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Who has what it takes to be America's hottest designer? Are you in... or out?

Recaps by Quisla Alexander, GSNN

Host Heidi Klum
Judges Nina Garcia
Michael Kors
Mentor Tim Gunn
Creator Eli Holzman
EP Jane Cha
Desiree Gruber
Heidi Klum
Jon Murray
Sara Rea
Barbara Schneeweiss
Bob Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein
Packager Bunim-Murray Productions
Full Picture
Miramax Television
The Weinstein Company
Origins New York City
Web mylifetime.com/projectrunway
Airs 9p Thurs, Lifetime

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Hats Off To You
August 19

Winner: Michael Costello
Out: Kristin Haskins Simms
Guest Judge: Philip Treacy, designer of the avant-garde chapeaux

First of all, Heidi, you looked ridiculous in that Daisy Head Maisy hat! Philip Treacy’s hats aren’t hats, they are glorious works of art-not to be worn lightly or by the faint of heart! By their very nature the hats would have rendered the outfits “costumy.” I think that it would have been ok for the designers to push the envelope a bit as long as they drew the line at hideous/ridiculous. As it happens though, most of the designers played it pretty safely. The budget for this challenge was $150.00.

Micheal Costello’s outfit was stunning. His model looked like a Roman fire goddess. A small miracle considering that was his second dress for this challenge and time was very short. A father’s day call to his son seemed to be the inspiration that he needed. Without the hat it was simply stunning, but with the hat he made a very powerful statement, “The reign of Gretchen is over!”

On the other side of the equation was poor poor Kristin. She had to design around an orchid hat. I knew that she was in trouble when she compared her hat to a vagina. What did she design for this vagina you may ask? She made a pink and black shroud-and there is no other word to describe it-she made a shroud. The dress had no form and very little movement. Flowing and gauzy or sexy and fitted would have looked awesome and knocked it out of the park, but sadly it was not to be. Buh bye Kristin.

Side developments:

1) Gretchen Jones, who won the first two challenges and was in the top three for the third challenge, was simply “in” in this challenge. She felt very strongly that Michael Costello’s design did not deserve to win. Sore looser perhaps?

2) Ivy Higa collapsed very shortly after the third runway show. She was rushed to the ER and treated for exhausting and dehydration and then released.

To see this episode in its entirety, visit the official website at www.mylifetime.com/projectrunway