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The video games we love are coming out of the screen and onto the stage as 12 of America's best compete for the right to take on the world.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Hosts Hannah Simone & Joel Gourdin
Creators/EP Michael Agbabian
Dwight D. Smith
EP Zeph Stuart
Jason Ahn
Packager ITV Studios & World Cyber Games for Syfy Originals
Origins Samsung Stadium, Los Angeles
Web wcgultimategamer.com 
Airs 11p Thurs, Syfy

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Coming Out Swinging
August 19

Stop. Collaborate. Listen. Tigerfangs is back with a brand new invention. Actually, it's the same invention with 12 new gamers vying for supremacy to the tune of $100,000, the ultimate Samsung prize package, an Alienware desktop, the title, and of course... the right to say "I PWNED THE BEST." Last year, Mark Smith was crowned as the first ever WCG Ultimate Gamer. The question is... which one of these players will reign supreme THIS year?

- Yaz Ammari (clowN); reigning world champion, Counter-Strike: Source
- Vanessa Arteaga (Vanessa); the reigning WCG Pan-American Champion in Dead or Alive 4
- Ryan Burnett (I RyBu I); a Rhythm expert who holds multiple local tournament titles
- Katherine "Kat" Gunn (III Mystik III); National Champion, Dead or Alive 4
- Mike Labelle (michs09) 3-Time WCG National Finalist in the FIFA series
- Faye Mata (Princess Aura); Regional champion of Super Smash Bros. Brawl
- Anthony "AJ" Mazur (Hatperson); who's up for Rock Band World Record
- Caesar Noriega (CDN the 3rd); a top 8 finalist in Gears of War
- Jake Pfister (Thirstee321); who is a tournament winner in 3 different genres
- Rachel Quirico (Seltzer); a "Team Fortress 2" champ and expert in shooters
- Sebastian Burton (Chosen1); a national finalist in Madden NFL
- Justin Wong (JWong); a fighter who holds titles in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and Streetfighter IV

The rules stay the same. There will be three phases to each round, a Real Life Challenge, where the players act out the stunts in the games for real; an Isolation Challenge, where it's just you against the computer; and the Head-to-Head Challenge at Samsung, where the lowest-scoring player in the first two challenges and a player of the leader's choosing will square off to avoid elimination.

But not all is as it seems, as the final two will take their beef to the WCG Grand Final in Los Angeles, where they will compete... LIVE.

Speaking of beef, the show's second season is not five minutes old, and we have a rivalry brewing between Kat and Vanessa. They just don't click personality wise, but what Kat understands... "I just took your boyfriend." See? Even gamer chicks have drama.

The next morning begins the competition. And we begin the competition with the latest entry into one of MY favorite fighters of all time... "TEKKEN 6" (Namco Bandai Games, multiplatform).

REAL LIFE CHALLENGE (worth 50% of overall score): Hanging Tough

Tekken is all about high-flying attacks, and this week, the gamers will be flying high in wired fight sequences as seen in Hollywood blockbusters. The gamers have been split into two teams:

GREEN: Faye, Sebastian, AJ, Kat, Rachel, Mike
PURPLE: Yaz, Vanessa, Ryan, Caesar, Jake, Justin

There will be a fighter and a catcher in each round. The fighter will try and pull orbs from the catcher's suit, with purple and green orbs worth 1 point and orange worth 2. The catcher will try to catch those orbs. Only caught orbs will count. The rest of the team will try and maneuver the fighters.

And for no other reason than we had to have some big name talent: Kelly Hu of "X-Men 2" and "The Scorpion King" will judge who fought the best. That player wins a Hori Real Arcade Pro EX Fight Stick. Get me some of that, baby.

- RACHEL vs. RYAN. Round 1... Ready... GO! (Purple leads, 3-2)
- MIKE vs. YAZ. Round 2... Ready... GO! (Purple leads, 7-6)
- FAYE vs. JAKE. Final Round.... Ready... GO! By the way, did we mention it was raining?

