exchange Service. "I think it's important for everyone to show our support to the service members," said Mr. Carey, a former Marine reservist. "We sponsored shows like this before 9/11. And we've even sponsored shows specifically for each the four services in the past. I only wish I could do more."
When asked how this idea came about, Mr. Carey passed the credit onto his production team. "The idea came from Drew. He was very involved in how to lay out this show, down to the prizes being awarded and games selected," said Mike Richards, the co-executive producer for the show.
"It was really important for us to make the special 'extra special,'" said Syd Vinnedge, the show's executive producer. "We wanted gifts that were specific to military service members and we didn't want anyone to leave empty handed. Thus, we are grateful for the support AAFES has given this show. Without them, we couldn't have made it happen. This has definitely been a 'win-win' for all."
AAFES provided six $1,000 gift certificates for online shopping at and six 1,000-minute phone cards for the contestants who made it on stage. Additionally, 10 percent discount coupons were given to everyone in the audience.
With the negative stuff out of Studio 33, I thought it would be cool to say this is a FANTASTIC idea. This keeps the tradition of the Military and Price is Right alive.

Great stuff.

More reaction to the Jennifer Hudson tragedy. Speaking to People magazine, Ryan Seacrest (the host of American Idol) said, "We're praying for her. I sent her an email to share my sorrow for what she went through and asked her if there was anything we could do.” The radio/TV host continued his statement by echoing the sentiments of everyone who has heard of and reacted to this story. Said Seacrest, "It's horrible."
Seacrest also revealed that he’s been in touch with American Idol judge Randy Jackson, to discuss the tragedy. Said Seacrest, "I talked to Randy [Jackson] the other day about it. We're just thinking about her." While he admitted that he hadn’t known Jennifer Hudson’s family well, Seacrest said, "I know Jennifer and I always liked her spirit, her strength, her charm, her charisma. She's a strong girl and a special girl."

Now to end this week, I am going to comment about one of the most stupid contestants ever on the history of Survivor. Her name is Sugar. Let me count the ways about how she just doesn’t know how to play the game.
– She is sent to Exile Island and finds the Immunity Idol.. Sounds good right? But when she gets back she basically screams that she has it and then gives the Idol to Ace? HUH?
– Secondly, she sent into Exile Island two more times...and we all know that Survivor has been known to put more than one Immunity Idol out there. And what does she do? Sit on her rear end and not look for another one?
– Then she believes that Ace is going to vote her out and use her. And she is convinced to vote her biggest ally out of the game.
Now the question she Marilyn Monroe and Paris Hilton combined or is she playing us all for fools? Honestly, I don’t think she is that smart or conniving. Watch her to be exiled from the game real soon.

Random Newsbits:
– Condolences go out to the family of Ray Ellis who died this week at 85. Outside of being a hugely successful pop music arranger, he wrote the music to Sale of the Century, and Scrabble.
- opens a live game show website to win cash.

– Comcast matches a Deal or No Deal contestant’s winnings and makes a total $176,000 donation to Big Brothers/Big Sisters.
- Lacey Schwimmer becomes the latest casualty of Dancing with The Stars as she gets sick with endometriosis as well.
– Tom Green, soon to be on “Celebrity Apprentice 2", hosts “Go For The Green”, an environmentally friendly game show on Planet Green. It debuted on November 8.
– Heidi Diamond of GSN talks up the Sunday Night Poker Party. And World Poker Tour Enterprises released its third quarter performances figures. It’s showed a decline in revenues to $2.8 million. That was compared to the same period in 2007, when $4.4 million was achieved. That is over a 33% drop year to year.
– SciFi orders up an 8 episode series called WCG Gamequest in a search for the World Best Videogame player.
– The Bravo replacement for “Project Runway” is called“The Fashion Show.”

– TV Week reports that NBC reality chief Craig Plestis could soon be leaving the network, with BBC executive Paul Telegdy in talks to replace him.
– CBS and Mike Fleiss make nice for a 7 episode game show commitment.
– Anthony Badalamenti, a trainer on the Biggest Loser, is held on $100,000 bond or $50,000 cash after being arraigned in First District Court in Hempstead on charges of second-degree assault, possession of a dangerous weapon and endangering the welfare of a child when he allegedly beat up his girlfriend’s 6 yr old son. NOT cool.

– Matt Vasgersian is headed to the new MLB Network.
– ESPN is rumored to be getting into the MMA game with a reality show.
– The Meow Mix Game Show press run starts before it’s debut on GSN on November 15th. Chuck Woolery, what were you thinking?
– Simon Cowell gets dumped after 6 years.
– Regis Philbin gets a contract extension with Disney through 2011...he might not be doing much more outside of “Regis and Kelly”, but might get a bump in his annual $21M salary! Good job!
– Gene Simmons goes to “5th Grader”

– The LA Kings Hockey Team tape segments for Price.

– The world is ending...The Bachelor comes back on January 5th along with the new Ashton Kutcher/Tyra Banks reality show called “True Beauty.”

Jason's true beauty can be found in his collection of suits. He can be reached at .