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Wearin' of the Green
March 17

Also available as a podcast. Click to listen!

We start this week with your American Idol update...and big changes have been afoot since we spoke last week. We left off with the Wild Card round as we thought we were going to have a top 12...but we had a top 13 as Megan Corkery, Jasmine Murray, Matt Giraud, and Anoop Desai get into the big dance.

So last Tuesday night was Michael Jackson night. Most of the performances were ok, and after the performances we were promised a rule change that would "change the game". And when they say something is usually isn’t. This rule change was tested on Season 6 of Nouvelle Star (the French version).

What happens is this: We have a vote as per normal and someone is eliminated. In this week’s case it was Jorge Nunez and Jasmine Murray. They both sing their song and if the judges unanimously decide they can save a singer. This can happen once, and only through the round of 5.

Now, some people may say that this is a "jump the shark" moment. I don’t. I want to see how it’s executed. I am not thrilled with the move, but I am not panicking. I see that when the immunity idol...I mean cast...the next week the American people will be even more inspired to flip the bird at the judges when the double elimination the week after happens.

Fans of the Price is Right this past week got more than a bird on Friday, March 6...they got the worst show of the Drew Carey era. Not only was no game won that day, but we had a worthless celebrity crossover in the form of Jack Wagner of "The Bold and the Beautiful".

Wagner claimed that "the noise was too loud" and couldn’t rehearse his love scene. So in 4, count them, 4 appearances...we saw him complain, come back in a lipstick stained shirt, then "flash" Drew and then do a "loud noisy showcase".

And the reaction of the fanboys was in my opinion, UNDERRATED. This was a show that would make me go to Television City with protest signs calling for the cancellation of the show.

This show was a perfect example of what’s wrong with the crew at Studio 33. Combine lame uninspired humor, and an appearance where it TOOK AWAY from the gameplay and have people going nuts.

The biggest problem is that Drew can host. When a contestant last Monday explained she was in a near death car accident and her inspiration was to walk and be on Price, Drew called her "a miracle and inspiration". And when she won her prizes...the hug she has with Drew was the most emotional moment of the Drew era.

But the flashes of brilliance mask inconsistency in hosting and execution. And this past Friday’s episode was the most egregious example of that.

A quick note on Jeopardy’s Tournament of Champions which started this past week from the new set at the Consumer Electronics Show...if I didn’t want an HDTV set as bad I do now...this didn’t help. The set is GORGEOUS.

Dancing with the Stars started up this past week, as we had two high profile replacements due to injury. Jewel won’t be dancing with her husband and Nancy O’Dell is out as both had leg injuries. Joining the cast were Holly Madison from the E! Reality Show "The Girls Next Door" and Melissa Rycroft...the recent Bachelor dumpee. We will have our first eliminations this coming week. And I don’t think the show is in trouble at all. The ratings this past week were monster!

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the eighth edition of ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" had the most-watched premiere in the show's history, dramatically reversing a two-year slide.

The "Dancing" kickoff was seen by 22.5 million viewers -- a larger audience than Thursday's "American Idol." The dancing competition earned a 5.9 preliminary adults 18-49 rating and 15 share -- up 9% from last fall's premiere and 5% from last spring. This is first time a "Dancing" premiere has climbed in the ratings since 2007.

The Amazing Race also had a rule change this week, as the U-Turn feature just got more interesting...To explain, a U-Turn happens during a Detour. A Detour is a choice of one of two challenges that a team must complete before you get the next clue. A U-Turn forces a team to complete both halves of the detour before you get the clue.

Up until this season, you had to post your picture along with the team you were U-Turning. Now this year it becomes the Blind U-Turn. No one knows who put you up there. And in the case of Kris and Amanda...Margie and Luke’s use of the U-Turn cost them the race.

This is a pretty cool new twist...and the previews for this week’s episode show that Margie and Luke may rely on the U-Turn too much and karma may bite them in the backside. Can’t wait to watch.

Random Newsbits:

– The Chopping Block premiered this past Wednesday to horrible ratings and maybe on the chopping block sooner than they think.

– NBC greenlights "Great American Road Trip" where seven families will drive cross-country to such popular destinations as the Grand Canyon and the Washington Monument. Against the iconic backdrops, contestants will compete in challenges that will eliminate one family at time. Sounds like the horrible Amazing Race: Family Edition.

– In the Rose D’or Nominations: Britain has notched up 33 nominations, followed by Canada with nine. The U.S. received four nods and all of them are from Endemol. One nomination is in the pitch pilot category for "20Q" The others are "I Survived a Japanese Game Show," "Wipeout," selected for the entertainment prize; and "Estate of Panic," nominated in the game show section. Congrats to Endemol.

– Make Me A Supermodel teams with Maybelline.

– Gordon Ramsay sells his restaurant in West Hollywood.

– WCG Ultimate Gamer debuts on Sci Fi.

– America’s Best Dance Crew ends it’s season with it’s highest ratings to date. Expect a Season 4.

– Fremantle debuts it’s IPhone App for American Idol. And Carrie Underwood sings "Home Sweet Home" as the exit song for this year’s Idol Top 13.

– Alex Trebek is racing for the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race, part of the 35th annual Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach.

– Jeff Probst becomes a real life hero as he helps a camerawoman survive her seizures until help arrived. He was at an awards ceremony.

– Sharon Osbourne denies being sued by Megan Hauserman.

– GSN is touring the country to find the best undiscovered game show hosts in the "GSN Live Play Every Day Tour,"

– Drew Carey is back in action after a bout of pneumonia.

– Bravo is casting for the 3rd Season of Shear Genius.

– Jenna Morasca of "Survivor" is joining Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.

– and The Cast of Pros v. Joes 4 is released.

Jason Block looks flattering in green, but is anything but a leprechaun (seriously, he's a tall drink o'the water). E-mail him at