First up, the MVP of the challenge... YAZ for the bonus score. Now who won the challenge? It was... PURPLE! (8-6). They're all tied for first.

The man to beat in the fighting category... Clearly Justin Wong. You beat him, you learn from him, you're in a good place for Isolation. Meanwhile, Faye and AJ are really starting to hit it off... oh yeah, and they're clicking as well.

The house sees Kat as a threat, meaning that somehow they've got to get her out early. She's a pro. She's got a pedigree. Most likely, Wong's going to have to make that choice later. Sebastian is chosen to throw Isolation in order to take on Kat in the Head-to-Head. Meanwhile, Ryan let's Kat think that she's gaining his trust. He's here to get in people's heads.

ISOLATION CHALLENGE (worth 50% of overall score): Tekken 6

The challenge this week: facing off against the computer in Survival Mode. The goal: survive. Rankings will be based on the number of computer opponents you beat.

AJ, Mike, and Vanessa take powders early. Wong, Yaz, and Jake last the full ride. But who will have the advantage?

The person in last place and headed for Elimination... MIKE.

The person in first place and determining his opponent... YAZ. Unfortunately for someone who may get the idea to "pull a Swoozie", in season 2, you will NOT be able to send yourself to Samsung Stadium.

Justin thinks that teaching some choice moves in the game might have cost him the win.

Yaz has three options, none of which come from the purple team in today's challenge. He goes to his good friend Vanessa, and she immediately thinks... Kat. Not because they have beef, but because there is a possibility that later on, she'll become a fierce competitor. The other two options: Sebastian and Faye, are fighting it out in practice.

Yaz talks to Kat, saying that he would never choose her because of Vanessa. Yaz was sure that he was going to pick Kat... but then she broke into tears talking to her, so right now, anything can happen.

At nomination, Yaz chooses... KAT to take on Mike. Kat thinks that there's more to it than strategy. For the record, in the overall, Kat came in 8th place.

And as soon as the gamers get to the loft, all hell breaks loose between Kat and Vanessa. When $100,000 are on the line, and you already have beef, things get crazy. Time to practice...


Using any character in Tekken 6, Kat and Mike will compete in a best-of-nine, first to five match. Let's go to the tale of the tape...

21 Age 20
Lancaster, CA Home turf Houston
III Mystik III Gamertag Michs09
Shooters Specialty Sports

The players take their positions. And... GAME ON!

Kat has chosen to play Lili to Mike's Bob. Each match is set to 60 seconds.

Round 1... FIGHT! Mike takes it in a walk. (Mike leads, 1-0)

Round 2... FIGHT! Mike continues to toss her around. Lili known for her quickness, but Kat has not taken advantage yet. But she's got a combo in him. (Tied at 1)

Round 3... FIGHT! Kat finally gets a hold of Lili's speed, but Mike gets back up and pours on the pain. (Mike leads, 2-1)

Round 4... FIGHT! The key to winning will be putting your opponent in the air. Kat puts Mike in a corner. (Tied at 2)

Round 5... FIGHT! Not even a challenge. (Mike leads, 3-2).

Round 6... FIGHT! Kat misses a follow-up opportunity.... but doesn't miss another (Tied at 3)

Round 7... FIGHT! Mike looks like he can catch up... doesn't happen. (Kat leads, 4-3)

Round 8... FIGHT! Mike with the perfect! (Tied at 4)

Final Round... FIGHT! Distance.. Chains... Counter... Reverses... More chain... KAT FTW! Mike kept it close, but unfortunately for him, and maybe for the rest of the house, it's GAME OVER.

Next week, grab your Wii-motes for an Ultimate Gamer first...

If you would like to find out more about the World Cyber Games or watch this episode in its entirety, check out www.wcgultimategamer.com or www.syfy.com/wcgultimategamer.