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Sixteen sharpshooters will face off projectile against projectile for a shot at $100,000.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Colby Donaldson
Creator Ralph Wikke
EP Ralph Wikke
Craig Piligian
Dirk Hoogstra
Paul Cabana
David McKillop
Packager Pilgrim Films & TV for History Channel
Origins Santa Clarita, CA
Web history.com/topshot 
Airs 10p ET Tues, History

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Round 1: The Gauntlet
August 9

(C-Note: The challenges that you are about to read have been designed, tested, supervised, and played by experienced marksmen operating on a closed course. They are extremely dangerous and should never be attempted by anyone, anywhere, at any time.)

It's about to begin again... A new batch of 16 marksmen are about to take to the field for a shot at $100,000 and the coveted title of... Top Shot.

Alex Charvat (38; structural engineering business owner; Conifer, CO)
Billy Rogers (33; restaurant operator; Virginia Beach, VA)
Dustin Ellerman (28; Christian camp director; Zavalla, TX)
Jake Zweig (39; motivational speaker & football coach; Steilacoom, WA)
Jarrett Grimes (42; DHS agent; Atlanta)
Mike Hughes (38; firearms training equipment company president; Ferndale, WA)
Paul Marinaccio (31; detective; Fairfield, NJ)
Sara Ahrens (38; police training sergeant; Beloit, WI)
Amanda Hardin (33; firearms instructor & nurse; Birmingham, AL)
Chris Collins (26; US Shooting Academy instructor & sales coordinator; Chanute, KS)
Cliff Walsh (41; airport driver; New York City)
Drew Shprintz (27; firearms instructor & bartender; Philadelphia)
Gary Quesenberry (41; DHS agent; Sylvatus, VA)
Mark Schneider (45; customer service professional; Largo, FL)
Michael Marelli (28; NY State court officer; Long Island, NY)
Phil Morden (25; video producer; Milford, MI)

Every round has a team challenge and an elimination challenge. Each round will also have a practice session leading up to the team challenge. The winning team is safe from elimination. The losing team will nominate two of its own to go head-to-head in elimination. Winner stays, loser pays. And in the end, there can only be one. That much has not yet changed.

And this season... the infamous Gauntlet is in the first round. But first, take a look at this...

- The Smith & Wesson 500 Magnum (USA; 2003), a modern-day version of Dirty Harry's famous peacemaker.

Competing in pairs, you will shoot a loaded 500 and fire at targets 30, 50, and 70 feet. First person to hit their three wins. Winner sit to the left, losers to the right.

As you can expect, the winners are on the BLUE team, and the losers on the RED. And the Blues waste no time in talking the smack.


We start with the Gauntlet to be run with...

- Larue Tactical OBR (USA, 2010). The most advanced sniper rifle in the world, allows for quicker follow-ups; popular with special ops.

Climb onto the platforms using 16-foot poles weighing 220 pounds. On the range are two targets for each team. Each team must carry their pole to the platforms and then assign a shooter and a sight to take out the 75-yard and 100-yard targets. You'll switch for each target. When both targets are hit, go to the next station. First team to four stations wins.

The lineups...

STATION #1: Billy/Dustin vs. Phil/Michael
STATION #2: Paul/Jake vs. Drew/Cliff
STATION #3: Sara/Jarrett vs. Mark/Gary
STATION #4: Mike/Alex vs. Amanda/Chris

The Reds start by not even making it a contest... Unfrotunately the Blues catch up and pull ahead to take the game. On the back of Cliff getting easily winded, the Blues win... AGAIN. Reds take a total of 27 shot, hitting 7. The poorest shot: Amanda, who took 10 and missed 9.

The Reds decide early that Amanda is going up to the Elimination Challenge. Who will join her?


Michael: MARK
Drew: MARK
Amanda: MARK

Chris doesn't vote... Chris doesn't have to. Amanda and Mark will take to the Elimination Challenge.


We're putting the History back in History Channel with..

- Winchester '73 (USA, 1873)

You will shoot in a sitting position to practice. The elimination challenge will require you to shoot rapid fires in a sitting position. Assisting you will be specialist Jim "Long Hunter" Finch. He's looking for effective snap shooting, acting cleanly and quickly.

The challenge: You will be shooting from an actual stagecoach, "riding shotgun" to shoot 10 targets from concealed positions along the course, with positions ranging from 15 to 25 yards away. You will have only 10 rounds to do so. Most successful shots wins. The winner will also receive a $2000 gift card from Bass Pro Shops. The loser is going home.

Amanda is placed in isolation. Mark will shoot first.

Mark: 3
Amanda: 1. Amanda Hardin has fired her last shot. Meanwhile, Mark earns $2000 from Bass Pro Shops.

Fifteen are left, but what happens when the Blues continue their psychological warfare with rounds from an AK47? Stay tuned...

To view this episode in its entirety, visit www.history.com/topshot.