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Four home cooks are looking for the sweet taste of victory as they compete for $25,000.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Guy Fieri
Judges Katherine Alford
Rosemary Ellis
Michael Psilakis
Creators/EP Jim Berger
Art Edwards
Joseph Levy
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April 4

You know'em. Unless you're a vegetarian, you love'em. America grew up on'em. Now eight of'em are going to try and please the judges for $25,000 and $5000 in Food Network gear from Kohl's. Grab your spatulas... It's burger time!

Tonight's burger battlers...

Dani Mitchell Turk
Jackson, MI
cake shop owner
Harold Cohen
Hollywood, FL
retired surgeon (and defending champion)
Michael Cohen
Los Angeles
music composer (and Harold's son)
Chris Osserman
Plano, TX
branch manager of a lumber company

Harold has been to hell and back on the Showdown and ended up with a title. Now his son, who was on "Showdown" season 1, wants to take victory from him today.


Dani: Must-Have Muffaletta Burger
Harold: The Alabama Smokehouse Pig Burger
Michael: The Ultimate BLT Burger
Chris: Great American Southwest Sliders

You know the rules... one hour to cook, best score has the advantage going into the speed round. Gentlemen (and lady)... Start your grillers!

And once again, if you want to try out these recipes, foodnetwork.com/URS... hit up the website and get in the kitchen!

Everyone wants some bacon in the burger, because let's face it... everything's better with bacon.

Harold's flabbergasted that both he and his son were picked for the same Showdown. He's a bit flabbergasted as he is also forgetting his paprika early, so he has to start again.

Dani's really anal when it comes to her ingredients to the point of weighing her ingredients.

Michael's set the bar for himself very high to complete. He's competed in 15 to 20 contests and has won $50 grand in his career as a competitive cook.

Chris's timing is going smoothly. He's in his element. He's going to hit his burger with a little chorizo for some flavor, and tortilla chips to wick away some of the moisture.

And we have a fire in Harold's kitchen. That's going to cost him some valuable time with 20 minutes to go. Also, Michael hasn't yet made his sauce. Dani and Harold are both cooking pork burgers, which tend to cook quicker than beef patties, so this is going to be interesting to watch. And only one kitchen, Dani's, has dropped burgers. Sliders are on on Chris' kitchen. They don't take long to cook, so Chris should be fine if he keeps his eye on them.

And Michael has yet to plate a burger with 20 seconds to go...  And... STOP! Congrats... you survived. Now to FACE THE JUDGES... Remember, it's 50 on taste, 25 on originality, 15 on appearance, and 10 on ease. Highest score wins.

First up, Michael's BLT burger. He executed as he wanted, but his radicchio was a little raw. And the tomato element... missing. The yellow tomatoes were not acidic enough, and you need that bite. Chef Michael says he simply tried too hard.

Dani's muffaletta is next. It's super juicy. The salami bacon killed it really nice. The burger doesn't sell on the pork. It needed the beef.

Harold's satisfied on his pig burger. The burger takes us to the backyard, especially with the twist of the white barbecue sauce. But it was a little undercooked.

Chris is last with his sliders. The flavors all come together. And it's a fun slider. The relation of bread to topping is a little weird, though. Needed more beef.

Dani: 92
Harold: 93
Michael: 88
Chris: 94

That gives Chris the advantage going into the...


The cooks will have 30 minutes to cook...

Dani: It's All Greek to Me Burger
Harold: Mexican Cemita Burger
Michael: Northern Italian Trattoria Burger
Chris: Tuscan Espresso Burger

Again, the score to beat is a 94.

It should be noted that Harold won last year on the speed round. Michael is using speck instead of your normal run of the mill bacon. Harold's current burger looks a lot like Chris' previous burger. Meanwhile, Chris is applying his own personal spice to the burgers, and the longer it sits, the more it's going to absorb. Dani, meanwhile, is serving a Greek burger to a Greek chef. It's all Greek to her, but it may not be all Greek to him... and he calls it out in front of her! Mayo is bad on a Greek item... You need yogurt. And all that mayo is going to drown out the taste of the feta. And Michael's frico for his burger... is not exactly a wide world of multitasking. Chalk it up to nerves.

Chris is doing nothing with 15 minutes to go. So he's going to put the burgers on early and hope to G-d they don't burn. Harold's time is short. Michael's just lost on time. He's using two cheeses. Dani's using two cheeses. Five minutes, and we're hoping for melted cheeses... and we're hoping Chris didn't overcook his burgers... It's going to come down to the wire again...

PLATES DOWN! Time to judge.

Dani's "Greek with a small G" burger is first. Does it deliver on the flavor? Nope. The feta flavor is lost. Chef Psilakis? "The lamb.. is just perfect. I would've used yogurt, but it lacked seasoning."

Harold's burger is a lot like Chris' signature burger. We were looking for a little bit of crunch, but the use of fresh ingredients wins him out.

Michael's burger is next. his use of butter paid off. The burger tastes a lot like Italy. The use of capicola and the double cheeses... beautiful.

Finally, Chris' Tuscan number. Why did he use a ciabatta bread? That was bad. The spice makes it a good burger, but the cheese isn't pulling its weight.

Remember, the only number that matters is 94. This is for $30,000 in cash and prizes...

Chris: 90
Harold: 92 - ELIMINATED

That leaves Chris's 94 and Michael's burger. Will Michael take it home for the Cohens? He needs to bust out a 95 or higher.

Michael's score is...


98! MICHAEL WINS $25,000 CASH MONEY and the rightful title of Burger King!

Another four chefs and another eight recipes fight it out next time. Don't watch hungry.

To watch this episode in its entirety, or to check out recipes from tonight's "Ultimate Recipe Showdown", go to www.foodnetwork.com/urs.