January 24, 2006
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Today is

Cash Cab by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Air time: 6p ET/5p CT on Discovery
Host: Ben Bailey
Not one to toot our own horn here, but Travis reviews "Cash Cab" today On the Buzzer. Let's go in the cab with Jen and John, going 25 blocks. They need a mobile shoutout. "A paper anniversary is when you've been married for how long?" They go with one year... Correct for $75, en route to a sweep. Going to the street for this. "Before entering politics, who purchased the Texas Rangers in 1989?" They go with George W... and they're right. And they've only traveled nine blocks! They have $250 in time for a Red Light Challenge... six of the G8 countries. US, Great Britain, France, Russia, Japan... and Canada at the last second! That's $500! They get their first strike here: Who was Tonya Harding's infamous ex-husband who orchestrated the attack on Nancy Kerrigan. It ain't Mark Hamill. It was Jeff Gillooly. And they make it with $950! And Jen punches John. That's love... but is it enough for the Video Bonus? No it isn't. They're walking... And the Cab rolls on...

... to Carrie, Mark, and daughter Adelaide (all from Texas), as they head to 50th. They sweep the $25ers, but have troubles with this one for $50: with the mascot called the Hoya, what is the oldest Jesuit university in the United States? Adelaide says "Call somebody!" ... They don't They're wrong. It's Georgetown. Listen to the kid... They too have $250 coming up to the Red Light Challenge. Question: four of six Jane Austen novels. Carrie breaks the RLC record with "Sense and Sensibility," "Pride and Prejudice," "Emma" and "Persuasion" in four seconds! They have $500 banked... But they get razzed on this for $100: what family of Venetian painters shares its last name with a champagne cocktail? They miss Bellini. Good news, though. They get $900 at Rockefeller Center to win! But they won't go for the Video... No one wants the video...

Quickie round with Lisa Royce going to 42nd and Third... doesn't end quick enough, as she leaves the Cab after getting two out of five right. That's three strikes, math experts. Thank you for playing, Lisa Royce. Have a lovely walk.

100 Mexicanos Dijeron by Jason Hernandez, GSNN

Air time: 7p ET/6p CT on Telefutura
Host: Marco Antonio Regil
Buenas noches! Welcome to “100 Mexicanos Dijeron”…you may have noticed something different if you watched. Where are the models? We’ll find out later. Meanwhile, we have the Pereyra family with “MARCO” on their shirts against the Jimenez family. Addy, Lulu, Erika, Arturo, and Memo make up the Pereyra family. Gloria, Yoli, Beto, Javier, and Gilberto are from the Jimenez clan. Vamos a jugar!

[5 answers] “Cual es el tipo de rumor mas comun, que pone en duda la reputacion de alguien?” (What kind of common rumor could damage someone’s reputation?) After Addy Pereyra nailed the #1 answer, the next two ladies got two strikes, including the answer of not having any money! After Arturo got the #4 answer, they struck out, and the Jimenez family couldn’t steal!

1. Infiel (unfaithful or a cheater) – 35
2. Su Orientacion Sexual (sexual orientation) – 18
3. Es Una Loca/Chica Facil (a crazy person) – 8
4. Esta Embarazada (pregnant) – 6
5. Es Un Ratero (“He’s a dirty rat!”) – 6

The Pereyra family led 41-0 after round one. After a question about famous Mexican artists, the Jimenez family only got two answers before the Pereyras stole the 25-point bank to extend their lead to 66 points. After Marco Antonio poked fun at Luis Miguel, he begged him to come to the next Teleton!

The third question about sayings didn’t fare too well, either! The Pereyra family nabbed another small bank worth 43 points. However, they now had a 109-0 lead! Tough game so far!

Coming back from break, we have this question with 4 answers: “Menciona algo relacionado con los hippies” (Name something associated with hippies). The Pereyra family gains control with the #2 answer, and then after getting the #1 and #3 answer, they strike out! Once again, the Jimenez family couldn’t steal, and they lose the 134-point bank to give the Pereyras a huge 243-0 lead! Ay yay yay!

1. Cabello largo (long hair) – 37
2. No se bañan (doesn’t bathe, ew) – 17
3. Drogas (drugs, man…) – 13
4. Frase: “Amor y Paz” (“Love and peace”) – 7

Round five asked what teachers receive. The Jimenez family gained control with the #1 answer, and then they gave the #2 and #4 answer before striking out! The Pereyra family had a chance to win the game, but they couldn’t get it! It’s now a 177-243 game.

