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Let's get ready to rumble

Today is

August 15, 2006

Joe: Whew! Break out the air freshener. Travis: ...that was me... Rob: Didn't she crap on national TV?
Gordon Pepper: Yep
Joe: Last two rounds of Game Show Man's Sparring Partners. I'm Chuck D. *rimshot* As opposed to Big Chuck Dogg.
Travis: I wanna be Chunky B. Joe: I wanna be Amy Jo Johnson's man. :D Rob: Nice Public Enemy Reference, however Flava had more street cred when he was with The Furious Five.
Joe: Rob with the street knowledge. He's behind right now 97-95. Rob: Word. Joe: Gordon has joined me at the judge's desk for the last two rounds. Gordon Pepper: And apparently, I am playing the role of Wired...but I'll be on you guys harder than bugs on a windshield.
Joe: Now, I've looked at the clock, and time is running short, so I'm only going to ask two questions in these last two rounds.
Joe: On to Round Seven…Catch Phrase!
Travis: Caught it!! mean the show...(*drops the phrase*)
Joe: After contestant auditions some months ago, the producers of Catch Phrase have once again posted audition ads on the Craigslist website, but this time for a host. But, in a controversial move, they're looking for a non-Union host to fill the role. Gentlemen...

Is this a negative sign for the fledgling show?
Rob, you're behind, you go first. Rob: Yes, because it couldn't hold on to its original choice for a host, that being an experienced host in Todd Newton.
Joe: Really... May I enquire as to how you know this?
Rob: It was posted on
Joe: I see. Alex Davis strikes again. Travis?
Travis: I don't think so. It could even be a boon. Here's why. If they go to a non-Union source, they're getting a new fresh face into the game show loop. I'd go for that in a heartbeat.
Joe: So would I...but there's a possibility the person who gets the job might have a major stigma attached to him.
Travis: Stigma how?
Gordon Pepper: Neither of you said the real answer - the show should be hosted by Joe Van Ginkel.
Travis: PANDERING!!!
Gordon Pepper: I am a judge now. I am allowed to pander.
Joe: Apparently there is great deal of concern that by going outside the Union, the production company is making a major faux pas.
Travis: Wouldn't be a case that if they hire a non-Union person, they would make the person join the Union on the first day of work?
Rob: Plus, the market is completely flooded with Court Shows, Talk Shows and Info-Tainment shows. I'm not sure that it will even make it to air.
Gordon Pepper: Seriously, in the business, until you are established, you aren't geting into the Union. The fact that this is non-union makes this a huge opportunity for people to get experience, and at the end of the day, no one is going to remember this in 3 years except that it looks very good on a resume. Everyone should be competing to get this gig. Point to Travis.

Travis 10 - Rob 9

Joe: That brings up the question...
Will Catch Phrase ever make it to air?
Travis? Travis: I don't see why it shouldn't. There's a new resurgence in classics and imports. But, that being said, if Catch Phrase takes off, BRING BACK CONCENTRATION!!!
Joe: I'll second that. Rob?
Rob: It may on a cable channel, but not in syndication. There are too many court shows, Talk Shows and Info-tainment shows to ever get in syndication. Plus the original lasted a long 4 months.
Joe: CLANG! Gordon?
Gordon Pepper: Here is where being Non-Union hurts you. There's no way any big network or syndication show is going to take a non-union show. Rob is right on the money and Travis is completely off. 10-8, Rob.

Rob 10 - Travis 8
Travis: ...damn... Gordon Pepper: Have to make the last one close, you know.
Travis: You would
Gordon Pepper: I would. no one wants an anti-climactic show. Though even if the score wasn't like this, I still would have scored it the same way.
Joe: So at the end of seven...
Travis 115 - Rob 114

