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Mark Burnett's singing competition takes away everything about music... except the voice.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Carson Daly
Coaches Adam Levine
Usher Raymond IV
Blake Shelton
Correspondent Christina Milian
Creator John de Mol (based upon "The Voice of Holland")
EP John de Mol
Mark Burnett
Audrey Morrissey
Stijn Bakkers
Lee Metzger
Packager Mark Burnett Productions & Talpa for Warner Horizon TV
Origins Los Angeles
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Airs 8p ET Mon, NBC
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Blind Auditions #1

For three seasons, four coaches have paid attention to only the voice. But this is the season where everything changes. Out: Christina Aguilera and Cee-Lo Green. In: Usher and Shakira, both international phenomena in their own rights. Blake has two wins under his belt to Adam's one. Who... is going to discover the next Voice?

But one thing remains the same, it starts with a blind audition... and that starts with an all-star jam of the coaches "coming together". See what I did there?

First, Kara Morgan & Rhian Morgan (Rochester, NY) are the first set of twins on the show. They got their start as teenage members of a 60s-type girl group. One's an insurance agent, the other is a mental-health therapist. Other than that, they love to do everything together. Can they come together with the first audition of the year? The song is "Fallin'" by Alicia Keys... and immediately Usher and Blake hit it. Adam joins in the action. Not much in the way of harmony and whatever is there is forced. But it's good enough to get Shakira in on the bidding. So the first audition of the new season, and it's up to the Morgan Twins to determine who they want to work with. They pick... BLAKE.

Adam: "Yo, your wife's gonna kill you, man!" Blake: "I know." Miranda Lambert don't like bromances... OR threesomes.

From Austin comes Jess Kellner, a hairdresser. All of her work is during the day. All of her music is at night. Her mother is a recovering alcoholic, so she lives with her dad and his wife. She's looking to touch a few lives. Will she do so with "Can't Help Falling In Love" by Elvis? YES! Both newbies are in. And both newbies will fight. Much to Adam's delight. And Blake's. Jess picks... USHER. His first teammate EVER.

Next up, Mark Andrew (27, Eden Prairie, MN), a roofer, hopes to leave that life - and his brother - behind for a gig on his own. It wouldn't be the first time he channeled through his music, as he lost bandmates to tragedy. This will be an affirmation to their memory if he can nail "Knockin' on Heaven's Door". Adam wants him. So does Shakira. Blake... comes close, but he's going to let the frontman and the booty shaker have at it. And... bootyshaker wins. SHAKIRA gets her first.

Janetza Miranda (29, Newark, NJ) grew up in an energetic Puerto Rican family. When she's not dancing, she's singing in a bachata group. She's going to try to work a little bit of that into "Titanium". She wants to follow in Shakira's footsteps. Shakira... almost buys in... But ultimately, no one does. Better luck next time, kid. You got guts there.

Danielle Bradbery (16, Cypress, TX) got into music from her cousin. Growing up, she had crooked teeth and was teased for it. Music became her outlet. This is going to be her first time in the spotlight, so yeah, no pressure. She's going to be singing "Mean" by T-Sizzle. Usher's in. Blake's in. And for good reason. She's got great tone... and Adam's joining in on this. Her pitch needs a little work, though. She picks... BLAKE So Blake has three blondes: twins and a minor. Just saying.

And altogether for Usher, now... NASHVILLE IS NOT A STATE!

Vedo (19, Atlanta) went from a local talent show to a lifelong obsession with Usher. He knows who he wants. His mother and him were homeless for two or three years, sticking together through a lot. Recently, she's been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. She has literally months. He was ready to give "The Voice" up, but she told him to go for it. And go for it he will with "Boyfriend" by some guy that Usher once worked with. Of course he hits it. And since no one else does... Usher automatically gets him.

And history is repeating itself, as Adam struggles to find his first. Will it be Christian Porter (21, Stroudsburg, PA), who as a child was mistaken for being deaf. Right now, he's a bar musician who's looking for his last call. He puts his own little spin on LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It". Shakira's in. Blake makes it a game. Usher makes it three. Christian makes it BLAKE.

After a montage of those who failed to make the cut, we get Leah Lewis (15, orig. China, now living in Orlando), who, as a baby, was adopted with her sister. She also grew up listening to bluegrass, and will deliver a country number. So she'll be trying to break a couple of stereotypes tonight with Carrie Underwood's "Blown Away". She's not blowing away any of the coaches, as she has yet to reach her full potential.

Kris Thomas (27, Memphis) is the youngest of a very religious family. He was exposed to R&B through listening to his brother's tapes. He was signed on the spot for a record deal, but creative differences led him away from that. He's also a recovering alcoholic ever since he drove onto someone's lawn. His second chance begins with "Saving All My Love For You"... Sounding almost creepily like Whitney. Shakira's in. And she's SHOCKED. I'm shocked none of the guys went for this. "You're a dude!" Yes, Usher. Yes he did. "Women go crazy over a guy with a falsetto." .... Not to speak from personal experience, but..... yeah.

James Irwin (30, St. Louis) is a union carpenter who builds everything from houses to skyscrapers. He had some label interests, but that coincided with his wife giving birth to twins four months early. Long story short... they had ten good minutes with them. They did have another child, and as of this typing, she's just turned one. Happy birthday, Aiden. Here's your father with "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" by the Script. And the coaches will not be moved.

Carson is hitting the road this season to find more contestants for this season. His first find: Judith Hill (28; Pasadena), who was called to work with Michael Jackson on his final "This Is It" tour. She ended up singing "Heal the World" at his memorial service two weeks later. She didn't entertain offers out of taste for the bereft. Tonight, she's getting her footing back with "What a Girl Wants" by someone who used to sit in Usher's chair. And speaking of, here's Usher, and here's Adam. And here's Shakira. And Blake makes it four. She completely BEASTS IT.

.... and, like the other three seasons before, Adam finally gets one. And just like that... the game is on.

Judith Hill

Morgan Twins
Danielle Bradbery
Christian Porter

Mark Andrew
Kris Thomas

Jess Kellner

Okay, we wrap this one up, and get you ready for the next one tomorrow. Meanwhile, you can download the full versions of auditions on iTunes. he search for the Voice continues...

To see this episode in its entirety, go to nbc.com/thevoice.