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Four of the deadliest humans on the planet have converged in an operation to win $10,000 and be named One Man Army.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Mykel Hawke
Creator David Garfinkle & Jay Renfroe
Creator David Garfinkle
Jay Renfroe
Maria Baltazzi
Anita Geddes
Packager Renegade 83 Entertainment for Discovery
Origins Los Angeles
Web dsc.discovery.com/tv/one-man-army/
Airs 10p ET Wed, Discovery

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Brothers in Arms
July 13

(C-Note: the actions portrayed in this program are carried out by professionals under proper supervision. Do not attempt to duplicate.)

Four of the deadliest humans on the planet enter the field of battle. They will be tested in the realms of strength, speed, and intelligence. After each test, one will be eliminated until there is only one. That one will win $10,000 and the title of One Man Army.

Let's go hot.

Robert C.
Air Force Rescue
Delta Force
married father of three
Kevin H.
US Marshal
married father of three
James Y.
SWAT team
military contractor
owns over 100 weapons
Jeff B.
weapons instructor
got his first gun at 12


Operatives will traverse 150 feet on a line into the urban obstacle course, then race uphill through the quarter-mile course that is live with mines. At the end, there is a firing range, where you will have to shoot a box off of a ledge using a SIG-P220 .45-caliber pistol. That will stop the clock.

TIME IS CRITICAL; the slowest time will be extracted from the game.

Rob: 2:55
Jeff: 2:24, having just beaten a Delta Force op - SAFE
James: 2:48 - SAFE 
Kevin: .... a very winded 7:33



Operatives will have to breach three doors and two walls.

- Barrier #1: Deadbolt; breach using a hoolie
- Barrier #2: Door reinforced by 2x4 boards; breach using a Jersey boot
- Barrier #3: Cinder block concrete wall reinforced by half-inch steer rebar with a water hose; breach using a sledge
- Barrier #4: Stucco wall reinforced by 2x6 boards, plaster lath, flex conduit, insulation, and cement board; breach using a fireman's axe
- Barrier #5: Door; breach using nothing but sheer brute forced and body weight.

TIME IS CRITICAL; the slowest time will be extracted from the game.

This will be won or loss on how the tool is used.

Jeff... with ZERO breach experience.. is through first. "Are you not entertained!" Second is Rob. Jeff and Rob want James to finish even though he knows that he's lost.



Locked in a jail cell, the two remaining operatives must improvise an escape using whatever is inside the cell to retrieve a key placed nine feet away. The first person to escape the cell will be named the One Man Army and go home with $10,000.

And you know what they say... in the beginner's mind, there are multiple options. In the experienced mind, there are few.

Rob's looking around in his cell formulating a plot. Meanwhile, Jeff is already acting on his plan of attack. The key to success in this challenge: creative problem solving. No one owns that, so this is a true test of dynamic intelligence.

Both operatives are going to use the bed frame to try and retrieve the key using a projectile method. Rob is using the bed. Jeff is using the headboard and his shoes.

Rob knocks the key down first. Jeff knocks his... then Jeff uses his headboard to retrieve the key from the mattress... It falls, he uses the headboard... and Jeff is free.


Jeff B wins the $10,000 and is the first person to be named One Man Army, and that's important to him because of circumstance. He wanted to join the Army, but he couldn't because he disclosed that he was gay. He had everything to prove to himself and others, and that's what gave him the edge today. You are a warrior.

Four more operatives next time...


To see this episode in its entirety, go to discovery.com/onemanarmy.