1. Libros – 34
2. Gises – 15
3. Transporte – 11
4. Pizarron – 10

It’s time for Muerte Subita! Three answers, one strike, pass or play rules apply. “Abierta por la mitad, que le ves a una naranja?” (Opened in half, what is inside an orange?) The Jimenez family gained control got the #1 answer, and decided to play, and they got the #2 answer….but got a strike with “el color!” The Pereyra family had a chance to steal the game with “la pulpa”, but that wasn’t up there! Here was the board:

1. Semilla (seeds) – 76
2. Gajos (segments) – 12
3. Jugo (juice) – 6

Javier and Gil are going to play Dinero Rapido for $100,000 pesos! HEY! There’s Roxy, one of the models…one of them is missing. Hmm.

Javier goes first, and he gets 134 points! Muy bueno! Marco is rushing because of time, so we go right into it! Gil did okay, but he passed on one of the questions. It didn’t matter, because it took him three answers to get to 220 points total! That gives the Jimenez family $105,000 pesos, thusfar. Here we go with the second part of the show!

The Jimenez family plays the returning champions, the Salinas family with $10,000 pesos. Hey, there’s Roxy again! It’s here that Marco Antonio explains why only Roxy is here. Peony isn’t going to be with us for a while because she is having another baby! We all send out hugs and kisses, and we wish her well! Of course, we will still be seeing plenty of Roxanna on the set, yey! On the Salinas family, we have Raul… Eugenia, Alex, Sandy, and Ivan. Raul nearly forgot Eugenia’s name! Whoops! Marco will poke fun at this many times throughout the show! Vamos a jugar…!

Marco pokes saying that he could imagine Raul saying, “Que viva…Mexico!” Ha! Okay, now that we’ve had our fun, Marco asks besides a black cat, name something that is bad luck. Raul nabs the #1 answer and control, and they get the #2 answer before getting three strikes. The Jimenez family couldn’t steal, and the Salinas clan takes an early 51 point lead. Here was the board:

1. Pasar Debajo De Una Escalera (going under a ladder) – 34
2. Romper un Espejo (breaking a mirror) – 17
3. Buho/Lechuza (an owl?) – 10
4. Numero 13 (#13) – 8
5. Cuervo (crow?) – 7

Round two asks what technological advances modern cars have. Yoli gets the #1 answer of a computer worth 45 points. However, the Jimenez family strikes out after getting two more answers. The Jimenez family keep the bank, and they now have a 59-51 lead!

Let’s play round three! There are six answers on the board for this question: “Nombra un juego mecanico en los parques de diversions que siempre te provoca mareos?” (Name a mechanical game or ride in a theme park…) Alex nails the #1 answer and the Salinas family takes control. They get the #2, 3, and 5 answer along with two strikes before Sandy answers, “El Batman?!?” Maybe at Six Flags…but not in Mexico! The Jimenez family stole the bank with the #6 answer and take 85 points to extend their lead to 144-51. Here was the board:

1. Rueda De La Fortuna (The Wheel of Fortune) – 37
2. Montaña Rusa (Russian Mountain) – 28
3. Carrusel (Carousel) – 10
4. Remolino (water ride) – 7
5. Martillo (hammer ride) – 5
6. Sillas Voladoras (swinging chairs) – 5

Here we go with round 4 where the points are doubled! “Menciona un nombre de mujer que empieza con la silaba…*achoo!*…con la silaba ‘so’” (A woman’s name that begins with “so”)

Javier gets the #1 answer with Sofia. The Jimenez family then sweeps the board and wins the game, 326-51! Here was the board:

1. Sofia – 55
2. Socorro – 16
3. Soledad – 11
4. Sonia – 9

Javier and Gil are going to play DR again for big money! Today’s flashback shows a contestant who thinks that Pele was a famous Mexican athlete!?! Ay yay yay!

It’s time for Super Dinero Rapido. First, it’s time for Javier to pull out the candy from the basket…and we have… $5000, muy bien. $5000 is added to their total, which now stands at $115,000 pesos. Javier gets only 112 points this time, but still a very good score!

It is not Gil’s turn to try and bring home another 100-grand to the Jimenez family. It looks like he did well on this one! He goes through the first three answers quite well, and adds another 43 points to get the total up to 155. (Javier had all the #1 answers for the first three answers) Now here we go…

Marco asks a country that begins with the letter “A.” Gil answered ‘Alemania’ (Germany). Could that also be a #1 answer? He got 31 on that excellent answer, but Argentina was the #1 answer with 35 people saying that. There goes the bonus. Marco then asks for an animal found in the circus, and Gil said elephant!

