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Who has what it takes to be America's hottest designer? Are you in... or out?

Recaps by Jay Jianoran, GSNN

Host Heidi Klum
Judges Nina Garcia
Michael Kors
Mentor Tim Gunn
Creator Eli Holzman
EP Jane Cha
Desiree Gruber
Heidi Klum
Jon Murray
Sara Rea
Barbara Schneeweiss
Bob Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein
Packager Bunim-Murray Productions
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Origins New York City
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Airs 9p Thurs, Lifetime

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Come As You Are
July 28

Well, Project Runway is back for Season 9 and I'm Jay Jianoran, the newest member of Game Show Newsnet. Here are the designers competing.
Amanda Perna, 25 - Hometown: Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Resides in: New York, NY
Anthony Ryan Auld, 28 - Hometown: Linden, TX; Resides in: Baton Rouge, LA
Anya Ayoung-Chee, 29 - Hometown: Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago; Resides in: Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Becky Ross, 38 - Hometown: Calumet, MI; Resides in: Portland, OR
Bert Keeter, 57 - Hometown: Washington, D.C.; Resides in: Los Angeles, CA
Bryce Black, 26 - Hometown: Twin Falls, ID; Resides in: Portland, OR
Cecilia Motwani, 34 - Hometown: Cordoba, Argentina; Resides in: Woodside, NY
Danielle Everine, 26 - Hometown: Minneapolis, MN; Resides in: Minneapolis, MN
David Chum, 29 - Hometown: Merong, Battaan, Philippines; Resides in: Boston, MA
Fallene Wells, 29 - Hometown: Las Vegas, NV; Resides in: Denver, CO
Gunnar Deatherage, 21 - Hometown: La Grange, KY; Resides in: Louisville, KY
Joshua McKinley, 25 - Hometown: Cleveland, OH; Resides in: New York, NY
Joshua Christensen, 29 - Hometown: Snohomish, WA; Resides in: Los Angeles, CA
Julie Tierney, 35 - Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA; Resides in: Grand Junction, CO
Kimberly Goldson, 35- Hometown: Brooklyn, NY; Resides in: White Plains, MD
Laura Kathleen , 26 - Hometown: St. Louis, MO; Resides in: St. Louis, MO
Olivier Green, 22 - Hometown: International; Resides in: New York, NY
Rafael Cox, 27 - Hometown: Alamogordo, New Mexico; Resides in: Atlanta, GA
Serena da Conceicao, 31 - Hometown: Kingston, NY; Resides in: Brooklyn, NY
Viktor Luna, 30 - Hometown: Guadalajara, Mexico; Resides in: New York, NY

And now before the first challenge we decided to lose 4 designers and they are...
- David Chum
- Serena da Conceicao
- Gunnar Deatherage
- Amanda Perna
As for the rest they survive for the first challenge of the season.

After being awaken by Tim Gunn at 5 in the morning, their first challenge is to use their own PJ's and one bed sheet and turn them into an outfit of their choice. Dyes, trim, and closures were provided; and their models were randomly assigned for 1 challenge only (and maybe more) I guess.

Guest judging this challenge is Christina Ricci (from ABC's "Pan Am" beginning this fall).

Runway Order (maybe mixed in with BG Music from the 80's and on while they're walking while i'm typing complete with models name in the same color as their design)
1. Joshua McKinley (Sonia Niekrasz - Dancing In The Dark (Bruce Springsteen)
2. Laura Kathleen (Michel Ann - It's A Miracle (Culture Club)
3. Danielle Everine (Karin Agstam - Same as Michel Ann)
4. Viktor Luna (Erika - Jump For My Love (Pointer Sisters)
5. Becky Ross (Meghan Giffin - You Can't Get What You Want (Joe Jackson)
6. Bryce Black (Hannah Gottsman - Same as Meghan)
7. Anya Ayoung-Chee (Sveta Glebova - Talk To Ya Later (The Tubes)
8. Julie Tierney (Thais Magalhaes - Same as Sveta)
9. Oliver Green (Carla Barucci - Almost Paradise (Mike Reno and Ann Wilson)
10. Kimberly Goldson (Bojana Draskovic - Same as Carla)
11. Anthony Ryan Auld (Chelsea Blackburn - Who's That Girl (The Eurythmics)
12. Rafael Cox (Kenzie Gallo - Telephone (Charice and Lea Michelle from Glee)
13. Fallene Wells (Tatjana Sinkevica - Same as Kenzie)
14. Bert Keeter (Kerstin Lechner - She Bop (Cyndi Lauper)
15. Josh Christensen (Ashley - same as Kerstin)
16. Cecilia Motwani (Alyssa - Friday (Rebecca Black)
Winner forces Immunity: Bert Keeter
Getting a Place and Show: Anthony Ryan Auld and Anya Ayoung-Chee
Bottom 3: Joshua Christensen, Julie Tierney, Rafael Cox
Out: Rafael Cox
And that's the first episode of Season 9 of Project Runway. I hope to see you in the next update for another recap of Project Runway and don't forget to see the whole episode by logging to www.mylifetime.com/projectrunway or if you want song ideas for future runway orders or if you want to make your own model lineup for future showings (if theirs no model names shown during runway show) email me at athleticsfan2kx@hotmail.com,  thank you!

To see this episode in its entirety, visit the official website at www.mylifetime.com/projectrunway