Joe: This is the last round folks, and Rob might want to be worried because it's... The Price is Right at 35! Travis: YES!!!!!! Joe: Television's longest running game show is entering its 35th season on CBS daytime. Naturally, the show has already painted its famous prize doors to match the occasion. Ad of course, new pricing games are on the slate as well.
Travis: ...and a new employee
Joe: Oh yes, and a new employee. :D The question...
What else can the TPIR staff do to make this season the best ever?
Speak, oh Sage of Studio 33. Travis: To make Price35 kick as much ass as possible, three steps...
1) Golden Road and Triple Play in higher rotation with easier wins... 2) The Game Show Congress bunch in the audience for one day...
Joe: #2 they already have. *cough*Octoberfifth*cough*. Travis: 3) BRING BACK SUPERBALL!! Joe: Rob? Rob: The Price is Right first of all needs to dump the untalented Richard Fields, Yelling COME ON DOWN or IT'S A NEW CAAAAAAAR does not make you a great announcer.
Travis: *cough*RodRoddydiditfor17years*cough*
Joe: We want Randy! (clap-clap-clapclapclap) We want Randy! (clap-clap-clapclapclap)
Rob: To fill in that void, bring in an experienced Price announcer in Burton Richardson or a guy by the name of Randy West. Next thing is scope out the Line outside for people who are not only really entertaining, but can play the game. Next, they should have more interaction between Bob and the models.
Joe: CLANG! Gordon, your verdict?
Gordon Pepper: You don't need to make the games easier. If you have watched TPIR enough times, then you should be able to play the games better. Rob should have walked on this one...but he didn't. The problem isn't Rich Fields either, because he's a great announcer, emulating what Rod Roddy has done for 17 years. The correct answers are 1. Get great new games in there and 2. Get people who know how to play…
Joe: The score then?
Gordon Pepper: ...the games or who can figure them out. The person closest to that...Travis.

Travis 10 - Rob 9
Joe: Rich Fields is a good announcer. It's the warm-up he stinks at. And that brings us to our last question...

How much longer does The Barker have left in him?
Rob? Rob: 1 or 2 years tops, he's had to take so much time off to heal up or to get treated for a broken hip or something. Plus, the guy is close to 85. Sure, he's a great host, but he needs to pass the torch.
Joe: Travis?
Travis: Three landmarks this season...Price's 35th year in its current incarnation, Price's 50th year on TV overall, Bob's 50th year on TV. He'll finish this season, then probably hang it up. I'm guessing new host for Price36.
Joe: CLANG! Gordon?
Gordon Pepper: There is a great story when the late Dick Shawn died while he was performing. He knew he was dying, yet he said that it was the way he wanted to go. I have a feeling that Bob may do the exact same thing.
Joe: So what's the verdict here?
Gordon Pepper: As long as Bob thinks he can go, he will go. I don't see him having any sort of time schedule and it doesn't look like he's prepping anyone to take his place seriously. I'll give it to Rob...but he left out too much argument for me to give it anything else than 10-9.

Rob 10 - Travis 9
Joe: CLANG! CLANG! CLANG! And the unanimous decision....

Traaaaaaaviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis Schaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrio!
Travis: I'M NOW A TRIVIA ANSWER!! Rob: What the hell do you think this is, Jeopardy? Travis: No "Around The Horn" parody that I KICK ASS IN!! Rob: Around the Horn Mixed in with I, Max.
Travis: Right, right
Gordon Pepper: means we have a tie
Joe: O_o What happened?
Gordon Pepper: Only kidding - lol.
Travis: We better not have a tie.
Gordon Pepper: ROFL
Rob: Gordon still thinks this is Take A Side. Wrong show, dude.
Gordon Pepper: Dont tempt me.
Joe: My thanks to Alex Davis, Gordon Pepper, Rob Siedelman, Travis Schario...AND YOU! You are the reason we do this stuff; it's all for your benefit and entertainment, and we hope you enjoyed it. If you have comments about today's program, send me an e-mail at If we get enough good questions, we'll do a mailbag round on a future show.
Joe: ROFL Now for Game Show Man's Sparring Partners, I'm the Game Show Man, Joe Van Ginkel, reminding you that you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here. GOOD NIGHT AMY JO JOHNSON, WHEREEVER YOU ARE!
Rob: I'll try to round up a spy to take pictures of her to send to you for your birthday.

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