He only needs 14 more points for the big bucks. La encuesta

…he gathers the family around Gil and Marco! La encuesta…

…Marco walks towards the studio audience and thanks them for keeping the show going for so long, and sends out hugs and kisses to everyone. Okay, enough of this silliness! La encuesta…dice…

48! Si, señor! The Jimenez family is, for some reason, walking back behind their podium. Um, that was the second part, come back out! Marco points out that they were one answer away from getting a $25,000 peso bonus. Anyway, they end the show with $215,000 pesos, and they will be back tomorrow! For now, this is Jason Hernandez saying, “Adios!”
Family Feud by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Air time:  Check listings or
Host: Richard Karn
Coombs (Amy, Cary & baby Spencer, Jim, Jennifer, David)
Maningo (Brenda, Ed, Vic, Christina, Gina); $410

Surely the Maningos can get five figures today, as they play a six-man team... Cary is pregnant. Round 1: when people talk about "the big one", what are they talking about (5)? Brenda buzzes in with #2, the earthquake... Ed gets #3, war. No one gets the #1, as the Coombs try to steal with ... the body part... What body part, I don't know. Not there, the Maningos get 31 big ones. Other big ones: heart attack, death, lottery.

Round 2: something you split (6). Cary fires with food, number one. The Coombs also split the check, but can the Maningos split with the bank with hairs? Nope, the Coombs get 66! Other splits: firewood/log, pants/clothing (said), bowling pins, the atom.

Double Round: something you wouldn't want to lose at the beach (full board). Jim gets wallet, #2, while Vic gets keys... #4. Christina gets #3, sunglasses. Brenda gets #6, your children. Ed: "Your shorts." Good answer... number one! The Coombs want to see towel for the steal... Not there, Maningos get 183. Other answer: cell phone.

Triple Round: someone who died for a cause (4). Jennifer gets number one with MLK. Joan of Arc and Jesus also make the board, but what about Gandhi? BAM! Maningos win, 423-66!

Ed is sent to the sidelines while Brenda and Christina play for the Fast Money. Same outcome, as they add $690, giving them $1100.

Jeopardy! by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Air time:  Check listings or
Host: Alex Trebek
Bob Mesko (arts administrator from Denver); $8799
Wendy Kautz (stay-at-home mom/online college professor from Helena, AL)
Nick Klaiber (grad student from Holbrook, NY)

The last two champs couldn't keep the crown for more than a day. Bob looks like he might be able to break the skid. He starts with $200 The European Past, where we find the early Daily Double under $1000. Nick bets all of his $1000 on this:July 14, 1789 was the Marquis de Launay's last day as governor of this edifice. "What is the Bastille?" THAT... would've doubled him to $2000. Instead, he's back at zero from Versailles. But no matter as we have a tight game at the half: Wendy and Nick are tied with $2600, and not too far behind is Bob with $2400, who gets to start Double Jeopardy!...

... with $400 Rome (his other choices: The Sopranos; 6 Feet, Under; Deadwood, Deaf Poetry, and It's Not TV...). The last two in play: The Sopranos and Deaf Poetry. First, $2000 Deaf Poetry. With $9000, Wendy bets the level on this: deafness didn't stop Joachim du Bellay's 115 poems, styled after this Italian for whom a style of sonnet is named. "Who is Petrarch?" Right for $11,000. Bob finds the second Daily Double under $1200 The Sopranos. He bets $100 on the soprano born in 1923 who made her debut at the Athens Opera at age 17. "Who is Maria Callas?" Right for $12,100. He ends with $13,700 to Nick's $11,400 and Wendy's $11,000. Game can go any way.

All that and we don't even get an Ali G category...

Final Jeopardy! in "World History": this person was the reigning monarch of Great Britain when the US national anthem was written. Correct question: Who was George III?

Bob's the only one to get it right, as he returns tomorrow, having won $22,801 today, with $31,600.

The Price is Right by Travis Schario, GSNN

Air time:  11a ET/10a CT on CBS (markets may vary)
Host: Bob Barker
Sit down! Get comfortable! You're in for a treat! Let's hope so, because after yesterday's clunker, we're due.

First up, Diana Wagner, Patricia Youngmar, Emily Price, and Anthony Trace. First item to bid on... a catamaran that costs $3195. So much for being on budget mode, Don. Patricia wins it, and the Kansan is going on a Shopping Spree with this objective, with $5500 to blow buy three of the following: a banjo, a dinette, coolers, and a motorscooter. The dinette is $1288... The scooter is $2324.... the banjo is... $2139! Winner winner!

Three lamps are next, as Emily wins a chance at a Chevrolet Malibu! The game is Let'em Roll, and the products are a $4.99 pack of Theragesic Plus, Hot Pockets, and Coricidin HBP. She says the Hot Pockets are lower... at $2.29, she is! The Coricidin is higher, she says... She's right. So she gets three rolls. First roll... 2 cars and $4500. Second roll... 2 MORE cars and $1500... Third roll... CAR! Another winner!

