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Fox is staging the ultimate dance battle with $250,000 on the line. Who'll get served, and who'll be the last dancers standing?

Recaps by Pierre Kelly, GSNN

Host Cat Deeley
Judges Nigel Lythgoe
Mary Murphy
Announcer Mark Thompson
Creator Simon Fuller & Nigel Lythgoe
EP Barry Adelman
Simon Fuller
Nigel Lythgoe
Packager 19 TV & dick clark productions
Origins CBS Television City, Los Angeles
Web fox.com/dance
Airs 8p Wed, FOX

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Round of 20 (or "Can't just anybody bet the farm on all of them?")
July 11

It all comes down to this. The round of 20. We view all 10 routines and we let you decide. The 2 will be eliminated next Wednesday and we do it over until 2 dancers are crowned. It's a new way to watch SYTYCD, but let's see how it goes.

Kicking things off, with Kenny Ortega judging, Whitney and Cheon became a pair and danced a samba to "Jump" by the Cube Guys. Boy it was a party in here.

What Mary said: It was a great routine by Louis Van Amstel. You can really move (Chehon). Witney is on the hot tamale train.
What I said: They rocked it!

Next is the pair of Tiffany & Goerge doing contemporary to "Turning Page" by Sleeping at Last. The guys did perfectly to this Sonya Tayeh routine.

What Nigel said: I loved the vulnerability you showed (Tiffany).
What I said: George did it better with his shirt off.

And next is Alexa & Daniel doing a jazz routine to "Hey Hey" by Dennis Ferrer. And hey, they worked it out in red suits. Throughtout the middle there, there was some arm routines.

What Nigel said: Sean is an extremely demanding choreographer. It was never ending.
What I said: That was red-icously good.

Amber and Nick will take their turn as they dance a vienesse waltz routine to "Nights in White Satin," once sung by the Moody Blues, now sung for this program by Tina Arena. It felt more like a waltz routine than a contemporary routine.

What Mary said: The whole thing was just dreamy. The transitions were melting out there.
What I said: That was pretty.

Next is Amelia & Will doing hip-hop to "The Lovecats" by The Cure. They dressed up as cats and the claws came out. Boy, they came out purring.

What Kenny said: Amelia if we had a kitty like you we would play with you all day long. Will you did a great job playing with her.
What I said: They were purr-fect!

And we have Janelle and Dareian doing an African Jazz routine to "jungle" by Hilight Tribe. After a leg twist in the beginning by Janelle, the music sped up and they went into a frenzy.

What Nigel said: Itís another one where you breathe in the beginning then you breathe in the end. Janelle if you survive rehearsals on this show, you could do well. (LOL!!!)
What I said: When they broke loose, they killed it like a NES zapper.

Now it's time for Eliana and Cyrus to go to Boradway just by doing a routine to "Run and Tell That" from "Hairspray." They danced around a bloackboard that says "No Predjuidce" and they took no prisioners by dancing, then later on, they flipped teh board over. They even turned the board around and left it halfway.

What Kenny said: I felt like I was in a Broadway house watching.
What I said: I agree with him.

And now, Audrey and Matthew doing contemporary to "Unchained Melody" by the Righteous Brothers. They danced around a vintage couch and it was all romantic from here on out.

What nigel said: The movement was just perfect.
What I said: It was oozing perfectly.

And to end it, Lindsay and Cole dance a paso doble to "unstoppable" by E.S. Posthmus. It brought all the passion and brought it tougher than it looks in a normal ballroom.

What Mary said: If the two of you keep this up, you will be unstoppable. That was pure Paso Doble!
What I said: Incredible!

And that ends our show. Time for you guys to vote, because next week, 2 more dancers will be gone. The round of 18 is next week. See you guys later.

To see this episode in its entirety, go to www.fox.com/dance.