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Season 2
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Nine newlywed couples compete both with each other and against each other for an ever-escalating prize totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Pat Bullard
Creator/EP Jay Blumenfeld
Tony Marsh
Packager The Jay & Tony Show
Warner Horizon TV
Origins Los Angeles
Airs 10p Mon, ABC
Available Streaming Online

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Battle of the Sexes
May 25

"The proper basis for a marriage is a mutual misunderstanding." -Oscar Wilde.

Getting married... Easy. Staying married... The hard bit. Luckily, there's this show, which begins its second season tonight, as nine newlywed couples come together to put their relationships to the ultimate test. Think of it as GSN's Newlywed Game... cubed... with a fifth of the episodes and a thousandth of the entertainment value. In the end, one couple will win a dowry worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. That said...

"Here come the newlyweds!" -Johnny Jacobs.

- Mark & Marlo Corliss: met in college; people think he's a tattooed punk and she's a hooker.
- Matt & Ashley Cox: met in 5th grade; outdoor Tennessee folk.
- Jed & Sarin Hinkins: met at church; devout Mormons from Utah.
- Brendan & Bridget Huffman: met at a rock show; rock'n'rollers.
- Sonarak & Michele Ieng: met at a date auction; probably horny as I type this.
- Kenny & Makayla McMorris: met at a club; they don't have a lot of couples to gauge off.
- Rich & Audra Newbery: met at a lounge; he's... British.
- Nick & Katie Oskowski: met at a gym; very take-charge.
- Matt & Andrea Smith: met at a friend's party; easily overwhelmed.

The couples will work together as one to build up a pot that, in the end, only one couple will win. At the end of each week, the house will vote for one couple to be sent home. And because Pat is a giving sort, he's starting the pot at $100,000.

POT: $100,000

Last season, Johnnie & Crystal Moutra won $465,000. Think you lot can beat it? Love to see you try.

Challenge 1: First Impressions

Pat will ask you one question about your first impressions of the other couples. Each time an answer matches, the pot increases by $5000. Do it right, and there's $45,000 to be made.

Smiths: Which couple do you think has been together the longest?
- Andrea: McMorris
- Matt: McMorris. MATCH for $5000.

Huffmans: Which couple will you annoy the most?
- Bridget: Cox
- Brendan: Smith. NO MATCH.

Ieng: Which couple do you think has sex the least?
- Michele: Smith
- Sonarak: Hinkins. NO MATCH.

McMorris: Which couple has completely opposite tastes in music than you guys?
- Kenny: Smith
- Makayla: Huffman. NO MATCH.

Newbery: Which couple has the best sex life?
- Rich: Cox
- Audra: Oskowski. NO MATCH.

Corliss: Which couple is the most attractive?
- Mark: Oskowski
- Marlo: Oskowski. MATCH for $5000.

Cox: Which couple here is your polar opposite?
- Ashley: Corliss
- Matt: Corliss. MATCH for $5000.

Oskowski: Which couple laughs together the most?
- Katie: Ieng
- Nick: McMorris. NO MATCH.

Hinkins: Which couple fights the most?
- Jed: Huffman
- Sarin: Corliss. NO MATCH.

Total: $15,000/$45,000
POT: $115,000/$145,000

Next up.. Field trip! To a battlefield. With firearms. What we have here is a battle of the sexes... Men vs. women. It's a classic game of capture-the-flag. First person to do so wins. Get hit and you're out. This is not an official challenge, but just a way to let out some steam.

By the way...  Losers cook breakfast for the winners.

Guys take the early charge, find their flag, and come back with it easily.

That night, libations at the bar as the couples get to know each other. Then it's off to bed. We learn that the Iengs are self-conscious, that Bridget thinks people from the south are stupid (save for Ashley), and the McMorrises need to have kids before they run out of time.

Morning comes, and the women are to make breakfast for the men... ending up making "wieners" for the winners. After that, a test of teamwork.

Challenge 2: Undressed

The guys will be blindfolded and stripped to their undies in a race to see who can get dressed the quickest. Their wives will be guiding them to jeans, shirts, socks, shoes, belt, and sportcoat. The couple that gets dressed the quickest is safe from tomorrow's vote.

The McMorris are first, getting it done in 5:26. But not without some stuff getting knocked over and some physical comedy. Even more so with the other couples.

The other couples, from worst to best... Newbery, Ieng, Oskowski, McMorris, Hinkins, Corliss, Cox...

And in first... The Smiths! They're safe from the vote. But before they lay out their game plan for next week, Pat makes it interesting... whipping out $10,000. That is yours if you want it. And all it will cost them is their safety.

Matt S. says it's a lot of money, while Andrea says they're strong enough to go all the way. It's a lot of money. It's their trip to Australia and money in the bank. In the end... they decide to take the money. They won't necessarily be voted out, but they COULD be.

At the pool, skinny Matt says he can take muscular Nick "like a spider monkey". Nick then throws him in the pool.

That night, we know that Rich & Audra are falling on hard times, while Bridget is a little bitchy. Ashley's here to win. They want to watch out for the Hinkins. The Iengs think about the Newberys' last place finish and the Smiths' taking the money. Newberys think about who did best and who did worst. The Smiths roll around in their money, saying that they want to keep people who can learn from this. Bridget just wants to get rid of people who annoy her.

Time to vote... And after that... the Smiths and the Oskowskis are called to the chopping block.  The Smiths are not surprised to be there, because they took the money. The Oskowskis see themselves as a threat.

Leaving tonight... are the Smiths. But they leave with $10,000. They say it was an awesome experience, and they made a little money out of it.

Next week, which wife knows the maximus about her husband's gluteus?

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