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24 people, $50,000.  Only thing that separates the two are pain, humiliation, and a bunch of ruthless obstacles.

Recaps by Joe Mello, GSNN

John Anderson & John Henson
Jill Wagner
Matt Kunitz
Pulse:creative, Endemol USA
8p ET Tuesdays on ABC


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Episode 1
June 24

24 people, $50,000.  Only thing that separates the two are pain, humiliation, and a bunch of ruthless obstacles.

Before getting down to the single winner, we must get down to 12.  That抯 done through the Qualifier.  Here抯 how the course breaks down.

Contestants start going down a ramp and over some floating pads into the first obstacle.

These are the Topple Towers, 6 sets of three-tiered pads that players must get across without falling.

Next is the Sucker Punch.  Players must climb across this collection of boxing gloves, set to go off in seemingly random intervals.

Third, the Big Balls, 4 rubber spheres about 5 feet in diameter.  They抮e quite springy.

Finally, the Cookie Cutter Swing.  Once you get to the landing pad, the clock stops and the dozen who finish fastest advance.

First is Jen Spada.  She doesn抰 properly complete any of the obstacles, but manages to swim her way to a time of 3:56.6.

Now, Margie Stubbs.  She needs the money, but she also needs to cover her plumber抯 crack.  10:48.4

Montage time, featuring them Big Balls, then Sucker Punch.

Nick Leland is a cop.  His buds got him dressed for the occasion卛n all yellow.  He clears the Topple Towers and the Cookie Cutter to finish in 1:59.2.

Topple Tower montage.

Jessi Duran is a go-go dancer.  She loses a nail, but gets 2:26.4 instead.

Travis Mitchell apparently ran a 4-3 40.  Didn抰 help him on the Big Balls, but a clean finish gives him 1:55.6

More pain.  We get the idea.

Nancy Novak climbed Mt. Whitney solo.  12:33.5 ain抰 gonna stay on this mountain.

Last up, jazz dancer Arthur Sevcik.  He抯 lots of fail, but 2:02.4 is good enough to make it to the Top 12.  Here抯 your full dozen.

David Anderson

Travis Mitchell

Nick Leland

Arthur Sevcik

Kevin Ahsmuhs

Jessi Duran

Jerry Huson

Andrew Ritter

Ruben Sears

Amy Kline

Glenn-Marie Endris

Kim Beetlestone

Round 2 is the Sweeper.  It抯 just like that game where the kid in the center swings the jump rope around and you have to avoid it, only this is on 10-foot platforms.  Last 6 to stay up move on; last 1 to stay up pockets a cool $1,000.

Pass 1, ok.  Pass 2匥im is out.  345匒my, Glenn-Marie, and Ruben go down in a chain reaction.  Pass 678匘avid抯 out; one to go.  Pass 9101112匤erry and Arthur go down, but Jerry splashed first, so he抯 last one out.  We have our six, but there抯 still $1,000 to give away.

Kevin抯 done匱ravis barely survives once卼wice卋ut not three times.  Jessi exults, but gets caught in the midsection.  Two remain.  Nick gets clipped, leaving Andrew to get a free grand.  Our final six are these:

Nick Leland

Travis Mitchell

Kevin Ahsmuhs

Jessi Duran

Arthur Sevcik

Andrew Ritter

The semifinal event is the Dizzy Dummy.  First, our contestants spin, then try to complete a mini-course.  First to cross gets a pass to the Wipeout Zone.  Fall, and you have to restart; lose, and you have to go through the next elimination.

Heats 1 and 3 are on the Tipping Tables. 

Heats 2 and 4 will be on the Hopping Blocks.

Arthur gets the hole shot in Heat 1, but it doesn抰 pan out.  Travis gets to the end and is allowed to relax.

Heat 2: Arthur gets the hole shot again, but gets passed.  Kevin almost makes it, but falls.  Arthur chugs along and gets the win.

Heat 3: Andrew looks awful, but gets the hole shot.  He clears both tables, but can抰 stick the landing.  Nick, though, breezes through and moves on.

Before the final round, Andrew has to bow out.  The spinning was doing too much damage.  That means two in heat 4.  Jessi gets to the halfway point, as does Kevin.  Jessi falls, as does Kevin.  They both get into the second half, but Jessi is able to eke out the win, so we have our four.

Tonight抯 Wipeout Zone is 4 obstacles.  Fastest time wins $50,000.

First is the Wicked Surf.  A steep inner tube ride down the ramp. 

Second is the Barrel Run.  It抯 Donkey Kong on a ramp.

After a brief horizontal wall climb, it抯 the Spinner.

Finally, four mini-tramps known as the launch pads.

We start with Nick.  He gets past the wall at 1:13.  He tried to jump on and off in one go, but misses and has to restart the obstacle.  He clears it in 3:27.  He falls off the 2nd tramp, but gets it in the 2nd try and clears in 5:43.60

Jessi is next.  She gets through the first two obstacles in under a minute but falls off the wall.  It takes her about 3 minutes to get back up.  She clears the spinner with about 50-plus seconds to go.  It gets dicey on the 4th Launch Pad, but is able to persevere and finish in 5:33.77.  She抯 now in the lead.

Now it抯 Arthur抯 turn.  His run is clean after the halfway point, 45 seconds in.  He抯 off the Spinner at 1:03, but falls off the 3rd pad.  He抯 good the next time around and sits pretty at 2:40.70

It抯 now all down to Travis.  His pace is not as fast, but gets off the Spinner with 80 seconds to go.  However, the 3rd pad is his undoing as well.  Unlike Arthur, Travis can抰 recover, so the jazz dancer gets $50,000 and takes a victory dive.

So that抯 Wipeout.  Stay tuned for more pain, more splashing, and more $50K giveaways.