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Twenty-four of the worst home cooks in America train under the watchful eyes of the Food Network chefs to become one of the best.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Hosts Anne Burrell & Beau MacMillan
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January 24

Last time, the cooks had to capture the essence of flavor. Easy to do with a grill and some marinades. Hard when you're one of the Worst Cooks in America. It proved to be too hard for Susie and Sophia, who turned in their aprons and headed home. Meanwhile, Jenny, who was on the Red Team, is now on the Blue.


Boot Camp resumes with... MULTITASKING. Anne's team is going to learn how to make ricotta & taleggio ravioli with wild mushroom pancetta sauce. That's a lot of multitasking just typing it. The question... how many things can I do at the same time? Beau, on the other side, will make a crab and edamame ravioli with orange beurre blanc. While dough is resting, the chefs are working on fillings. That makes it easier and makes the time fly faster.

Now who can make it in 90 minutes? Get going!

Eddie starts his pasta boiling... AFTER making the pasta. D'oh! Rachel's well... isn't deep enough. That makes a big mess. Marque... not multitasking... at all. At this point, he'll have a bowl of nothing. How does nothing taste like? NOTHING.

And only one grater is used on Anne's side. Rachel was the only one with any cheese in her cheese ravioli. As for Marque... well, things just get from bad to horrible. He's having a "Marque-down", so he's using Jen's dough. Rachel's getting giddy. She's doing her happy dance. Anne's doing the happy dance with her. She's just on the ball.

... and TIME! Everyone's plated. Let's serve.

Jen's pasta is cooked evenly. Jenny's pasta... needs a little more filling. Marque... had a Marque-down. But Jen saved his butt. On the Red Side, Rebecca's filling is good, but the sauce is a little greasy. Rachel... boom. out of the park. Just needs to clean up the plating. Eddie's plate... bland. And it has no taleggio cheese.

Winners are Rachel (red) and Jen (blue). They will have an advantage in the next challenge.


You're probably wondering why Boot Camp is decked out. Good question. Well... we're throwing a party... and the contestants are doing the catering. And coming through to the party... 30 foodies. They're going to sample a crostini. Anne's making a white bean pancetta crostini to Beau's sun-dried tomato pesto crostini. Now you can't use those. You have to make your own topping. Be creative! Be inventive! ... Be careful, because it's only half of your challenge. The other half, another recipe: polpettini (Italian meatball), chive pancakes with gorgonzola & bacon, and pork & pancetta stuffed mushroom. That's just on Anne's side. Beau has a potato pancake with smoked salmon & dill creme fraiche, a roasted fig & goat cheese tart with strawberry fig compote, and green onion & cheddar biscuit with country ham & red pepper jelly.

Rachel and Jen get to decide first what to make.

Rachel: Mushroom
Rebecca: Meatball
Eddie: Pancakes

Jen: Strawberry Fig Tart
Jenny: Potato Pancakes
Marque: Cheddar Biscuits

You all have 75 minutes to make 35 servings. Time. Starts. NOW!

Marque starts by overdoing it on the baking powder. Mistaking teaspoons for tablespoons is a rookie mistake. Rebecca, on the other side, forgets to saute her onions.

Jenny's crostini is a tapenade of mushrooms. Her pancakes are ... burning. Eddie's starting to get it with his tomato crostini. Rachel wants to make "40 Sinful Years in the Desert", inspired by a Passover dish, only Rachel's putting prosciutto on top. "That's not kosher." No it is not. At least it's not Jen's plate... which is upside down. Marque is making... Beau's crostini. And on the Blue Team... utter chaos. Jenny starts sobbing... don't give up. Everyone rallies to her defense. Jen runs over to help her plate on her station.... and her samples get knocked over. Half of them. THIS. IS. BAD.

And TIME. We had a hard time at this one.

And here come the foodies. And here comes Anne & Beau with their taste buds. Eddie's hors d'oeuvres get raves. Marque's jar-of-tapenade gambit... is an embarrassment. Jen Vecchio's is the best of the lot so far. Her recipe, on the other hand.... not so much. Jenny's hoping that the flavor will make up for the fact that she didn't have enough.

So who wins the challenge? Does ANYONE? Jen Vecchio wins on the Blue... "by default". That really sucks. On the Red Side... Eddie takes the crown. Everyone else is in danger of going home tonight.

On the red side, Rachel's crostini was way outside of the box. Rebecca was creative, but way too heavy on the garlic. Moving on with Eddie is... RACHEL! Rebecca's going home tonight.

On the blue side... Marque had ZERO creativity. Jenny had a really bad day. Moving on from the blue side is... JENNY! Marque's jar play huts him.  

So what did we learn today?

- Read everything before you do anything.
- When making pasta... Mountain of flour, valley of egg. Don't break the valley.
- When boiling pasta, make sure it's rolling.
- Crostini = toast + contrast.
- Don't embarrass the chef trying to learn you a few things.
- Don't give up. Don't EVER give up.

What else will the worst cooks in America pick up? Find out next time.

To see bonus footage from this episode, go to http://www.foodnetwork.com/worstcooks.