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November 22

Six celebrities team up with six pro ice dancers in a competition that gives new meaning to the term "cold war!"

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Vernon Kay
Judges Dick Button
Laurieann Gibson
Johnny Weir
Color Commentator Tanith Belbin
Creator Eric Morley (based upon "Strictly Come Dancing")
EP Izzie Pick
Phil Edgar Jones
Packager BBC Worldwide Productions
Origins CBS Television City, Los Angeles
Web www.abc.com/skating
Airs 8p ET Mon, ABC

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Round of 5
November 29

Last week, six stars took to the ice in a competition only seen ONCE before on television. Now that the votes have been counted, it's time for the votes to count. Six couples enter the rink... but only FIVE will get to perform for your votes tonight. The other one is ultimately performing to save themselves. Who's going on and who's going home? Lock the doors, it's getting cold in here!

To recap, the scores last week according to the judges...

45 - Rebecca & Fred
40 - Jonny & Brooke
36 - Brandon & Keauna
34 - Sean & Denis
29 - Bethenny & Ethan
28 - Vince & Jennifer

A huge gap between first and last. Let's go rinkside with the couples and the technical moves that they must pull off this week. They had one week to prepare for TWO new technical requirements... The step sequence of turns and rotations on the blades edges IN UNISON, and the dance lift across the ice. The female must release the hold, the men must do the grunt work.

First up, Jonny Moseley & Brooke Castile. Last week, they wowed the judges, but Laurieann wanted to see a little more "junk in the trunk." Whatever gets you to bed at night, sweetheart. Meanwhile, Brooke may come to blows with Jonny on the lift, if only because she's been with a partner who COULDN'T get it right and injured herself because of it. Will Jonny (groin) be able to deliver where he couldn't? They'll swing to "Jump Jive & Wail" by the Brian Setzer Orchestra.

What they say: Johnny was blown away by Jonny's ability to hold and rotate Brooke. Dick thought it was "specially good." Laurieann thought it was full of rhythm and syncopation.

What we say: They nailed the lift, but the sequence was a little clunky. Perhaps the junk in the trunk was just that... junk.

And as the couple heads to the kiss-and-cry, we remind you that there are TWO scores, one for technical merit, and one for artistic expression.

SCORES (technical/artistic):
Laurieann: 8/7
Johnny: 8/6
Dick: 8/7 (he said "8", but per the rules of the judging, the number on the paddle is final and binding. Live TV don't you love it.)
LAST WEEK: 40/60
TOTAL: 84/120

Vince Neil & his partner Jennifer Wester came into this new world and left in a world of hurt with 28 out of a possible 60 for last place. They're gong for a hot tango, but will it turn into a hot mess? Their program is to a Latinized version of the Police's "Roxanne".

What they say: Dick tells them not to worry about their mistake, saying that he enjoys their personality. Laurieann said that he embodied the drama of the tango in the performance and that the couple embodied the musicality. Johnny said that the technical kept going after that one mistake and reminds him about fundamentals.

What we say: That step progression was a copout. And the mistake they made was a little telling... especially after getting back up. Remember, this isn't going to be judged on what happens when you go down, but what happens after.

SCORES (technical/artistic):
Laurieann: 6/6
Johnny: 3/6 (actually a 9 held upside down. Funny Johnny is funny)
Dick: 4/5
LAST WEEK: 28/60
TOTAL: 58/120

Last week Bethenny Frankel and Ethan Burgess were rattled by the judges' comment that she needed to "be in it... or step to the side." Is she in it to win it, or will she be watching next week from the side? The fact that she's spending her talking head talking about everything BUT the competition... might just answer that question. But let's let the skates do the talking to Alesha Dixon's "The Boy Does Nothing."

What they say: Laurieann thought it was stiff and "overthinking". Johnny was impressed, but there's still some work to be done. "The performance feels a little put on." Dick reminds: "Bend ze knees, five dollars please", calling her a tough cookie.

What we say: Nice to see that they're actually giving some effort to make the performance relevant and playful. A step in the right direction to start, but you leave with the feeling that though Bethenny has come a long way, she still has a long way to go.

