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One hero vs. ten total strangers. Miss just one question and you'll fall through the floor, but drop all ten strangers and you win $1,000,000.

Recaps by Brian Moore & Brian Sapinski, GSNN
Host Ben Bailey
Announcer Tom Kane
Creators Lisa Shiloach-Uzrad & Amit Stretiner (based upon "Still Standing")
EP Craig Plestis
Tim Puntillo
Lisa Shiloach-Uzrad
Amit Stretiner
Avi Armoza
Packager Armoza Formats & Smart Dog Media for Universal Television
Origins Sunset Gower Studios, Los Angeles
Web nbc.com/wss
Airs 8p ET Mon, NBC
@Who's Still Standing

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What About Bob?
December 22

We've reached the final day of our premiere week of Who's Still Standing? I wonder what Santa's gonna do next week when the show takes its regular Monday time slot. Oh well...

TONIGHT'S CHALLENGER: BOB GLOUBERMAN (Phoenix, AZ - Video game reviewer)

Tonight's hero has been in game shows before including Classic Concentration, Show Me the Money, and Catch 21. He's also had the highest GPA in the history of his high school. Let's see if all things nerddom has qualified him to become a millionaire.

MATCH #1: BOB VS. #9 KALI MUSCLE (Oakland, CA - Bodybuilder)
Bob said on the sole reason that he could can eat him, he has to go first.

If the months of the year were placed in alphabetical order, which one's last?
_ _ P _ _ M _ _ R

As long as you can spit out all the months, you have this. started to, but then he flaked after April. He manages to spit out SEPTEMBER with 0.20 seconds left!

A near miss if there ever was one, but can he do it again on his next question:

Who beat out Katy the Kangaroo to become the mascot of Kellogg's Frosted Flakes?
_ _ N _ _ H _ _ _ G _ R

I'm not even gonna try to decipher what names he babbles out. I'll just say BUZZ!

Ben's sentiment is right: "Kali's fine. The people he landed on are all dead." While Kali seeks out TONY THE TIGER, we reveal the money.

BOB WINS: $1,000

MATCH #2: BOB VS. #6 KYLIE SPEAKMAN (Woodland, CA - Psychology student)
Her look screams Britney Spears. (Look it up on nbc.com or Hulu, you'll see what I mean.) Let's hope she proves a better match. MUCH better.

SPECIAL ROUND - MO' MONEY (Questions about money)

Oh no, Kylie's in trouble on HER first question?!

The theme song of this Trump TV show features the lyrics, "Money, money, money, money..."
_ H _ A _ _ _ E _ _ _ C _

"Mo money, mo' problems... uh..."


Are you kidding?! I get her logic when she sees the answer, THE APPRENTICE: "I was thinking of a song." Well, now you have plenty of time to overthink in your psych classes.

BOB WINS: $1,000

For how easy these first two matches have been, they deserve to be $1,000 each. Can we find some REAL competition for Bob or should we just give him a farce million now?

MATCH #3: BOB VS. #1 ANDREW MEDINA (Valley Village, CA - Co-owner of a trivia company)
Yeah, this guy will do. Time to play!

And it does get good now. Even Bob finally gets into it on his 5th question:

Who designed wedding dresses for Jennifer Lopez and Alicia Keys?
_ _ R _ _ A _ _

He gets VERA WANG with no problem, but I love his reaction. "Oh, I'm excited! Yeah! I got a wedding dress question. Yeah!"

And the excitement continues into Andrew's next question:

Who was rejected for a job with the FBI before becoming U.S. president?
_ I _ _ _ _ _ _ _ O _

He has trouble fumbling through president names after he can't get William Clinton to fit, but RICHARD NIXON eventually comes out with 2 seconds to go.

And why stop there? Bob's next question:

What yellow spice is a major ingredient in curry powder?
_ _ R _ _ _ I _

Bob's struggling, time's ticking... PASS in the final moments. Can Andrew get it? Coriander doesn't work and...


He had nothing else. I don't either. TURMERIC is the answer, and even though no one can pronounce it right, it sends Andrew away.

