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Ten superchefs will rise through the ranks, but only one will achieve greatness. Who will be the next Iron Chef?

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Joe Mello, GSNN

Hosts Mark Dacascos ("The Chairman") & Alton Brown
Judges Judy Joo
Simon Majumdar
Michael Symon
Creator Keiichi Tanaka (based upon "Ryori no Tetsujin/Iron Chef")
EP Eytan Keller
Stephen Kroopnick
Stu Schreiberg
Packager Triage Entertainment & Fuji TV for Food Network
Origins American Culinary Institute, Los Angeles
Web foodnetwork.com/nextironchef
Airs 9p Sun, Food
@The Next Iron Chef

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Let's All Go to the Lobby
November 14

How would an Iron Chef create ballpark food? That question was answered best by Alex Guarnaschelli, as she earns a crucial advantage going into the next round. Meanwhile, the two worst dishes - those of Chefs Robert Irvine and Michael Chiarello - made way for the secret ingredient of peanuts, leaving Robert Irvine a shell of his former self. Now eight remain in the search for the Chairman's next champion.


Today's challenge takes us to the home of many an American Idol audition... the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles.

Given a rudimentary concession stand loaded with all the movie fixings provided by the Chairman himself - from popcorn and rootbeer to gummy candies and red hots, the chefs will have one hour to complete two dishes - one sweet, one savory - using ONE of the items.

Alex, having won the last Chairman's Challenge, will have the advantage of choosing her own ingredient AND those of her opponents.

- ALEX: Chocolate covered raisins
- ELIZABETH: Malt balls
- CHUCK: Popcorn
- MICHAEL: Gummy candy
- GEOFFREY: Cinnamon candy
- ANNE: Root beer
- MARCUS: Chocolate covered caramels
- BEAU: Sour candy

EVIL. Back to the kitchen, one hour, two dishes, off you pop.

ANNE: Root Beer
- Sausage Stuffed Quail in Agrodolce: The root beer forms a great glaze
- Root Beer Granita with Root Beer Chocolate Spice Cake: Hits all the marks

CHUCK: Popcorn
- Popcorn & Seafood Cream with Popcorn Shrimp: The dish looked great, but it was a bit of a trainwreck.
- Vanilla Popcorn Pudding: Texturally different, but tastes good.

- Malted Stout Fish & Chips: Very successful dish
- Chiffon Crunch Cake with Barley Ice Cream: Cake has the right texture, as does the ice cream

MARCUS: Chocolate Covered Caramels
- Chocolate Caramel Glazed Duck: The bitter notes work.
- Chocolate Caramel Cake: The outside's a little bit overdone.

MICHAEL: Gummy Candy
- Gummy Marinated Lamb Chop: Cloyingly sweet, but balanced
- Orange Gummy Panna Cotta: Not keen on the consistency, and it was "a funeral in your mouth".

BEAU: Sour Candy
- Sweet & Sour Snapper Ceviche: flavor does not come from the candy, and the candy was used as a garnish.
- Melon Coconut Soup: Creamy, but not exciting

GEOFFREY: Cinnamon Candy
- Cinnamon Chicken Vinegar: Perfectly cooked
- Cinnamon Orange Oeufs de la Neige: Balanced.

ALEX: Chocolate Covered Raisins
- Lamb Loin with Caponata: Lamb is cooked perfectly, balancing well with the chocolate.
- Golden Raisin Biscuit: The ice cream is a little split...

Six chefs will be assured of a spot in the next round right now.

At the top of the pack today... Anne, Elizabeth, and Geoffrey. The winner of this competition... ELIZABETH FALKNER, having graced Judy with her first foodgasm of the competition. One down, 11 to go.

Joining them on the safety bench: Marcus and Michael.

That leaves Alex, Chuck and Beau.

Alex... lives to cook another day. BARELY. Which means that Chef Chuck Hughes and Chef Beau MacMillan will face off against each other in...


The secret ingredient today is... TOFU. You will have 30 minutes to create one dish featuring the theme ingredient. The winner will survive to cook another day. The loser will... survive. Just not here.

Judgment (Beau): Trilogy of Tofu - Marinated Silken Tofu, Tempura Tofu, and Pickled Tofu Vegetable Roll.

Beau takes a big risk doing a trilogy. It's not a disaster, but there are too many ingredients. Each dish is delicious, and each type of tofu used is respected. There's nothing bad about the dishes. This will come down to who cooks best.

Judgment (Chuck): Crispy Silken Tofu with ginger soy dipping sauce

It's a little complicated for a silken tofu. Mike has a big impression, while Simon thought it was cooked perfectly. Perhaps it was better with the sauce on the side, though.

It's anyone's ball game. Mike and Judy seem to be at odds, but a decision has to be made.

There is a trend to overcook, but the chefs need to remember that more dishes mean more opportunities to fail.

Beau MacMillan... survives to cook another day. Today, "Chuck's Day Off" means just that, as Chef Chuck Hughes will NOT be the next Iron Chef.  Moral of the story: more doesn't mean better.

And then... there were seven.

To view this episode in its entirety, go to www.foodnetwork.com/nextironchef.