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Hip-hop meets "Whose Line" in Nick Cannon's new game of comic genius.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN


Nick Cannon
DJ D-Wrek
Nick Cannon
Nick Cannon, Andrew Hoegl, Jonathan Singer, Tony DiSanto, Tony DiBari,
Michael Goldman
The Collective, Mr. Renaissance Entertainment for MTV
Thursdays at 10p ET on MTV

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"Show 101" - July 29

We keep talking about game shows, and once in a while, something debuts or shows up that none of us catch until the night before. This is one of these shows. This is an improv show called Wild N' Out - and you know it's Wild when we are greeted with Nick Cannon looking like a cross between RuPaul and Jay Alexander doing a faux newscast and a heavyset Asian in Drag doing the red carpet. We continue to get Jay-Z and Beyonce clones, and if this is a sample of what we're going to be getting, then we are going to be getting Wild.

Nick Cannon is the emcee on this show, which features two teams of comedians duking it out in a series of Freestyle Comedy, improv and insults. Team #1 (The Red Team) is Affion Crockett and Rasika Mathur, Katt Williams and Mikey Day and Leonard Robinson. Team #2 is Nyima Funk, Rob Hoffman, Joshua Funk, Darnel Heath and Spanky Hayes. Nick Cannon is the captain of the Red Team, while the Captain of the Black Team is Orlando Jones (It Factor, Drumline, 7-Up Commercials). Let's get it on!

Round 1 is Questions - The teams can improv, but they can only ask questions. A member of the red team and a member of the black team will be joined and have to continue the sketch by asking questions, The first person who can't continue the scene by asking a question is buzzed and the other team gets the point.

Rasika (Red) and Spanky (Black) start it off as Siamese Twins. Rasika - Why wouldn't you have sex with a girl? Spanky - 'Why wouldn't you?' She bursts out laughing and Black gets the first point.

Affion (Red) goes up against Joshua (Black) as Racing Sperm. The very portly Joshua - Do you think I'm going to be able to fit up here? Affion - Hell no. (Buzz). 2-0 Black Team.

Rob (Black) is Ron Jeremy. Leonard (Red) is a virgin. Oh no. Rob asks if he's ever seen Chlamydia while Joshua pokes his fist between his legs, representing know. Rob asks if Leonard wants to make some cash and Leonard has no response. 3-0, Black Team.

Orlando Jones is Yoda standing. Nick Cannon is Darth Vader on his knees - and Orlando presses into him. Nick - 'Why are you ready to get hit in the nuts?' Orlando can't answer and Red is on the board (3-1, Black)

The 2 Stars of Drumline - Orlando starts it up and Nick can't even bother to finish. Black wins the round 4-1 and leads the match 1-0.

The second game is Tore Up from the Floor Up. The comedians select contestants from the room and bring them up to preen - while making fun of them. Whoever gets the most points wins.

The Red team starts with a plump white woman and calling the fashion line Versausage (DING 1-0 Red). Next up - a long legged white-short wearing woman who is called one of the most beautiful man in the house (DING 1-1). We get a guy with a police cap and a blue and black t-shirt described as a homosexual superhero (DING 2-1 Red), a woman with pink shoulder pads and a flimsy black top looking to be auditioning as a new Wild N'Out Girl (BUZZ). Nyima - 'No seriously, see Nick Cannon later, he needs some more a$$'. Ouch!

Continuing the fashion show, we have a woman all dressed in black called 'Celie from the Color Purple Line (DING 3-1 Red), A woman with a blue bra and a white skirt who does the splits. Wowzers. Orlando douses himself with water while Nick sticks a dollar in her dress. The guys take off their clothes while Nick calls her his future wife. Heh. (DING 4-1 Red). Red wins the event and ties the match at 1.

We get a parody from Nick Cannon (Maurice Dollars) before we get to the next game - I'm on the List.  One player is the bouncer, who has to guess as many celebrities from the team in 90 seconds. We get Fred Durst from a sex video, Chingy from the dance moves, Ashlee Simpson from lip synching, and they get Lil' Kim from a Queen Bee reference as time runs out. The Black team gets DMX from woofing, Janet Jackson from her choreography and grunts, Cuba Gooding from 'Show Me The Money', but Orlando can't (or won't) let Martin Lawrence in the club and they lose, 3-2. The Red team is up in the match, 2-1.

Finally, it's Wild Style Time. The teams rap against each other, and whoever gets the better raps off gets 1 point. Doing the beat boxing will be...Biz Markie! Affrion gets one off about having all Russell but no muscle (DING, 3-1 Red) while Rob gets off a line about looking like  a scarecrow - 'How come you're Adam's Apple is further than your nose?' (DING 3-2 Red).

Katt says that when talking on the phone to his mom, he got an erection, but she was so nasty that he got an ear infection (BUZZ) Rob says that the next time he rhymes, to do it right - and sticks the mike next to his crotch (DING 3-3)

Orlando tells nick that he's too short and wearing a perm (BUZZ), while Nick says that perms get the chicks (DING 4-3 Red). Orlando gets off a nice one about him going after Christina Milian and being expelled like a fart (DING 4-4), but Mikey gets the best line off - 'You were 7-Up's Bitch, and that ain't right. No wonder they fired your a$$ - we're all drinking Sprite!' and with that, the whole Red team pulls out Sprite cans and explodes them on the stage and the crowd goes nuts (5-4, Red). That's the match and the Red team wins. We get a performance from Cassidy to close the show.

My take? This is hilarious. It's too bad that this didn't get a lot of press, because this is hysterical. Join us in 7 days to see if the second episode can match up with the first.

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