BOB WINS: $15,000

See, THAT was a good match and deserving of that paycheck.

RULE CHANGE: I should point out that Bob started this game with THREE passes, not two. So he has two left going into the next match.

MATCH #4: BOB VS. #8 LAUREN MORA (San Miguel, CA - Substitute teacher)
Just because she's a sub doesn't mean she doesn't know what she's doing.

SPECIAL ROUND - PUT A "RING" ON IT (Questions about rings)

Yes, of course there was a Beyonce question in there, but let's fast forward to Bob's 6th question:

What statue of a Greek God, encircled by a ring, faces the ice rink at Rockefeller Center?
_ R _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Spitting out random Greek god names doesn't work for Bob, and it works even less for Lauren after the PASS.


PROMETHEUS was the answer.

BOB WINS: $3,000

We're at an even 20K, but only one Pass left.

MATCH #5: BOB VS. RYAN KATZ (Snowmass, CO - Owner of a pro wrestling training school)
Another muscleman of sorts. It's a tough business, I've felt how uncomfortable those ring ropes are.

We're finally getting some good back and forth on the mat with this match. But when we get to Bob's 5th question...

What author's dream about a lovesick vampir inspired her to write the book "Twilight"?
_ _ _ _ H _ _ _ _ _ E _ _ _

I'm sorry, but even if this is a pop culture show that you have to know everything for, you're asking two grown men this question. NO CHANCE! So let's just leave it at a PASS and a...


And Ryan is pinned after that double clothesline. All the ladies in the country knew this one, of course. STEPHENIE MEYER

BOB WINS: $15,000

OK, let's take stock. $35,000 in the bank, but all the Passes are gone.. Good thing he came in on the rule change or he'd have been gone. So, is he going to play and take one more Pass forward?


Yes, he will.

MATCH #6: BOB VS. #4 KEIRA HENDERSON (Whittier, CA - Product developer for men's accessories)
Her outfit suggests geekiness, too. Works for me, though. (Again, head to nbc.com or Hulu to get an idea.)

SPECIAL ROUND - WE WILL "ROCK" YOU (Questions about rock)

And the rock is rolled back and forth until we get to Keira's 5th question:

Journalist Michael Kinsley created what online magazine that shares its name with a type of rock?
_ _ _ _ E

Rolling Stone doesn't fit, of course. Can we find anything else...?


Nope. Put up another win on Bob's SLATE.

BOB WINS: $10,000

Made it through with the Pass intact, will that be enough?


It will.

MATCH #7: BOB VS. #7 ERIC VAN LEER (Los Angeles, CA - Ghost hunter)
If there's something strange in this game show land, who's Bob gonna call? To go down, that is.

Eric's 2nd question provides some interesting observation:

The text message abbreviation "IDK" stands for what?
_ _ O _ ' _ _ _ _ W

It's I DON'T KNOW, we know that. But what's fun is that you can say that answer and mean it, and STILL be right. And guess what? Eric really DIDN'T know it! But he got it.

Well, let's see if Eric knows his 6th question:

What is the make and model of the best-selling car of all time?
_ O _ _ _ _ _ O _ O _ _ _

I know it, cuz I own one. But Eric's struggling with Honda Accord... Honda... TOYOTA... COROLLA! 2 seconds left, but he's still in.

Very next question for Bob:

What game show-based movie won an Academy Award for Best Picture?
_ _ U _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ I _ _ _ _ _ E

Bob has to PASS, he can't come up with it. Does Eric know this time?


No, and he's gone. We all had it here in the room, of course. SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE

BOB WINS: $10,000

With the last Pass gone, will he quit here?

BOB WINS: $55,000

That'll build the ultimate arcade for Bob, and the first thrill he's gonna get out of the money: Drop him!

And that completes our premiere week. Don't drop to the floor with too much eggnog, folks. Happy Holidays, we'll see you next week!

To see this episode in its entirety, visit the official website at www.nbc.com/whos-still-standing or their Hulu page at www.hulu.com/whos-still-standing.