SCORES (technical/artistic):
Laurieann: 6/6
Johnny: 5/5
Dick: 6/5
LAST WEEK: 29/60
TOTAL: 62/120, They're out of the cellar... but JUST.

Half up, half home. Next, Brandon Mychal Smith & Keauna McLaughlin, who were described as "spiffy" last week. At least, it was spiffy enough to make third. This week, it's Latin-inspired heat on the ice. And heat, ice... someone's gonna end up all wet in a moment. But first... a break with non-sharp skating. Brandon's going to try to ice-skate like he roller-skates to "Shut Up" by the Peas.

Now back to the reason why we're here. Rebecca took to the ice like a natural (perhaps because she's been doing this with her sister). She struggled with crossovers, which comprise the majority of her routine. The notoriously-competitive Rebecca will let her blades do the talking with Fred to Ne-Yo's "Closer".

What they say: Johnny thought it was "amazing", "ferocious", "passionate", and "sexy." Dick thought it was spectacular, BUT... "you're hovering above her." Brandon's a matador, baby. Laurieann says that they maintain connection.

What we say: you guys are a little saucy here... They're together. They're on point. They're back in it.

SCORES (technical/artistic):
Laurieann: 8/9
Johnny: 8/8
Dick: 8/8
LAST WEEK: 36/60
TOTAL: 85/120. We have a new leader!

Last week, Sean Young & Denis Petukhov were magical and "channeling some bunnies frolicking in a meadow." Thanks, Johnny. Sean is a great actress, but she's terrified of the rink, so she goes skydiving... sort of. She goes sky-less sky-diving. Will that help her avoid taking a dive in the standings? She'll be skating to "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy".

What they say: Dick is glad to see some "giggle in that jiggle." Laurieann says that she came out strong. Johnny says that she fought for every single element.

What we say: I don't know if that fall in the middle was planned... I know the fall near the end WASN'T. But she did recover from it... and that's all that matters in the end. And it beats Vince's.

SCORES (technical/artistic):
Laurieann: 5/5
Johnny: 3/7
Dick: 4/6
LAST WEEK: 34/60
TOTAL: 64/120.

One more performance before we cut someone from the program, and it belongs to Rebecca Budig (shoulder) and her partner Fred Palascak. She led going into tonight with 45. She's going to need a 40 out of 60 to tie the judges' marks, a 41 out of 60 to win them outright. And no one is safe as of yet. ... NO PRESSURE. They get a little help from Dmitry Chaplin from the sister show. They'll finish the show with "Whatever Lola Wants".

What they say: Laurieann, Johnny, and Dick all say that the game is on. Though Johnny does think that Rebecca has some "malaise" on her, and Dick reminds her that rules were made to be broken, that the tango was "square".

What we say: The coaching from the dancer helped in the artistic. Not much in the way of technical to start, but a whole freakin' lot of everything to wrap up the program. And the death spiral at the end? Holy Toledo. We've got a game now.

SCORES (technical/artistic):
Laurieann: 8/8
Johnny: 7/6
Dick: 8/7
LAST WEEK: 45/60
TOTAL: 89/120. That means that leading today....

89 - Rebecca & Fred
85 - Brandon & Keauna
84 - Jonny & Brooke
64 - Sean & Denis
62 - Bethenny & Ethan
58 - Vince & Jennifer

Quite the gap between top 3 and bottom 3. One couple will simply find it too much to bear and will be voted OUT of the competition.... right now. Dim the lights.

Rebecca & Fred... YOU ARE SAFE.

Jonny & Brooke... YOU ARE SAFE.

Brandon & Keauna... YOU ARE SAFE.

Bethenny & Ethan... YOU ARE SAFE.

That means that Sean & Denis and Vince & Jennifer are the bottom 2.

The first pair leaving on Skating with the Stars is...


SEAN & DENIS. Heard a boo or two, but that's the vote.

Down to five. This time next week, we'll be down to four. From Television City in Hollywood.. GOOD NIGHT!

To see this episode in its entirety, go to abc.com/skating.