Anthony gets a set of ski/snowboard equipment and a chance at a Coke machine replica and a floor clock. The Coke machine is $3925, so the sign says. The floor clock is $4995, so the sign says... But are they true or should we do the Switch? Anthony leaves them be... Should've switched. The big winner of the half, Emily, is switching her place in the line for a place in the Showcase...

Diana, the last of the first-four, finally wins a sofa and a chance to go to Amsterdam. All she needs to do is Pick-a-Number. The price: $29_0. The numbers: 2, 7, and 9. She goes for the 7.... and she's a winner!

I. De Lon Pearson, Sr. gets dumbbells... and speaking of heavy things... It's time to bring out the Plinko board! With chips from Bob, a $38 drink maker, and a $30 buffet grill, he wins... $500.

Finally, once Bob relearns how to say his name in the context of bobbleheads, Leah Benjamin wins an encyclopedia. Let's play Any Number for a 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt OR a collection of small appliances... or whatever spare change was dropped in front of CBS this morning. First number in the car.. 1. First: 8. Appliances. Then: 2. Appliances. 7? Piggy bank. 6... CAR! 9... Appliances. So she gets appliances, but the car was $14,615. Speaking of wheels, Diana joins top winner Emily in the Showcase.

And where can we get one of those bobbleheads?

First up: how to remember things... with a trip to Scottsdale, AZ and two hot-air balloon rides, a riding lawn mower, and a waverunner. Emily passes to Diana, who bids $14,322. Emily meanwhile gets Cinderella... the CBS true Hollywood story. First of all, she cleaned with a steam carpet cleaner, cooked with a gas range, and high-tailed it back after the ball in a 2006 Ford Focus. Emily's bid: $18,000. Actual price: $16,448. So far as Diana doesn't go over, she'll win. Her price... $15,303! She's the big winner today with $19,458.

Stats: even, $54,344.

Wheel of Fortune by Jason Block, GSNN

Air time:  Check listings or
Hosts: Pat Sajak & Vanna White
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire by Don Harpwood, GSNN

Air time:  Check listings or
Host: Meredith Vieira
Quite the show we saw yesterday, eh? Well, at least it ended with Tessa Neeley (Houston, TX) getting to $2,000 with her lifelines intact. And today, she goes for more...

Tessa is still having a hard time believing that this is happening. She actually asked her boyfriend Miguel (who is in the audience) to keep pinching her after yesterday's show, to see if she'd somehow wake up from a dream. Well, it's not a dream, it's reality; and the game continues...

What is the term for the formal hearing in which a criminal defendant may plead guilty or not guilty?
A: Arraignment
B: Voir dire
C: Deposition
D: Deliberation

Tessa asks the audience. An overwhelming 90% of the studio audience says A, but in the AIM poll, 33% says A, and 32% says D. But such a big number in the studio poll is hard to ignore, so Tessa trusts the studio audience and goes with A... and they're right! Moving on...

By definition, bariatrics is a branch of medicine concerned with the treatment of what condition?
A: Alcoholism
B: Hair loss
C: Impotence
D: Obesity

Tessa decides to call her father Ted (no, not the Father Ted from a certain Britcom), but he doesn't know. So Tessa then goes to the 50:50, which leaves C and D. She's leaning towards C, but she's not sure enough, so she walks with $4,000. Good thing, too; it was D.

Next up is Heidi Schuessler (Seattle, WA). She actually had a nightmare about the show, where she misspelled a word, somehow causing her to get the $200 question wrong, and her boss fired her for it, since she's a book editor, and book editors shouldn't be misspelling words. Hopefully, reality isn't so cruel to her, as Heidi starts by knowing that the Mayflower, which safely carried the Pilgrims to Massachusetts in 1620, was a sailing ship (and maybe also a love machine, but that's another story). She safely gets through the $200 question, as well as the rest of the lower tier, and she eventually faces this...

Other than Antarctica, what continent has the smallest population?
A: Australia
B: South America
C: North America
D: Europe

Heidi is leaning towards A, but she decides to use the 50:50. It leaves A and B. She says A... and she's right! Next question...

Appearing in over 2,600 periodicals around the globe, what is the world's most widely syndicated comic strip?
A: Garfield
B: Cathy
C: Dennis the Menace
D: The Family Circus

Heidi decides to ask the audience. The studio audience is split, as A and D are tied with 38% each, but in the AIM poll, 73% says A. Not content with this, she then calls her friend's husband Tom. (Why is it that many players don't put more faith in us AIM users, especially in situations like this?) But Tom doesn't give an answer. Then, after some more thought, Heidi trusts the AIM audience, saying A... and it's A! Then, another question later, and she has $25,000!

That's all for today. Heidi will be back tomorrow.
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