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It's a race through scenes of the great movies past and present, but who will be the first to the finish?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Dolph Lundgren
Creators/EP Charlie Ebersol
Justin Hochberg
Dan Lanigan
Packager The Hochberg Ebersol Company
Origins Los Angeles
Web reelz.com/racetothescene
Airs 9p Thurs, Reelz

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Race to Forrest Gump & Independence Day
June 6

He's been a boxer with a deadly punch. He's been the most powerful man in the universe. He's been an expendable. He even has a degree in chemical engineering AND a 3rd dan black belt in Kyokushin karate.

... but is Dolph Lundgren really ready to be Phil Keoghan? That's what we're here to find out as ReelzTVaboutMovies launches its first game show, a hybrid race and stunt affair. Three teams of two will race into the scenes of two of the biggest movies of all time, with the winners taking a sweet ride to movie locations all across America thanks to Camping World, a briefcase full of cash money dollars, and the honor of being the Race to the Scene champion.

But first, it's a game show, right? We need contestants!

Muhnazzah & Shahnaz
Dru & Mike
best friends
Ramsey & Briana
dating LARPers

.... and it's RACE TO: Forrest Gump

TOUCHDOWN: On the same football field where Tom Hanks used to "run, Forrest, run!", your team must catch five footballs and run them down field for five touchdowns. But it won't be easy, because you will have to negotiate through six obstacles: the tire run, the risers, tackling dummies, step-over dummies, pylons, and blocking sleds. After you complete the challenge, check your phones for text messages to the next one.

The curveball, you will be running like Forrest did... in a leg brace.

The Blues are the first to get dressed and move to the obstacles, while the others have issues with getting their braces on. They're the first to score a touchdown, while the Reds are the second. Dolph really likes to talk about his mother in Sweden. Good for him.

Blue team is the first with Blue Balls... two of them. Reds catch up and ultimately they're on a tie with three. The Greens... still behind with one. The BLUES WIN the challenge, and they're going to the next...

... as are the Reds. They are 30 seconds behind.

Let's do some more running.

RUN FORREST!: In the movie, Forrest ran across the country to look for answers. Here, you'll be running all the way around campus in a beard and very short shorts looking for a box "sitting on a nearby bench" with your next challenge.

And the Blues are first again! And in the box...

A BOX OF CHOCOLATES: Each team has a box of chocolates. Each chocolate is the same save for one. You'll have to eat through the chocolates in order to find the one with the WHITE center.

... and the BLUES are the first to find them just as the Greens are getting started on their box. They are allowed to race to the next scene... Followed quickly by the Reds AND the Greens.

RACE TO: Independence Day

The teams must now race across LA to the 2nd Street Tunnel, where Dolph is awaiting with the next set of challenges based on the movie where Will Smith whooped ET's ass. Meanwhile, the Blues... miss their exit, allowing the Reds and Greens to catch up.

... and the first team there is the Blue Team! Miraculously.

EXIT STRATEGY: Hidden in a cavalcade of abandoned cars are six team-colored puzzle pieces and one stuffed golden retriever. Find them and put the puzzle together. Be warned, your team's door is located in a blast zone where you will be attacked by fire. Once you've solved your puzzle, take your dog and proceed to the next challenge.

We did mention fire, right?

The Reds are second, followed by the Greens.

The Blues can't find their sixth piece, allowing the Reds to catch up... but the Blues find their piece... as does the Reds. This is a tight race. Now to put it all together and get the door open.

The Blues are complete, and they can race on. The Reds are still struggling. The Greens... are still looking for their final pieces. The Reds... are finally out.

WHUP ET'S ASS: Using a GPS, the teams have to enter coordinates to find a suitcase detonator and a ball of wires somewhere in downtown Los Angeles. Once you find the items, return to the 2nd Street Tunnel.

And once again, Red and Blue are neck and neck, while the Greens are still on the first stage. Wait, not anymore.  The Reds... TAKE THE LEAD! Now to find the balls of wires. But first, the Blues catch up. It is a race! The Reds find the ball of wires first AND get back to the tunnel!

THE FINAL CUT: Untangle your wires and connect them from the detonator to the ignition box. They must put the ignition wires in the correct order from left to right in order to win the race.

Meanwhile, the Greens need to find their bomb and their wires. Once they do, they make a startling realization.

"We're running with a detonator and a ball of wires in the middle of the night in downtown LA.... "
"I'm dressed up as a Muslim with a detonator in my hand."
"This is gonna go over well in LA."

The Blues arrive to untangle their wires, in time for the Reds to retangle their wires. The Greens arrive at the tunnel, but can they untangle their wires in time? The Reds have made strides, but most of their lead is now gone. And the Reds are now fighting. This is still VERY CLOSE.

And the Blues... .. need to reset their wires. Second try...BOOM! GAME OVER! BLUES WIN!

Their prize: $10,000 and a new Camping World luxury RV!

Going from scoring touchdowns to saving the earth from the scum of the universe. Just another day in the movies.

To see this episode in its entirety, go to fox.com/hellskitchen.