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You don't have to sing it well, just sing it right in NBC's new quiz show take on musical chairs...

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host: Joey Fatone
Musical Director: Ray Chew
Ray Chew & The Groove: Ray Chew, Alex Al, Nisan Stewart, Doc Powell, Russell Graham, Lee R. Thornburg, Andrew Lippman, Scott Mayo, Chris "Breeze" Barczynski, Carmen Carter, Tanya Diona, Christopher "CJ" Emmons, Vann Johnson, Deanna Johnston, Storm Lee, Paula MacNeill, Jessica Magbitang, Kellie Sae, Tom Sartori, Antoinette "Toni" Scruggs, Wes Quave
Honeybees: Ferly Prado, Lisa Byrnes, Monique Cash, Holly Cruikshank
Creators/EP: Philip Gurin, Robert Horowitz
Packagers: JUMA Entertainment, The Gurin Company
Airs: Tuesday at 8p ET on NBC
Origin: Los Angeles, CA


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Episode 2.1: One-Hit Wonders
October 2

The buzz is back for a brand new season with special guest Toni Basil taking just four wanna-bees on for a shot at $50,000. And as always, it's not about singing it well, just singing it right. First three move on to the next round.

Your players tonight are.. Krystee, Malcolm, Michael, and Susie.

Round 1:

- 1980, Devo, "Whip It"
Band: "Crack that whip / Give the past the slip / Step on a crack..."
Krystee: "Break your mother's back." Oh, so close...
Malcolm: "Uh na na ha ho whoo!" Wrong, but funny.
Michael: "Break your mother's back." Krystee just said that.
Susie: "Break your momma's back." THAT's how you do it.

- 1962, Little Eva, "The Loco-Motion"
Band: "My little baby sister can do it with ease / It's easier than learning your ABCs..."
Krystee: "So come on, come on, do the Loco-Motion with me." RIGHT!

One more.

- 1991, Divinyls, "I Touch Myself"
Band: "I search myself, I want you to find me / I forget myself..."
Malcolm: "I want you to find me." Close.
Michael: "I want you behind me." Correct: "I want you to remind me."

- 1980, the Vapors, "Turning Japanese"
Band: "You got me / Turning up / and turning down / I'm turning in / I'm turning 'round / I'm turning Japanese / I think I'm turning Japanese..."
Malcolm: "I really think so." That's three!

Meeting our players now... Susie Oh's a wedding-gown designer from Pacific Palisades, CA. Krystee was state champion baton twirler three years in a row. Malcolm is a movie theater greeter.

Round 2, Blind Start:

The band will play the opening riff of a song. When they start, you sing in the opening lines exactly.

- 1975, Hot Chocolate, "You Sexy Thing"
Susie: "I believe in miracles..." Correct!

- 1981, Softcell, "Tainted Love."
Krystee: "Sometimes I feel I've got to (C-Note: *Clap clap*) / Run away". Correct!

- 1982, Men Without Hats, "The Safety Dance."
Malcolm: "We can dance if you want to." Oops, it was "We can dance if WE want to." Susie and Krystee are moving on!

Round 3, Sing the chorus:

- 1985, A-Ha, "Take On Me"
Susie: "Take on me / Take me on / I'll be gone / In a day or two". A on the lyrics, D- on the singing.

This is to stay alive, Krystee.

- 1977, Debbie Boone, "You Light Up My Life"
Krystee: "And you light up my life / You give me hope / To carry on / You lighten my days..." Oops. It was "You light UP my days." Susie is tonight's Singing Bee champion!

Now it's time to play for cash money in... The Final Countdown...

Ray: "It's the Final Countdown!"

Seven one-hit wonders, seven missing phrases. For each one you get right, you get $5000. Get five... $50,000 richer. But three strikes, and you're outta here.

Song #1: "A-wimoweh, A-wimoweh / A-wimoweh, A-wimoweh / A-wimoweh, A-wimoweh / A-wimoweh, A-wimoweh / In the jungle / the mighty jungle..."

Susie: "The lion sleeps tonight." Ding!

(1961, The Tokens, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight")
Song #2: "Back at base / flash the message / Something's out there / Floatin' in the summer sky..."

Susie: "99 red balloons go by." That's two...

(1984, Nena, "99 Red Balloons (99 Luftballons)")
Song #3: "Everybody was kung fu fighting / Those kicks were fast as lightning..."

Susie: "In fact it was a little bit frightening..." Three!

(1974, Carl Douglas, "Kung Fu Fighting")
Song #4: "Different types who wear a day coat / Pants with stripes and cutaway coat / Perfect fits / Dressed up like a million dollar trooper / Trying hard to..."

Susie: "Look like Gary Cooper." One more!

(1983, Taco, "Puttin' on the Ritz")
Song #5: "Feel her breath in my face / Her body close to me / Can't look in her eyes..."

Susie: "She's out of my league." WINNER!

(1987, Patrick Swayze, "She's Like the Wind")

And because this is season 2, she's coming back next week to defend her title as Singing Bee champion. See you then.

And Ray takes us out until next time.

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