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Ten chefs will rise through the ranks, but only one will achieve greatness. Who will be the next Iron Chef?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Hosts Mark Dacascos ("The Chairman") & Alton Brown
Judges Donatella Arpaia
Anya Fernald
Jeffrey Steingarten
Creator Keiichi Tanaka (based upon "Ryori no Tetsujin/Iron Chef")
EP Eytan Keller
Stephen Kroopnick
Stu Schreiberg
Packager Triage Entertainment & Fuji TV for Food Network
Origins American Culinary Institute, Los Angeles
Airs 9p Sun, Food
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Umami (Deliciousness)
November 8

Last time, six star chefs were faced with trying to impress a guest judge with an Indian flare. The test saw both Chefs Roberto Trevino and Nate Appleman eliminated. The other four pack their bags and head to the location of their next test... the birthplace of the Iron Chef legend... Tokyo, Japan.

TEST #10: UMAMI (Deliciousness)

For a long time, there were four established taste buds on the human tongue. Now would you believe that there's a fifth? Scientists recently discovered the receptors on the palate for what the Japanese call "umami", or deliciousness. It's typified by the non-salty flavors of meat, certain aged cheeses, mushrooms, etc. It's "earthiness"

The chefs meet Alton and the Chairman at a rural temple to discuss the next test. "Your goal is to use umami in your quest for deliciousness. Gambatte... Good luck, chefs."

The chefs will go to a local yakitori bar: Temaemiso Yakitori Bar in Tokyo, and use soy sauce to create a yakitori dish, a dish cooked over charcoals and served on skewers. The chefs will create FIVE such super skewers using the soy sauce on hand, and they will have 30 minutes to do so. Judging the dishes will be a man who's known on both sides of the Pacific for his power-packed-punches to the palate, Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto.

Chefs will be cooking two at a time, starting with Chefs Freitag and Mehta, then finishing with Mullen and Garces.

And... now the judgment. First is Mehta...

- Marinated Leeks with Panko Bread Crumbs
- Yuzu Soy Clams with Sesame Seeds
- Grilled Beef with Peppers & Soy Sauce
- Apples with Soy Sauce and Caramel
- Chocolate Strawberries

Next is Freitag...

- Zucchini & Eggplant with Yuzu Soy
- Grilled Chicken with Orange Ponzu
- Grilled Duck with Kimchi Soy
- Grilled Cod with Lime Soy
- Hanger Steak with Sesame Teriyaki

Next is Garces...
- Charred Tofu with Dashi Soy
- Teriyaki Grilled Asparagus
- Yuzu Glazed Cod with Pickled Cucumber
- Soy Sauce Glazed Pork
- Teriyaki Strawberries with Avocado

Finally, Chef Millen
- Leek & Asparagus
- Dashi Soy sushi Rice
- Grilled Clam with Yuzu
- Peach Pork with White Soy
- Duck Breast with Blackberry and Soy

And the winner of this test... Chef Mehta.

TEST #11: UMAMI: Part 2

The next test takes us to the world-renowned Hattori Nutrition College, home of the culinary commentator of the original "Iron Chef", Dr. Yukio Hattori. The two commentators have created this test involving rice. The charge: create a bento box of the five tastes of rice: sweet, salty, butter, sour, and umami.

Because of Mehta's earlier win, he will choose the first box.

And the judges alongside Dr. Hattori will judge the dishes in ninety minutes.... from NOW!

The chefs will be challenged by a) not being in a familiar kitchen and b) not being in a kitchen where the instructions are written in their native language.

This could be Freitag's "coconut Waterloo" if she doesn't get the milk out of her can. Meanwhile, Garces is withholding some fish from the others. Mullen and Mehta are forced to share an ice cream machine, which could be bad, because if you remember, Mehta had bad luck with ice cream makers.

Two minutes left, and if you're not plating, then you are in trouble... One minute remaining...

"Five seconds... three... two... one..." Put it down, walk away, the test is over. You better hope your five are up to snuff.

- SOUR: Yuzu Sour Plum Sherbet over Rice Oyster
- UMAMI: Shrimp with Rice, Mung Bean, and Rice Cracker
- SALTY: Pork Rice with Salty Caramel Apple
- BITTER: Bitter Melon, Tomato & Basil Salad
- SWEET: Flower Berry Salad, Sugared Shiso & Rice Crisps

- BITTER: Mixed Tempura with Green Bean Salt
- UMAMI: Bibimbap with Kobe Beef and Shiitake
- SALTY: Green Olive Rice Cake with Cured Sardine
- SOUR: Sticky Rice Octopus with Umeboshi
- SWEET: Yuzu Ice Cream with Rice Crackers

- BITTER Green & Black Rice Salad
- SOUR: Picked Sardines over Pickled Vegetables
- SALTY: Octopus Rice Cake
- UMAMI: Pork Belly over Congee & Shiitake
- SWEET: Canela Rice Pudding & Raspberries

- SOUR: Kuromutsu in Yuzu Dashi Broth
- UMAMI: Kobe Beef Teriyaki with Red Rice & Shiitake
- SALTY: Sushi Rice Balls with Seaweed & Rice Cracker
- BITTER: Tempura Radicchio with Prawns
- SWEET: Black Sticky Rice with Fruit

Now to discuss. They did pretty well. The biggest problem was that they didn't taste the bitter or the salt. Almost everyone could've done more. But in the end, a few dishes would be eaten again.

Mehta's flower berry salad was lovely, but his umami didn't work. Garces' pork belly worked, while two of his dishes had the same textures. Freitag's fish was good. Her rice balls were bad. Yuzu ice cream won Mullen's day, but he needed help with the tempura.

The winner of this test... Chef Jose Garces. He lives to cook another day. Joining him are Chefs Mehta and.... after a little bit of a hard decision... Mullen. his bibimbap saved his bibim-butt. As for Chef Amanda Freitag, who once came into Kitchen Stadium and lost... She will not return as the next Iron Chef.

That leaves three great chefs... By this time next week, the final battle for greatness will be joined.

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