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The biggest musical challenge ever to hit the stage features eight teams, great music... and no instruments.

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Gordon Pepper, GSNN
Host Nick Lachey
Judges Ben Folds
Nicole Scherzinger
Shawn Stockman
Creator Joel Gallen
EP Joel Gallen
Deb Newmyer
Sam Weisman
Packager Tenth Planet Productions & Outlaw Entertainment for Sony Pictures TV
Origins Sunset Bronson Studios, Los Angeles
Airs 8p Mon-Wed, NBC
Available In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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Songs of Hope/Superstar Duets/The Winner Is...
December 21

Last week, you saw eight of the best a cappella groups compete on the same stage for the same prize: $100,000 and a Sony Music recording contract. Five of them were eliminated at the hands of the expert judges, leaving just Nota from Puerto Rico, the Beelzebubs from Boston, and Voices of Lee from Tennessee. All week you've been voting for a winner and two hours from now, we'll see who gets the cash, the bragging rights, and the title of "The Sing-Off" champions!

But first, the three groups have a group number, U2's "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For".

So what have the groups been doing for the last week? We'll find out as they deliver songs of hope.

 The Voices of Lee have been hanging out with Big Brothers/Big Sisters of LA, even going so far as to take a group of kids to the set and play judge. As Gordon would say.... "Awwwbarf." This segues into a performance of Ben E. King's "Stand By Me." Ben didn't get it at the outset, but now he got it. They're one of the most harmonically diverse groups in the competition. He hearkens back to the "Man in the Mirror" performance, saying that they slipped tri-tone substitutions in primetime. Shawn thought that he had the group pegged, but he was pleasantly surprised, saying that it was a pleasure watching them develop and grow. Nicole calls the group "her choir of angels" who "sing with their heart". They have strong lead vocalists and they're able to blend well.

Next, college buddies Beelzebubs decide to show off some holiday cheers to a group of seniors, from dancing in a line with them to... well, flirting and serenade. They really enjoyed what they heard at the home. Will they enjoy "Where's the Love" by Black-Eyed Peas? I know I'm not to judge them on the finale, but... where's the pitch? So why did the Bubs make it to the championship? Nicole says that they put a smile on their faces and in their hearts. They're not afraid to take risks and not take themselves too seriously. They're simply "bub-tastic". Ben has a theory that says that these are what college boys are really like, and they back it up with their talent. Shawn believes the group's 47-year tradition epitomizes what this show is all about. They're fun, energetic, and they sound great.

Nota decides to give back at a soup kitchen, something David thought was something special. They also take a few moments to sing to their customers. Their song of hope: "Lean on Me" by Bill Withers. So why are they in the final? Seriously, didn't you just hear that? That's your case right there. But let's hear from the judges. Shawn says that they have a flavor unlike any group they've seen, and it's owed to where they come from, blending traditional harmonies with their Latin flavor. They're going to encourage a lot of kids to sing. Nicole thinks Nota showcases what the voice as an instrument is capable of doing. The group takes us to another place with their own swagger. Ben just says that they're just a good band. They do music just all the time, they don't need a reason.

Next, Voices of Lee take the stage with Natasha Bedingfield with her hit "Pocketful of Sunshine", then the Beelzebubs live out a musical (among other things) fantasy by sharing the stage with Nicole, singing "You Don't Own Me" and showing off a different side to the Bubs. Finally, Nota find out that they will share the stage with Smokey Robinson. This is kind of weird, because the other groups had the advantage of working with their singer... Not so with Nota, who sing "Tracks of My Tears".

Next, get your Christmas cheer on with the host and the finalists singing "It's Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)".

Then Shawn brings a couple of his Boyz onto the stage to perform a medley of their greatest. It's Boyz II Men with a string of "It's So Hard to Say Goodbye", "Yesterday", and "End of the Road"

Next, ten-time Grammy winner Bobby McFerrin decides to put the groups on the spot with something certain I've never seen before... an improvisational a cappella jam. Good stuff...

Now it's time for what we came to do... One of the final three is going bye-bye. Voices of Lee were tight and believable. It's like hearing one voice together. The Beelzebubs know who they are, strong entertainers who bring a wow moment and put their stamp on everything that they do. Nota is talented, funky, true to their roots, and experts at reinventing and transcending.

Your final two....


...THE BEELZEBUBS... and NOTA! Unfortunately, Voices of Lee will have to settle for the bronze. They thank the audience, NBC, Sony, and everyone... and deliver their swan song, "So Long, Farewell" from The Sound of Music...

... REALLY!?

Now, the only time you'll see a musical instrument on stage, Ben Folds performing on his piano with the final two. The song, "Why Can't We Be Friends?" by War. Then, a look back at what it took for each of the groups to get to where they were. Seeing the Nota piece brings Shawn to tears, while Ben says that the Bubs just have to be themselves.

And now... the moment of truth. The best of the best are on the stage with the Beelzebubs and Nota.... But only one of them can get the title, the cash, and the contract. The Beelzebubs have a 47 year legacy to live up to. Nota has a style and flavor all of its own.

But there can only be one Sing-Off champion.

The winner... of the first-ever Sing-Off.... is....











NOTA! They get the $100,000, the recording contract, the accolades of the audience, the bragging rights, and the title of Sing-Off Champions. We get... STREAMERS! David? "This means a brand new life for all of us. Thank you so much for this opportunity."

Unfortunately, it's time for the Bubs to sing their swan song... Grand Funk Railroad's "We Gotta Get Out of This Place".

Nota sings us out with their version of "Down" by Jay Sean...

And that'll do it for "The Sing-Off". Only time will tell whether or not there will be more to come, but there will be more songs, and as long as there are songs out there, there will be singers to interpret them creatively.

... Instruments... We don't need no stinking instruments.

Until next we meet, this is UNC Achordant #5 signing off from the Sing-Off.

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